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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XLegaultX

Twitch the Ranged Assassin

XLegaultX Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi This is My 1st Build Twitch is My main as u see i would like to tell u about twitch.
Did u Know That Twitch is One of the Most hated Champs in the game (IF PLAYED PROPERLY)

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Summoner Spells

As for Spells Flash+Ignite is The Spells i Take cause Flash is a Must have for Twitch ur own Escape Machanisim So always care when its in CD as for Ignite It Helps u Alot in Early/Mid Game for Kills and exhaust is not good especially that after the update it just lowers there att by 70% and u have ur own slow and better then the slow that exhaust have and it doesnt help Late game.

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as for Masteries i go for a Standard 21/0/9 i get deadliness for crit chance and some players thing putting 4 points in Alacrity would be better but NO 4% wont do much and u need cd instead so u can pop out kill and then stealth again and i get archalic Knowledge for expunge it will deal a massive dmg with the magic pen.

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Skill Sequence

i get slow late cuz i agree with Xaioli and nothing to say

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i start with a Dorans Blade for a life steal and dmg and hp u need all of this. when u get lvl 2 try to kill ur enemy he will think that ur stupid and u cant kill him but he gets half hp and ur qaurter then he thinks he can own u as soon as u put 6 stacks on him expunge hes dead BUT DONT DO THIS AGAINST HEIMER!!!! He can stun + blind u HE IS THE RIVAL OF TWITCH but if u r pro u can do this when u pop out to kill him get rdy for his flash grenade time ur flash go behind him and attack then he will run expunge when u put 4 to 6 stacks then recall and buy avarice blade and a boots or a boots and another avarice if u got enough money then go mid again and try to kill him once more or let him get scared thinks ur invis w8ing to kill him while ur ganking bot or top after u gank go mid again he will be attacking tower so go behind him and kill him thats 3/4 kills early game if u did a double kill top/bot u would have 4 kills then go to base buy mobility and get recurve bow to upgrade it to sword of divine Dont forget to pop ur sword of divine active in ganks and after the update i dont go straight for inf edge cause his ulti gives him ad instead of as so u need as after u buy sword of divine get infinity edge thats when u will be G-G-G-GODLIKE then get Madreds or Banshees if u need survivability from CC's and yeah i forgot to Mention Hexdrinker is one of the best items for twitch get it if ur against a heavy caster u will surprise him of the hexdrinker passive. dont forget to sell ur dorans and 1 avarice late game and upgrade ur old avarice to youmouu and in ganks u press 2 and 1 and r and RAPE EM ALL then Expunge for Last hit or slow if some1 is escaping try to do ur ulti not on 1 on 5 get Black cleaver if u r facing Fearsome Tanks and never get Berserker Greaves Mobility is Way Better especially for escaping u become fast so u can avoid those Oracle Lovers.

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for runes i Like the Insane dmg and crit is the strongest dmg late game u can get desolation but i prefer crit dmg. i Dont get any survivability cause in ganks u w8 for ur tank to go 1st when they waste there skills then pop out behind em and start attacking they will have no chance turning back at ya and if they do u can flash so no worries.

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1- Be wary of kennen if ur laning against him mid PLAY DEFENSIVE!!! and when he goes in a bush DONT FOLLOW HIM just call an ss and lane he probably wants to trick u cuz if u go invis come for him he would throw his ability try to find u and the bush is thin so he would dmg you.

2-to know that there is ward in either lane u see minions attack u when ur invis.

3- dont Let Nidalee sees u if she got an oracles cause she is faster then u even if she doesnt have a swiftness or mobility she jumps untill she catches u so dont let her see u she is FASTER

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I hope u like my build and dont forget to try it before u vote and comment