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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

Twitch - The Team Killer

Diesel Last updated on December 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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[UPDATED 10/12/10]

  • Switched Burning Embers -> Archaic Knowledge [Mastery]
  • Switched Phage -> Frozen Mallet [Item]
  • Switched Alacrity -> Sorcery [Mastery]

[UPDATED 10/22/10]

  • Added Infinity Edge [Item]
  • Switched Malady -> Stark's Fervor [Item]
  • Added Stark's Fervor Decsription
  • Added Infinity Edge Description

Hello again, Diesel here.

So one of my Alternate characters is Twitch [shocking I play two easy characters, just sayin'.], and I feel like throwing this build out to all of y'all. I'll go ahead and explain the item build, summoner abilities, and anything else that needs to be needed to known.

~Vampric Scepter: This is the starting item for the Twitch. Since you'll have 25G left, you can't grab a pot, but the +12% Lifesteal is nice to have early game killing minions. You're also grabbing this item to set yourself up for your second item.

~Starks Fervor: Since Malady has change from LifeSteal to AP, the next best starting item for Twitch would be Stark's Fervor. Though you'll have 10% less ATKSPD than Malady, you'll have 8% more LifeSteal [making a total of 20%], and 30 HP/5. The best part about it is that your teammates will also benefit from these buffs as well, though remember: Stark's Fervor does give off a debuff of -20Armor, if the enemy team knows you have Stark's, they will know you are there. So pick your timing carefully.

~Boots of Mobility: Having the Movement 5 Speed is REALLY nice considering the amount of Ganking you can do with Twitch. When out of combat, you can hit around 430 Movement, which is really nice considering you can go from outer to mid in around 10-15 seconds, especially when you can stealth around and keep everyone on toes.

~Black Cleaver: Grabbing a B.F. Sword first for the +50ATK will help getting faster kills/assists, but when you get the Black Cleaver, the extra +25ATK plus the -12Armor/ATK is incredible for any opponent. Every opponent has armor, and that means removing that armor will help your opponents do more damage. Most helpful against Tanks, the faster their armor goes down, the more that HP doesn't scare your teammates.

~Tiamat: Mostly suitable for Bundled up Team Fights, the +42ATK with Splash Damage really helps in late game when you primarily start using Spray n' Pray when initiating. Also, Tiamat is a primarily cheap weapon at 2270G; so the benefits really can do a good amount for you and your team.

~Phage/Frozen Mallet: Giving +225HP and +18ATK, Phage fits in to this Twitch build; but the real kicker is the 25% chance to slow your opponent. Having this is like a second Debilitating Poison, and with the amount of ATKSP you'll have, you'll have many chances to slow your opponent. If you have the money, grabbing the Frozen Mallet for the 100% chance to slow never hurts. But you're gonna need a good amount of money for that.

~Infinty Edge: If your game is lasted this long, the only other item I could see Twitch needing is Infinity Edge. The extra ATK and Crit Chance with its Passive Crit Boost should be the final cog to make you an unstoppable force.

Running this build, I try to MAX Ambush and Expunge as soon as possible, since these will be the two most abilities you have, it's best to get them to 5. I hold off on Spray n' Pray until 11 and 12 since when you receive Spray n' Pray at level 6, it's not fast enough to be very hurtful unless the opponent is either standing still or trying to bang; otherwise, just hold off on it until you can grab two levels instantly and enjoy how fast it is once you get some decent ATKSP and ATK.

I have Teleport and Ignite since these are my two used abilities on all characters, but Teleport could easily be switched out with Exhaust or another ability. It's just nice to be able to Teleport wherever you need to and then stealth to a close by area that needs support.

~Play a passive game until you have enough Ambush and Expunge levels to do actual damage. Having Malady and Boots are a must before ganking since you can pass through lanes quickly, and have decent ATKSP when leaving stealth to start attacking.

~I always keep at least a level of Debilitating Poison since its range is rather nice and it will be your slow technique until you grab a Phage/Frozen Mallet later on in the match. Having two slows reduces any chance of an opponent escaping with more than 30-40% of their HP, if at all.

~Even though ganking is so well with Twitch, jungling mid game or picking up minion waves in unwatched lanes is needed for Twitch to keep up with the leveling average if a few ganks don't go as planned. Both the Red and Blue buff are fantastic for Twitch, and will allow you to spam more spells when needed.

Thanks for reading! Remember to rate [good or bad, whatev] and comment, and do tell how the build works for you.