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Twitch Build Guide by snak3vyp

Twitch :U smell like twitch(Updated 9.7.2012)

Twitch :U smell like twitch(Updated 9.7.2012)

Updated on September 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author snak3vyp Build Guide By snak3vyp 1,675 Views 0 Comments
1,675 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author snak3vyp Twitch Build Guide By snak3vyp Updated on September 7, 2012
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Welcome to Snak3vyp' Twitch build! The following document is a guide for intermediate/hard level Twitch Players who wish to improve their gameplay! I will help you Learn how to play twitch as as an AD carry.
Twitch, is often misconceived to be a troll player, where in reality, Evelynn is really the troll character(jk lol)

In this guide, you will learn many strategies used by pro twitch players, and myself. Although the first couple games as twitch may be difficult (just like the first games played with any character!), once you get the hang of him, you'll be triple/quadra/penta killing people in no time!
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Pros / Cons

Highest potential burst in the game (triple kills in just under 0.7 seconds),
Unique and powerful stealth mechanic,
Sheeple go 'OMG THEY GET ORACLE AND ITS GG' and hate you
Best Stealth Char
Squishiest champion in the game,
Requires immense skill and juking,
Requires getting a bit more fed than enemies
Requires constantly checking your enemies' items and knowing where well placed purples are
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As an AD carry, there is not too much lee-way for choices.
Armor Penetration runes are really the way to go. As with most AD carries, attack damage/level Greater Mark of Might And flat AD runes Greater Mark of Strength and attack speed runes Greater Mark of Alacrity just don't quite do the same damage.

Because you are twitch, and you already have ungodly low amounts of armor and Magic resist, I Strongly suggest you use Greater Seal of Resilience for armor.

In addition to having low armor, Twitch also has really low magic resist. Twitch has enough trouble surviving already! Getting Greater Glyph of Warding gives twitch more sustainability against those pesky AP champions!

Quintessences: OR OR

Greater Quintessence of Strength Yields a strong early game damage boost. You can capitalize on this to increase the damage from your expunge, and harass, gank potential, and farm capabilities. This is the quint i would recommend most!

Greater Quintessence of Fortitudes are solid quints, just because they give twitch some extra survival that twitch needs early game, and even late game! There have been >>SO<< many times when i have escaped fights with ~50 hp. Without my +78 health, I wouldn't have survived!!

Greater Quintessence of Desolation May also be a good pick! an additional +10 Armor penetration is very powerful, and certainly goes a long way! Like what i described earlier, there have been many situations in which i got an enemy down to 30 health, and that extra 10 armor penetration certainly would have gotten me a kill! NOTE: These runes will increase your end game Damage per second by 100 (to 1100, from 1000); You will have to be the judge of whether or not the increased damage will win team fights better than the extra survivability from the life quints
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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells:
1: Flash. Twitch, of all players should really have this ability. He has no other instant way of escaping a bruisers, like Garen, or Tryndamere. Flash, if it doesn't get you safely away form an enemy champion, will usually give you enough time for your Ambush invisibility to come into effect. Flash is also good for chasing enemy runners, and escaping Kog'maw's Icathian Surprise, or to better reposition yourself in team fights (you will later find out that position is everything)

2: Your 2nd summoner spell can basically be up to you. Heres what i think:

- is a very strong summoner spell, but it drops off late game. Ignite is most effective to ensure a kill during your laning phase, just in case you think the enemy champion will flash away. Ignite + your Expunge usually gives you a kill if the enemy has many poison stacks. An extra kill early game goes a long way

- is another incredibly strong summoner spell. Thanks to your offensive masteries, exhaust gives -10 armor and -10 MR. This means that you will deal almost as much damage as your ignite if you try to gank their carry during the laning phase, except the targetted champion will not have the healing debuff, and can more likely Flash away and live. The tradeoffs with exhaust though, is that you are almost guaranteed a kill, should you engage in a 1v1 (both early and late game) AND you will be able to shut down an enemy carry, during team fights, if you are close to him/her.
Due to Exhaust's small casting range, i suggest that you ask a bruiser to get exhaust, since you typically do not want to be close to the enemy team.
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IF YOU HAVE AN OFFENSIVE SUPPORT: This build is, in my opinion the most effective. It gives Twitch incredibly high early damage, which allows twitch to make the most of his early game strength. What it may lack in early game sustain is compensated with your support. Doran's Blade -> Berserker's Greaves -> Doran's Blade OR Vampiric Scepter OR B. F. Sword (if your support can keep you in lane well)

IF YOU HAVE A PASSIVE SUPPORT: your mid/late game damage output will only be marginally decreased. This allows for the more sustainability. That being said, you will do substantially less damage early game. Avoid early fights, unless you are sure that they can end up in your ('your teams') favor.
Brawler's Gloves + 2 Health Potion -> Avarice Blade -> Vampiric Scepter

Brawler's Gloves + 2 Health Potion -> Executioner's Calling

Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potion -> Berserker's Greaves + Vampiric Scepter

~~Your Core Build~~
I suggest getting two out of the three of these core items, and then rushing the blood thirster, or a Banshee's Veil. Any of the above three items yield a massive spike in your damage output. I tend to get Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer first, unless my team's composition puts more emphasis on AD; Then, i buy Last Whisper (to counter any armor stacking enemy team does), and wait a little longer to buy the Phantom Dancer.

After you buy 2/3 or 3/3 of these core items, i strongly suggest that you buy a Banshee's Veil and a The Bloodthirster. These items just give you so much more sustainability in team fights, that it's hard to last without them!


: This is your main damage dealer. This dramatically increases the critical strike damage you do, give a likable amount of CSC, and a fat amount of damage!

: This is your second key item in your core build. Infinity Edge, and Last Whisper are the two heaviest damage dealers for twitch.
This item provides a stackable armor debuff (which means more damage!), combos excellently with Spray and Pray because everyone you hit gets the debuff, and gives good AD and AS, both of which would be good on twitch at this point in the game!

: Bloodthirster gives you a nice amount of lifesteal and damage. If/When you are targetting an enemy who has Thornmail, it will neutralize the amount of life you gain. This best shines in team fights, when you choose to Spray and Pray however. EACH target you hit will leech some of your life back! This allows twitch to sustain a little in team fights, if he isn't CC'ed. There have been situations where my health bar has literally gone from two bars, to eighteen bars, and back again several times!

: Gives you a spell shield every 45 seconds. This spell shield gives you protection from Rocket Grab, Dazzle, or any other Crowd control spell, that could easily allow you to be focused. Additionally, the MR this item gives helps negate damage dealt from Thornmail, and gives you a layer of protection against nuke champions like Veigar and LeBlanc, both of whom have either the mobility, or the CC to take you down, otherwise.

: A rather standard item for an AD carry. I buy it late game, because any extra mobility i can get my hands on helps greatly! The extra mobility allows you to more easily Ambush away, if you get caught in an awkward situation This also gives my a +30% Critical Strike Chance, which always works well with my ultimate. The Attack Speed buff from Phantom Dancer yields is just another perk :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author snak3vyp
snak3vyp Twitch Guide
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Twitch :U smell like twitch(Updated 9.7.2012)

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