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Twitch Build Guide by vicarioushouse

Twitch, whats that smell in the jungle?

Twitch, whats that smell in the jungle?

Updated on April 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author vicarioushouse Build Guide By vicarioushouse 7,682 Views 2 Comments
7,682 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author vicarioushouse Twitch Build Guide By vicarioushouse Updated on April 30, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Quick intro

Hi everyone, this is my first build i put online. i decided to make one about my favorite champ, Twitch the plague rat. Twitch is a hard, but rewarding character: if fed in early, he wins the game with a normal skilled team. If you want to master Twitch, i can only give you the advice of reading this build attentively, because i have been practising twitch a lot, and i have finally found a way to win most games i play with him, way that i will explain. If you are in a rush, go look the "jungling section", because twitch jungle is really hard. Here i will explain all my tricks.

Anyway, thanks for reading this build, i hope it will help you as much as i have been helped by other mobafire guides.

Remember to like :)
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Quick description

Twitch is a ranged ad carry, who can stealth in order to surprise his enemies. This is why jungling twitch is much better than lane twitch (for me at least ;)). However, twitch is very difficult to master because he is very, very squishy. I axe my build on attack speed and crit in early for the burst dmg (expunge scales damage on the number of your passive stacks, so it is very usefull to last hit / kill running enemy), and lifesteal in late for surviability. Twitch early game is very potent, as he ganks very quickly and has high basic dmg. However low surviability makes twitch very easy to kill in late (especially with oracle). In this build i'll explain my jungling process, which allow me to get a very quick ie inevery games (or almost) and allow my team to feed early so win can win quickly. I will also explain in detail how to fight in early, mid and late as these are quite different for our cherished rat.
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Pros and Cons


- twitch is very funny to play, because of his quick burst, his invisibility, and ability to kill people who are sure to be able to run away

- twitch ulti grants u penta ability

- twitch is one of the best roamer ever. High ability to steal buffs...

- Great squishy killer.


- Twitch is very week. Any caster will 3 spell you (leblanc, veigar...), any tanky hero will kill very quickly (thinking about nasus)

- Hard to understand the game play

- Hard to jungle with
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As u have understood, twitch needs massive attack speed in early in order to burst with his expunge. Hence i go with greater quintessenses of alacrity (+3.5% as) x3 and greater glyph of alacrity (0.64% as) x9 and greater seal of alacrity (0.76% as) x9. However, to make 1st blood at level 2, twitch also needs more dmg: i get marks of strengh (0.95 attack dmg) x9. This allows me to do enough dmg for a first blood mid on level 2.
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As u unberstood, twitch is an ad carry, which explains the 21/9/0. He needs the increased dmg, attack speed, armor pene and spell vamp in offense. Since twitch is so squishy, i take 9 points in defence for increased armor, magic resist and health. This gives u great damage early as much as important surviability for early ganks.
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Twitch is low life in early, and since he mostly roams (i'll explain later in "how to jungle" part), he need more life, which leads us to dorans blade.

Twitch base MS is 300, so he will need boots of mobility very quickly, both to gank and escape.

Since twitch is low hp, i often choose to get more dorans blade (except if i'm too fed, in case i get ie).

Next item : zeal. Grants twitch the bonus ms and as that he needs, while giving him crit. Cheap starting item that u will finish in a phantom after getting IE.

Infinity edge : best ad carry item, a must for twitch who needs to deal huge burst damage during his invisibility reload time.

Phantom : finish zeal for more ms and crit.

Bloodthirster : twitch is very squishy, and with the items we already got he go no surviability. Hence the lifesteal and the bloodthirster for bonus dmg.

Phantom : again a phantom, because of the ms twitch needs to escape/run after low life heroes. The crit will also benefit u alot since u get bonus attack speed.

Now u have to think. Are there many fed ap? if yes, get a banshee's veil for mr and spell block. If no really dangerous ap, any guy like ad bruiser fed? Yes? then go for some armor through madreds (great attack speed, decent armor and epic damage, hence allows u to kill tank easier)or angel. Any ad carry fed? Then get thronmail. Otherwise, u can get a second bloodthirster.

Finally get all the elexirs
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Ambush = level 1, allows u to get better attack speed while doing blue. Since the invisibility is only for 10 seconds, i recomend getting another point level 7 and max it after expunge.

Debilating Poison = level 4, needed for ganks. i max it last because slow up isn't really great, since it increases with the number of poison stacks the enemies around u have. Max it level 18.

Expunge = Level 2, best skill to kill running enemies. The more poison stacks, the more expunge will deal damage. Hence u need to assure u maxed the number of stacks the enemies have (6) before using it. Max it by level 9.

Spray and Pray = Ultimate = free tiamat. Massive dmg bonus with splash dmg and increased range. Use itin team fights to pentakill. Rank it on 6, 11 and 16.
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Summoner spells

Twitch is best as a jungler, because he can both steal enemy buffs and gank easily. Hence smite, Twitch is also very squishy, and if he gets hit he can't get invi. Hence he needs flash to escape + get invi quicker (dmg prolonges stealth time. You can also take ignite to scale on poison, but u will not be able to escape as well. Exhaust and cleanse can also be used, allowed twitch a greater surviability, but not as much as flash.

Spells not to take : Heal - useless for a jungler, Clarity - you got blue early and twitch does not really need mana.
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How to jungle?

There are many diferent ways to jungle with the rat. Personally, i find mine works pretty well. Starting with dorans blade, u ask your team to make the blue with you, so that u take no dmg and get full experience. U should turn level 2. This is when it starts getting fun (already :)). Now i usually gank mid or bot, depending on the 1st push (u should not do wolfes to stay full life). If u manage well u can get firstblood => u have to go behind the enemies, make yur teemate engage, then pop out and kill. If u fail, just damage him, go back to bushes, go invi again and fight him again. they wont expect u and they will die. repeat this untill u kill the mid lane, because u really need the money.

TIP => take care of your invisibility time. How many times did i die cause of this ^^.

After 1st blood, u should try to get level 3 with wolfes and wraiths. do not try the red, you will loose. you can also go roam at enemy red to kill their jungle. even wait in there untill u see them come. This will give u gold, free blue, and possibly a free red.

Go back to base, buy your boots, a dorans or up the boots. Now go top or bot depending on who need it most.

TIP => take care of pink wards. Generally after 1st blood, mid guy will get one in cas eu come back. Ask your teemo mates to be sure there are no pink wards (so many times i died because of these).

After another epic gank, u can either roam or farm in the jungle (red with pots etc...) Whenever you roam, take care of wards, the enemy jungler, and try to communicate with your team. ALWAYS LET YOUR TEAMMATES ENGAGE. Pop out to kill after enemies used their spells on them (you are SQUISHY).

Continue this till you get to mid phase.

To recapitulate => team makes u blue, u kill mid, u kill jungler, u kill top and bot => u mostly roam, jungle little only.

What about madreds?

Well since i really dont jungle, i dont take madreds. Ganking gives u more money and easier quick win than your jungle cs. If u play twitch well, you wont need the jungle cs because u will have the kills.

Thats all for the early, and for the jungling.
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Mid phase

Enemies have stun, they have ulties, crowd control. Stunned twitch = dead rat most of the time. So try to be invisible most of the time, try to make that your enemies dont see you (well at least only when they die ;)). Twitch should be protected by his team mates and ulti whenever a fight starts. Try to find right angels for it. Remember your ulti range is bigger than tower range, you can hence use it to destroy a tower.

So try to fight isolated targets, squishy enemies.

Tanks like shen or malph will beat you because even if they are tanks, they still do too high damage, and you dont have enough to kill them, yet.

WATCH OUT FOR ORACLE. If you are a good twitch player, the whole enemy team (DAMMIT) will get oracle.

If people run from you, chase them. If people fight you, run from them. Your invisibility is your most important weapon, because it grants u an element of surprise. Remember that if you take damage, you will take longer time to stealth => take care of ignite.

You only have 3 things to think about

1) DO NOT FIGHT ANY MAGE (except if they are really bad) => mages have crowd control and high burst. u will generally die before you kill them, or at least it will be close.



By the end on mid game, u should have ie, phantom and got started on bloodthirster.
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Late game

Late game is extremely hard for a twitch who ain't fed. A fed rat will however be able to kill squishies very easily and scout for their team. Try to get oracle for enemy wards.

You have fight with the same gameplay as before, which means playing afraid, popping out just to kill. Do not try to engage ever!

Try to stay as far as possible from mages.
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Twitch is a great early hero, but it get harder and harder to survive through the late game. This is why twitch is highly dependent on his team. However, if you manage well you should get your team fed in early, hence allowing them to own in late and protect u better. A good rat can't win a game by his own; but he can contribute to the team win. After all, lol is a team game.

If you follow this build, i am pretty sure you could get some very nice stats. As exemple, from my memory, my best twitch game vs humans was a 31/12/22 or something like this (sorry i have no records of it, i will put one as soon as i can).

Thanks for reading this guide, if you have any questions, leave commentaries. If you want to learn twitch, i can always add you and show u how to play him.

Remember lol is just a game, dont rage if you owned with twitch and lost because of your team ;)

Please check the site two of my friends created, i will post guides on it too! !!!!!!!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vicarioushouse
vicarioushouse Twitch Guide
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Twitch, whats that smell in the jungle?

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