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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnarok

Twitch-Where's the MIA?!

Ragnarok Last updated on May 17, 2011
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Please if your going to give a thumbs down to my guide tell me why in the chat box and i'll make changes to it while still keeping the effectiveness. Anyway this guide is going over the usefullness of crit strike plus dmg Twitch. Also I'm not going to make a rune section because runes can be flexible on Twitch. So please don't think you NEED these runes but they will help a little so if you already have them go for it!

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Pros and Cons


    Very annoying to the enemy
    Deals a hell of a lot of dmg
    Stealth increases his combat effectiveness
    Has great CC
    Poison helps with early kills A LOT
    Not mana dependent late game
    One of the most squishy characters in the game
    to activate cc in the most potent way he must auto attack some
    Certain champs can regenerate out of your poison
    weak to all cc
    Oracles will shut him down hard

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Stealth recalling

Most Twitch players know that Twitch is one of the best back door champions in the game, but because they don't know how to stealth recall they die right after. That's why you need to learn how. It's pretty simple actually, all you need to do is stealth, and RIGHT BEFORE you enter your hidden state you hit recall. That's all there is to it, it's so simple yet so effective.

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Solo lane Twitch

In general the solo lane is meant for harassing champions and last hitting minions, Twitch has the advantage in that area because he can stack his poison twice on a minion then leave it alone while getting the gold for it. Twitch also has the advantage of amazing ganking in solo lane!

With crit strike twitch in the solo lane you can hit all the minions once in the hoard and rake in the cash, I suggest hitting each of them twice at lvl 1-3. From lvl 4-7 I suggest hitting them only once.

When it comes to champion harassment you should hide behind your minions at all times (if possible) and unleash a flurry of poisonous arrows at the other solo. If the other champion is harassing more then you are you should stealth till the enemy feels comfortable (normally about 5-10 sec) then find a place where the enemy minions can't murder you, destealth and auto attack them. When they come at you or your chasing them down you should hit your slow (this will not only save your life but it'll also annoy the living **** out of the other solo) by the time they get back to their minions you should have taken out most of their health with the poison. If you do not know what to do then you should learn that your champ stealths! If the enemy is pushing your tower after your harrasing you should hit them 3 times with your auto attacks then hit your slow followed up by 3 more hits (or less depending on the other champ health) and expunge if needed.

This should give you enough time to kill all the minions hitting your tower and pushing till the other champ comes back. When the enemy comes back (possibly to gank) you should stealth and just run to your tower and recall. collect your Avarice blades and possibly your boots of speed and get back in your lane.

Now it's time for ganking, stealth a couple of times around your solo "buddy" and then destealth to get some hits on him, now remember this isn't to kill him because if you do that he'll most likely call for help and you'll get rofl stomped in the face. So harass him a couple times with your stealth, and finally stealth and move to the top lane or the bottom lane to gank. He'll think your just trying to mess with him so he'll play defensively, THIS IS UNLESS HE HAS AN ORACLE DON'T EVEN ATTEMPT TO HARASS WITH STEALTH IF HE HAS ONE!

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Dual lane Twitch

Dual lane is all about getting kills on other champs so when your twitch you need to play extra aggressive so it's a good idea to make sure your laning with a tank or an off-tank.

The best laning possibilities are Cho'Gath, Alistar, Shen and Amumu. The reason being you need someone with a stun BAD, Twitch thrives off amazing tanks that can save him, especially Shen.

This lane really depends on who your laning with and who your laning against, so make sure you tell your ally when your stealthing to get a kill and hopefully he won't just sit there chatting for 5 mins just to write "Uh kk but after this I need to go b and get boots and....."

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Item choices

You might be wandering why I choose 2 Avarice blades, or why I have 7 core items in this build (Obviously you sell the second Avarice blade when you recieve The Black Cleaver). Well here's my explanation of why I get these items and what to do for them.

[Brawler's Gloves] In my opinion, Twitch is best when he starts out with potions rather than life steal. So you need an item that allows you to get a decent amount of potions, will build into something, and will help you with kills. Brawlers gloves are just crying out for this role, it gives you a chance to deal double dmg, it leaves you with enough money to get double health potions, and it builds into your soon awaiting double Avarice blades.

[2x Avarice Blades]These will help you a lot early game, your crit chance will go from 10% to 26% that's really excelent crit at this time of game. They also give 5+ gold per ten seconds each so that means double the gold every second!

[Executioners calling] This'll keep you alive long enough to take out those pesky off-tanks in your lane along with the help of your lane partner. It has a great passive too, I mean 4 dmg per second along with you poison at full stacks is a good 152 dmg over 8 seconds at lvl 1-5! As if it couldn't get any better it has an active that cuts an enemies healing and regeneration in half so that they can't heal out of your poison.

(side-note) You will sell this after you get bloodthurster.

Berserker's greaves Now you may think that Twitch needs boots of mobility because of how slow he is, but your getting zeal right after this so you'll be good with all the attack speed it gives you.

Phantom Dancer Phantom Dancer is the item of crit Twitch it gives a TON of attack speed, crit chance and move speed.I can't stress how many time the bonus move speed has saved me. Of course th bonus attack speed and crit is awesome too.

Infinity Edge This is when all that crit chance you got pays off, the extra 50% crit is amazing with your ult on in team fights. Plus 80 attack dmg, there is no flaw with getting this item as twitch.

Bloodthurster Bloodthurster is just...... too awesome to describe, it gives more damage than infinity edge at full blood lust stacks and has the most lifesteal in the game!

(side-note) A good idea for this is too kill minion hoards or jungle to get blood lust stacks.

Black Cleaver No matter what Twitch build your using you should always get Black Cleaver, I mean the amount of attack speed and damage from it is just too good to pass up on. The passive is also good it reduces their armor by 45 at max stacks! (15 each stack) If you don't want this item (in the case of fighting all mages or something) you can get [Madreds Bloodrazer] instead.

Yumuu's Ghostblade Around this time you need to sell one of your Avarice blades and spend around 1522 gold on this piece of "oh I'm sorry were you trying to gank me?". It covers most offensive stats (counting the active) an ideal item for crit Twitch. It's active give you 40% move speed and 60% attack speed over 2 seconds each stack (you gain stacks from the amount you hit people, this active can stack 6 times).

If you don't like the items I've recommended in the build up top here are some suggestions to what will benefit you and your team.

High armor teams

This happens to me a lot as Twitch, someone on the enemy team realizes your a much bigger threat to them then your allies and will tell his team to build a thornmail. BUT they are really stupid to think that a puny thornmail can hold you back. Here are some items to make them ragequit after buying one.

[Stark's Fervor] This will offer hp regen and lifesteal to your allies while also lowering armor from enemies. The lifesteal will put a damper on their [thornmail] passive because you'll be healing out of most dmg being dealt to you.

[Last whisper] This item is self explanatory it's enough armor pen to make them **** their pants, there's no better reason. Although it's a great item, if you don't need to get this as Twitch just don't.

[Sword of the divine] This is without a doubt the best attack speed item in the game, it also offer amazing armor pen when activated. This is a great item, but if you are one of those players that doesn't like to activate things or forgets to, don't get this.

Teams with high HP

With any champion you play, you'll find teams that annoy your team with few tanks with all their tanks. Here are a few items that will make them see that Twitch doesn't judge people for having high HP.

[Madred's blood razer] This will maul everyone you come in contact with, this item is amazing but you need magic pen to make it the best and since your twitch why would you take ap? Malady that's why! I would get this instead of Black cleaver

[Malady] With Malady and Madreds in hand you'll be getting aces on Cho'gath, Alistar, and Mundo. You should always get Malady if your getting Madreds because it reduces their MR while also giving you another poison!!! I would get this instead of Yumuu's Ghostblade

Teams with really high damage

It is likely that if your fighting a team with high damage, they will be really squishy. (But if they have a Xin'Zoah, Garen, or Irelia aka not squishy damage dealers, you should get some armor pen) Here are a few survivability items that will keep you getting pentakills.

Frozen mallet This is one of my favorite items, after you get this you'll be helping out the team with the slows, and all the HP it gives will make you a Chuck Norris with poison. Oh, and did I mention YOUR ULT WILL SLOW EVERYONE!! No more of that "my slow was on cd :(" ****.

Sunfire cape I got to admit at first I was thinking: Holy ****, why Sunfire, that's useless on Twitch?! But once you have it you'll see why I made it part of my guide, with it YOU CAN DEAL DAMAGE WHILE STEALTHED!


Try to find a use for it in a team fight or on an enemy you can kill 1v1.

Update: Lee Sin is out. DO NOT get sunfire cape if you are fighting him, he will locate you and murder you!

Guardian angel This item is a good item for anyone in my opinion, it will revive you with decent HP, and you get armor and magic resistance, which you really need as twitch.

Atma's impaler This is an amazing item on crit Twitch. It gives you armor, crit chance, and damage based on HP (aka only get this if you have gotten frozen mallet and/ or sunfire cape) you'll be criting 999's combined with infinity edge!

Cloak and dagger It's like Riot made this item specifically for Twitch! It fixes his problem with CC (or at least narrows down the annoying time of it) AND gives attack speed and critical strike! I think the best part is actually it'll stop you guys from rage quitting and screwing your teammates! :D

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1. Change to Sunfire cape information.
2. Tenacity: Cloak and Dagger added to (Teams with high damage) section.

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Ending and requests

I hope this guide aids you while using Twitch and also please tell me if you think I need to change things in it or if I need to add an extra section. Of course I will ask you to leave a thumbs up or down. (ps. I will not add a rune section because once again runes can be flexible as twitch!)