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Twitch Build Guide by itsThatGuyAgain

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author itsThatGuyAgain

Twitch - Will Someone Kill That Stupid Rat

itsThatGuyAgain Last updated on July 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before you comment on this build telling me that there should be an infinity edge or that it doesn't do enough damage, realize that I am suggesting that you not be a carry. I find Twitch is more effective when made viable early rather than relying on expensive items that you won't have till everyone else hits hard too. Also don't comment at all if you only read the build sequence as I really wanted to explain how Twitch should be played. While building an infinity edge and a high crit chance will hit rediculously hard, it takes too long to build. Success requires that your team do well without you in the beginning of the game or that you get fed. I have found that starting with a bloodthirster is cheaper and allows me to get kills all throughout the game. Most of the time i don't get past building the stark's fervor because the other team has already surrendered. Building this way makes you hit hard enough early game to be of use ganking and generally scare everyone because they think you might pop up. You will be doing plenty of damage and with proper positioning kills are guaranteed.

Now the reason I wanted to make a guide is because twitch is my favorite character and I see too many people that cannot play him at all. If you don't like this build at least read the sections on how to play Twitch, because that is really what I'm trying to do here. When played correctly Twitch is unbeatable, but too many people make dumb mistakes and get themselves killed a lot. I hope that reading this will help you play twitch the way he's supposed to be played and not feed the other team.

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-Great at hitting an entire team at once.
-Stealth never gets old.
-Easy to escape from dangerous situations.
-Expunge will likely prevent enemies from running off with 100 health.
-Who doesn't love being a rat?

-Needs a decent tank on the team or he gets focused down.
-Is difficult to play for many people but once you figure it out it's well worth it.

Note: Many people complain about his lack of health but with health and armor runes i don't have any trouble staying alive. His stealth makes up for any health deficiency and you really shouldn't have a hard time staying alive.

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This is Twitch's passive. Targets are poisoned with each autoattack. This effect stacks up to 6 times and is used by two of your other abilities. Poison makes poking with a single autoattack quite fun.

This is why people play Twitch. It will make you unstoppable or an easy kill. When used correctly, this skill will have your enemies raging in no time. If used incorrectly, then you'll lose the game for your team. Be smart with it. The attack speed boost gained by coming out of stealth is quite significant and should be utilized in killing people.

This is such a rediculous slow. Press w and every enemy in range has their movement speed slowed by 30% plus 6% per stack of deadly venom. I at least get 2-3 stacks on someone before slowing them. The slow starts at 2 sec buts goes up to 4 by level 5 of the ability. Useful to dramatically slow an entire team after ulting them.

ExpungeThis is easy kills early game. Damages each enemy in range that has deadly venom stacks. Damage is increased for each stack of venom. Do not expunge minions and do not expunge without getting 5-6 stacks on someone because it is a waste. Also try to expunge at the last possible second if an enemy runs under their turret, because expunge removes all poison from the target. Give the poison time to hurt them before dealing the final blow.

This skill is all about team fighting. Strafing targets can dodge it so use it in a straight line and with as many people around as possible. Let a tank initiate a team fight then come out of stealth with an ulti. It will badly damage the entire team then u can slow and expunge to completely decimate them. With even a midly competent team, this skill makes team fights a breeze. Note that if the enemy you targeted dodges the shot, all targets will dodge the shot. If the first enemy is critted, all hits will be a critical strike.

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Summoner Spells

I think flash is necessary because it will save you at least once. Flashing out then hitting stealth is a sure gettaway. When you are taking damage it takes a long time to enter stealth, but with flash you get the breathing room to disappear.

I use clairvoyance because I think every team needs one and I decided I'd be the one to do it. Also stealth allws you to pick up kills on people that run off with low health and recall just behind a turret so i like to be able to cv them and go in for the kill. if you do go behind a turret for a kill walk around the turret not under because turrets van always see you.

However, that is just my preference and I think exhaust would be a better complement to the character because you can exhaust when you ambush them and they are very unlikely to get away. I would recommend using it for early kills.

Do not use ignite, poison and expunge will keep them from getting away, you'll never need to ignite them.

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Item Explanation

I start with a Doran's Blade because it increases survivability and nets early kills for you. I think that it's a must for twitch because it makes early game laning a breeze.

Boots of Mobility are great for ganking. They get you across the map quickly so you can pop up behind a poor unsuspecting laner. Boots of Mobility are great for turn a 2v2 into a 2v3 very quickly.

Generally I buy an oracle around 10-12 min in because there are bound to be wards on the other team by then. I like to know that I can't be seen. I choose an oracle because as Twitch your deaths should be in the 0-2 range, but a ward will suffice if your haveing trouble staying alive.

The Bloodthirster is next because it's the best attack damage item for the cost. It's relatively painless to buy and have you shredding through the health of early game victims. The lifesteal keeps you alive quite nicely and between it and stealth you really shouldn't need health items too much.

The Stark's Fervor supplements this lifesteal very nicely along with a nice amount of attack speed. I have found that it is a good item to have on ad characters. By this point in the game the other team usually surrenders. I haven't been able to finish the build that many times because the first few items dominate the early game so well.

If you do get to keep playing though a Phantom Dancer will get you critting some and drastically improve damage.

The Black Cleaver is a great counter to tanks that have built armor. I highly recommend it as it also bumps your attack speed up. Tanks will go down so much easier.

If you have the money and feel like it an Infinity Edge at this point would do some serious damage and is attainable, but generally I am satisfied with the current damage output and go for a frozen mallet. Late game the health is nice because people are getting better items even if they are doing horrible and I love the passive slow. No one will ever get away.

While a different build might get you more damage, you'll be useless till late game and everyone else will be hitting hard too. I recommend that you never play an all out carry Twitch and instead hit hard all game.

Experiment with the build (especially late game items) because Twitch plays well with several different builds. This is just my favorite and it never fails me.

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Rune Explanation

I chose health and armor because Twitch is squishy without them. With the added defense stats you shouldn't have trouble staying alive early game. Without them you will find that you are easily worn down in lane and you might find yourself being killed.

Greater Mark of DesolationArmor penetration is always nice on ad characters and it will increase your early game damage.

Attack speed is a major part of my build so I chose runes that augment it early.

I highly recommend the health quints, but other than that feel free to experiment.

Armor seals complement the health quints nicely.

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This is the greatest strength of twitch and the thing that I always see people fail to do. Stealth will not do you any good if you pop out and the wrong time and get blown up. Getting one kill then dying after coming out of stealth is terrible. If you think you'll die, stay invisible. Stats like 18 kills and 15 deaths are unacceptable and will cause your team to lose. By dying every time you get a kill you are effectively countering yourself by feeding the other team.

However, stealth can get you in and out of a fight unharmed if you position correctly. Twitch is team dependent, so if you don't have a good team, don't play him. There needs to be a solid tank or two somewhere on the team. I will explain how you should position yourself in different situations later in the guide. Different phases of the game require different strategy. I just want to go ahead and say that you shouldn't attack just because you can. Timing is everything.

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Poking is Fun:

This is my favorite part of the game when playing Twitch. While level 1 through 3 you should be sure to last hit minions and get all the gold you can from them. Poke at your enemies by shooting them once and then let the poison hurt them. Never go in and engage them completely. Around level 3 start going invisible and just sitting there for a moment. It will confuse them because they won't ever be sure if you are there or not.

Time To Go For The Kill:

When you have their health down a little walk into a bush then stealth so that they won't know if you are in the bush or not then walk a little behind them. Don't go directly behind them because if you need to run you might get stuck on the minions. Stay off to one side a little bit. Have your partner go in first then pop out of stealth behind them and just autoattack. They will quickly escape the range of your partner and by then their health will be low enough that they will run and not attack you. After you hit them two or three times press w to slow them then hit them as long as you can before they get under their turret. Let the poison hurt them until they are on the edge of your range for expunge then press e. Expunge remove the poison from them but does damage based on how many stacks of poison are on them. Expunging too early will stop the poison from hurting them so be sure to wait until they are almost out of range to do it or until you are sure it will kill them. Always wait until there are five or six stacks of poison to expunge.

Gank Anyone?

This attack should kill them and then you have a free moment to gank mid. Walk torwards the bushes like your staying in lane, stealth then go mid. Most of the time the enemy thinks that you are still there and won't call an mia on you. Head mid and repeat the same process. Let the mid push at least halfway then come out behind him and slightly to one side. Should be an easy kill if your team is competent.

Let's Take a Turret:

Head back to your lane and push the turret. Good build times are doran's, oracle, boots, and the bloodthirster by 21-24 min. buy the bf sword as soon as you can to net a few more kills.

Watch Out For Wards

If you harass correctly expect a ward to pop up. When approaching an enemy in stealth, play like they can see you. If they see you they will respond and you will be able to get away. If you see that they dont notice you then feel free to move in or roam. You should buy an oracle or a ward to check for their wards. Be wary of enemies with oracles and focus on killing them first. Don't just run blindly in and get blown up because you thought they couldn't see you.

But What If I'm Bad With Stealth?

If you find that you can't position yourself well enough early game to get kills with stealth, focus on expunge and your slow instead. Your slow instantly slows all champions in range and expunge will take that last bit of health from an enemy that narrowly escapes.

Know When to Ulti:

There is only one circumstance that I think you should ulti in the lane. Occassionly I recall and come back to find both enemies hitting my turret. Stealth before you reach them and walk all the way up to the turret. Position yourself so that you are touching the front enemy and align yourself so that you can hit him and his partner with ur ulti. Hit r then attack the closest enemy and if you are in the right spot it will hit both enemies. Slow them then keep attacking. E for expunge and you will often get a double kill.

And Know When Not Too:

Strafing enemies easily dodge your ulti so stick to autoattacking if there is only one enemy. Spray and Pray is for team fights, not for a single target. Never ulti when ganking mid because you are likely to miss. And please never ulti a turret, it's a waste and the damage bonus won't really kill the turret any faster.

Don't forget to farm!

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I'm Just A Roaming Rat:

Once your lane has destroyed its turret, start to roam. Gank anywhere and everywhere. Stay invisible until the timing putes you at an advantage. Get with your tank and let them initiate. Often the enemies will go in after the tank not realizing that your right behind him. Ult or just shoot the unsuspecting players from behind the safety of your tank. Uf you make suere to let your team initiate before you come out the other team will have trouble getting to you to. By the time They realize you are there, half their health is gone and they are running from the tank that they thought was vulnerable.

Just roam around the map helping push turrets take a few easy kills while the enemy is still in pairs. You can quickly turn a 2v2 into a 2v3 and dominate the lane you weren't in.

Don't Forget To Push:

It is vital to take turrets during this part of the game, because if you fail to push the other team will have time to come back and win later game.

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Know Your Role, Team Fighting:

Stay invisible all the time. Let your team initiate then come out of stealth behind your tank and ulti the whole enemy team followed by a slow and an expunge. If the enemy doesn't know you are there they will be braver and are more likely to commit to a fight. Don't surface where you can be easily attacked. Utilize your tank. He is your greatest asset. If a fight goes badly stealth and get out. Don't give them another kill just because you could kill one person. Twitch escapes very well and you should not be dying at all. However, if you have no tank and your team doesn't work together well, you will definitely be focused down because by this time the other team hate you. Team work is everything and Twitch cannot play to his full potential if your team is bad. Find some friends that like to tank and play with them. Be sure to focus on pushing because if you stall to much the other team will get as strong as you and can turn the game around even if your team has twice as many kills.

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Scouting is so funny. Mid to late game you can run around invisible and follow the enemy team so that your team knows where they are. Always approach like they can see you. If they don't see you feel free to do figure eights inside their team. Careful not to click on someone though because a single attack will reveal you and you will watch your health melt away. Keep an eye on your stealth time and make sure you are gone when it runs out. You should be the first one running up a lane but the last one attacking. Find the enemy let your team attack, then you attack. An oracle is a lifesaver here because you will be able to see wards.

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Know Where Your Enemy Is:

Twitch is very good good for backdooring. Wait until the other team pushes out of their base a little and then head down to wherever your minions are pushing. As long as the other team is away from the base you can snag a quick turret and inhibitor then fade away before they can react. Don't try it when you aren't sure where the other team is because if 3 or 4 of them are right there in the base, you're probably gonna get yourself killed.

The Importance of Taking Inhibitors:

Backdooring is very important late game. Taking an inhibitor forces the other team to stay close to base, preventing them from pushing. Also if one or two enemies breaks off to come get you, your teamates can come down and catch them by themselves. People get dumb trying to find you when you backdoor and they often separate themselves from their team.

Wait! You Can See Me!

Backdooring is dangerous if there is an oracle on the other team because stealth is a must for getting away clean. If you pop up in their base, they will be coming for you.

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Twitch is a very powerful, but extremely underplayed character. If you use him right, you won't ever die and you will shred throught the other team. However, if you kamikaze too much, you'll only feed the other team and cause your team to lose. Practice makes perfect. It takes a little while to get Twitch down, but when you do you won't lose and you won't ever die. If you've only ever played him as a carry, give this a try. You might be surprised how much more fun it is to skip the infinity edge and carry yourself.