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Twitch Build Guide by coolbyo

Twitch Your AD Carry Build

Twitch Your AD Carry Build

Updated on February 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author coolbyo Build Guide By coolbyo 2,072 Views 0 Comments
2,072 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author coolbyo Twitch Build Guide By coolbyo Updated on February 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Well Hi Guys this is my first guide and I chose it to be about one of my favourite champions in League of Legends - Twitch.
With this guide/build you will be able to dish out a great amount of damage and still be able to survive a little bit longer than ussual.
In this guide Ill show you why and what kind of runes i use.
Whit this guide you will be able to deal a great amount of damage to the other champions and a fair amount of damage to tanks.

I chose not to explain why i use that kind of masteries.
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I choose theese runes because if u have only Flat Damage marks you will do great damage but would not be able to survive
About the Flat Armor Seals i use them because with Twitch you start with low armor and are easily killed by damage chars like Tryndamere on lvl 1
I use Flat Magic Resist Glyphs because of the same reason as the Flat Armor Seals and if you choose to go mid which i do not recommend you will need them because you have like 70% chance to be vs a mage
And the Flat Armor Penetration Runes you will need them to dish out more damages on most tanks at low levels 1-6
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Well at the start of the game i buy a Dorans blade for the damage increase and health. I buy boots and sell them when i get to the 2nd Rhantom Dancer. I chose the Phantom Dancers to be 2 because they give more properties than the boots which should be Boots of Mobility. The Infinity Edge is the most IMPORTANT item an AD carry needs if you think you don't need it then You should not play an AD Carry. The Bloodthirster is one of the best items for Twitch because of the Lifesteal you can stack with it, but I've seen people to buy a Wriggle's Lattern instead of The Bloodthirster but i preffer The Bloodthirster because you can stack the Lifesteal with creepfarming and it also gives you a great amount of damage when it is fully stacked. And like i said already with this guide you will do fair damage to tanks and that is the reason i chose The Black Cleaver - it gives you bonus damage and attack speed but with it you also get bonus Armor Pen when you keep hitting the enemy its very usefull vs tanks in my opinion. You can buy The Fortitude and Agility Elixir if u think it is nessecary and if you play vs a stealth champ like Evellyn or Another Twitch you may want to buy an Oracal's Extract(Elixir).
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Skill Sequence

As You can see i master Ambush on lvl 1 and leave it there till lvl 7-8, that is because I start ganking at lvl 6+ not earlier, not later. I master Debilating Poison at lvl 4 because I do not use it that much even at lvl 18 unless I am chasing which I think is Noobish but all of us forget it sometimes and start chasing a low health/level squishy champion and we usually end up getting ganked and having to use our Summoner Spells (Flash and Exhaust in this Guide) or most of the time we die. Expunge is my personal favourite Twitch spell and I use it the most that is why I max it first, with it You deal a great amount of damage (if it is maxed or not) and most of the time gets You the kills in the team fight (I do not mean Last Hitting).
And last but not least (someone tell me how to write that word please :D) Spray and Pray your ultimate, it increases your attack damage, range and makes your basic attacks pearse through minions, It can be used for lots of things, You can farm when using it because the cooldown is low, You can use it to Lifesteal from more minions and regen your health faster and my favourite is for using it to Kill People standing near the turret without needing to turret dive and waste Summoner Abilities or have to lose a giant amount of health and sometimes die.
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Well that was my first guide I hope You liked it and it was usefull to You. If I get 20+ votes I promise to make more great(atleast I think so) guides. If You liked it let me know and im thinking of making my next guide about my favourite champion - Akali.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author coolbyo
coolbyo Twitch Guide
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Twitch Your AD Carry Build

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