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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diceslice

Twitching you up

Diceslice Last updated on May 23, 2011
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Hello everyone! This is the Twitch Ap guide made by jÄmää. The point of AP twitch is huge burst and strong burst/assassination. You're gonna make their squisy carries cry for mercy pretty much.

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When it comes to red you're either gonna go for ArP for laning dominance or MrP for expunge damage. I'd probably go for MrP since this build lacks on that department, especially if you opt for Mobility instead of Sorcerer boots. For blues you can go either with Ap for more Expunge dmg or CDR. Going for CDR aswell as Nashor's tooth and masteries will put you at 39.85% CDR. Obviously you should be able to have Blue Buff quite often so this might not be necessary.

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For Masteries I take the standar mage route, 21 in utility reducing the cd on Ghost and flash significantly while also boosting your movespeed. This will help you get around the map and gank. 9% CDR from masteries Is always nice :) Archaic kowledge is needed for MrP.

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Either start with Doran's Ring for more burst and manareg or Doran's shield- The shield + ArP reds would give you good sustainability in lane while being able to both take and deliver dmg, while not boosting Expunge dmg it might not be a bad idea depending on playstyle. Your first stop at base should net you a sheen and hopefully boots. Your expunge burst should be quite good and remember that Ambush also procs Sheen.

For boots I'd like to go with mobility inorder to get to other lanes faster to gank. Sorcs boots however is a good substitute that will probable serve you better lategame unless you like to backdoor alot.

Lich Bane is one of the core items in the build, however it is not recommended to build it before you have any significant amount's of AP. I've seen ppl go lichbane as first item while their AD is still in the same range as their AP, making Sheen pretty much just as good. I personally wait 'til I have my Deathcap and then watch the numbers fly :)

Nashor's tooth is a good item on Ap Twitch since it helps stacking up your passive faster gives decent AP and 25% CDR plus some manareg, I'd say yes please to that.

For your last item it's really personal preference, Zhonay is good both for offense and defense with a great Use-ability. RoA might be good if you suspect the game just' ain't gonna end anytime soon, otherwise Rylai might be more effective.

I'd like to mention Guinsoo's Rageblade and Malady which are two good and cheap item's that might fit AP Twitch quite nicely, more AS for stacking Expunge and in Malady's case MrP, not bad at all and worth giving a try.

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Skill Sequence

I start with ambush as it will likely serve me better as a first skill to facecheck bushes get FB or escaping. I then try to max Expunge as fast as I can getting a point in Delibating point for the slow. Pray and Spray isn't bad since it might enable you to get that guy running away from you with 5 Hp. Also it's useful for farming creep waves and in teamfights it's very good spreading poison and doing huge Expunge AoE dmg.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash gets you in and out of trouble quite nicely. Alternatives would be ignite for lane dominance or teleport for getting around, cleanse ain't bad either but it's significanly better not to get into CC to start with since you have the tools to avoid it.

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Be annoying and dangerous to your foes, spread your poison for AoE Expunge and kiting with your W. Use Ulti to get up poison on multipls targets in teamfight to Expung them down. Gank alot. You are a very strong ganker and will very often be succesful in your attemps and if not you have probably burned one of their summoner spells. Keep yourself to lasthitting creeps early game while lategame you might wanna just hit every mob once to be able to Expunge AoE farm.
Remember to pick up Red and perhaps blue buff if no one needs them more. Helps out a lot.
Gl spreadin the disease!