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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Atomicblaze

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atomicblaze

Two pirates, one great build!

Atomicblaze Last updated on July 16, 2011
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Ms. Fortune



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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 9

Chapter 1

Ms. Fortune:

Mastery Tree: I've switched up her tree a bunch but have come to this spec. It is pretty basic in the offense tree, but when you come over to the utility I get 3/4 expanded mind and 1/4 awareness. I get the expanded mind simply because I purchase mana mune, and the awareness I can't leave out since I'm usually always mid and that helps with level advantages. You can also go 2/4 for each whatever works, but I suggest always getting expanded mind.

Skill Sequence: I Max out double up 1st but I make sure to get my 3 moves at level 1, 2, and 3 it helps a lot especially an early kill which I pull off a bunch. After I max out double up I get impure then max my ult and lastly make it rain for obvious reasons.

Rune Build: I get armp marks and quints since she is all about AD. Then I do the basic dodge seal and CD glyphs. You can get w/e you want for glyphs and seals this is just what i prefer. Mana regen is a posibility or attack speed a lot works with her.

Item purchase: Now for my items. I start out with boots to abuse at mid lane and get 2 HP pots and a mana one in case you oom. Next I finish off boots. No you don't purchase all three lol, they are in order of importance. Since she is very squishy and will most likely be targeted in team battles I do suggest merc treds or ninja tabi. If there is a mix of AP and AD users and you feel the two defense boots is unecessary then purchase swiftness or mobility. swiftness is pretty nice as mobility makes you go crazy fast with your passive, gives you great map control. Next is manamune a great item for her I believe. You can spam your moves, it negates you ever running out of mana and tags on additional AD just by using moves. Then I purchase a BF sword to later build into inf edge. A lot of people like rushing inf edge right off the bat but I like to get a little of everything first. Next I get phage for the slow effect and HP. Then you can either get a recurve bow or just get inf edge. After those two items are purchased go ahead and grab last whisperer for AD and attack speed and lastly Bloodthirster for a lot of AD and lifesteal which is great for her.

Tips and tricks: I suggest always going mid. Mid gives you that level adv you need and she is a great mid in general. So basically 1st blood is a breeze with her. What you have to do is slowly creep around to the sides forcing the other person at mid to go on the exact opposite side so its as if you both are facing the bushes at mid, or when you do that he stays back and is afraid to even approach you which makes things easy too. So doing this is setting up you time to attack, but before you do this you probably want your opponent to have at the least 25% of their health taken off which can easily happen with your constant abuse of quick auto attacks and double up. So when you position yourself correctly you're going to want to open up with make it rain slightly in front of them so they are forced to run through it or around it. Either, or they are wasting time. Then pop impure and use double up with auto attacks and ghost if they are about to get away for a quick turret dive. You can also flash out. After you do this push as much as you can until they get back. Once they do get back be super aggresive so you either kill them again or force them to go back so by level 6 you can gank a lane and no MIA will be called. Basically you just want them not to be there. Now for team battles. As I said earlier you will be targeted in team fights, to make them not target you, you should stay in the back positioning yourself so that your Ult can hit as many people as possible. Her ult will easily win a team battle if positioned right and no one will get near her either. Now for if you're ever getting

chased you want to spam make it rain whenever it is up right in the running path of you opponent(s). If you need to go weird ways just to stall for your passive to make an easy getaway and use summoner spells if necessary.

Summoner Spells: I do get flash and ghost simply because she is squishy. Use them together to guarantee a getaway or a turret diving kill. Those two summoner spell do work well with each other. Exh. is also a possibility. If you are more comftorable with it feel free to use it instead of flash. All other spells are iffy but these 3 are key.


Mastery tree: My Gangplank tree is pretty basic. I choose 4/4 sorcery but skip out on archaic knowledge as I see no point for him to get that, and I grab Burning embers instead. Next I get sunder and offensive mastery but not alacrity because attack speed isn't what your aiming for so much. Then in utility its pretty basic except for your last point you have a few choices. All three work except clarity obviously, I just went with the extra gold though.

Skill Sequence: Max parrley out 1st obviously as it is by far your main move. Next grab remove scurvy, and your ult whenever possible. Also get raise morale before lvl 6. An interesting thing you can do is get raise morale at level 1 and by killing 1 of your minions you deny them that level, so you have a level advantage which is pretty nice.

Rune Build: 46% crit dmg ftw? I think so. There are other options such as grabbing crit dmg for your quint and marks, and then mp5 and CD reduction for glyphs and seals, but in all honesty I like 46% crit dmg way more! :D

Item Purchase: Next is items. I get brawler's gloves first for that nice 8% crit + your 2% from masteries so you're at 10 already. Early game crits especially like 1-5 are really nice. Next I like to get an avarice and full boots when I get back for the speed increase and extra gold per second. If I only have enough for avarice and like half of boots I might decide to get the meki pendant. Next when I go back I like to have all 4 of those small items for a lot of gold per sec coming to you and a decent amount of crit and no mana issues. All relatively cheap too. Next rush inf blade after that, cloak of agility being the first piece you get ofc. Then grab your inf blade, and usually I have enough for that zeal also. Then turn that zeal into a phantom dancer, you should have around 70% crit I believe. next turn one of your avarice blades into a ghostblade. Its a nice item with crit + AD and that active takes ppl down SOOOO quick. Lastly if the game strides on buy a bloodthirster and either replace your remaining avarice or the chalice. I usually sell the chalice as mana isn't that much of an issue as it was early game. I think by then you're sitting at 77% crit which is usually a guaranteed crit for parrley.

Tips and Tricks: One trick is the one I mentioned early about getting raise morale at lvl 1 and denying them that level early on. So starting from lvl 1-18 I'll explain how I usually go about things. At level one I know that mana is an issue when you choose not to grab a meki pendant first so make sure parrleys are not wasted on a tank or minions, which a lot of people use them on minions for like what? 13 extra gold. I don't like doing that unless I have the golem or I have my chalice and its mid-late game. So basically don't waste parrleys, and make sure you stress it to your lane partner who your main target is so dmg is barely split. Go back early if you want to grab that avarice and half of boots for the extra gold from avarice, the earlier you get it the better. When you reach level 6 use your ult ASAP as it should guarantee you a kill as the dmg is a bit high for that level. If no one needs the golem make sure to grab it whenever its up as your heal has a pretty long CD and its nice in general, but make sure if there is som1 else that needs it that you let them take it before you. When you start to have 5v5s at mid your role is abusing the **** out of people lol. This is why he is so fun, because of your 46% crit dmg, and if you do good early game you can get your inf edge early and take chunks out of people's HP. honestly GP is great all game, mid game especially. When using your ult make sure you really think about the positioning of it. Try and force them to run into it, or trapping them to go nowhere. It works really well if som1 is about to get away. It has a few purposes that can be used differently depending on the situation. It can trap, it can force them to run into it, it can kill som1 that has escaped, its an awesome ult overall, and fun to use! :D For your raise morale make sure there are as many people in range of you as possible to get complete use out of it. Also don't kill your big minions and especially not inhib minions. Focus on half HP normal minions. Also try not to shoot the 1st one away because if you are pushing or something it just stalls you even more, AND defenitely do not shoot heim's turrets or he'll get pissed hehe.

Summoner Spells: Ghost is great for him as hes is very squishy, and its nice to run away OR to run towards som1 quick. If you ult behind som1 trying to escape and ghost parrley and ignite them then you got yourself a kill. Ignite is great because he does a lot of dmg at once and I've found myself shooting someone who is really aggresive and I happen to crit early-mid game and get them really low but if you charge in to auto attack you'll probably die yourself so ignite is great. In 2v1s mid early-mid game its nice when theres som1 around half HP and they start chasing you and you pretend they are a threat and you parrley and ignite them they usually die on a crit, its great! :D

End notes: I forgot about this build I had been planning on making, so I was pretty excited to make it when it popped into my mind. Hopefully its a help to people that are new to GP and MF or just need a build and some tips. Please thumbs it up and leave a comment if it worked well for you, or if it didn't don't be afraid to thumbs it down but please let me know why so I can update this build. TY!