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Twitch Build Guide by Denagul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Denagul

Twtitch - Beware of AIDS after you get raped!

Denagul Last updated on June 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Hello and thank you for viewing my guide on Twitch, the plague rat. This is my first build so any feedback on how to make this a better and more successful build im open to suggestions, but don't just tell me to remake a very drastic change that would result in a different core for example because that what other build are out there let's get started!

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As for runes, I take a pretty standard bunch
marks: armor penetration (duh, you're a ranged AD carry)
seals: hp/level (believe me you don't wanna be 2-shotted all the time)
glyphs: magic resistance (mostly because you don't have alot of magic resist from items unless you decide to get a Quicksilver Sash because you realize that nocturne or whoever is on your *** all game and you need to get rid of CCs like that

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It may seem strange how i don't have any of the mastery trees all leveled up to 21, that's because you have to choose between having difficulty with dmg or resistance, so i took 11/19/0 so that i get some armor and magic resistance and some flat hp to start out with and i can get the armor penetration and some significant amount of attack speed from both def. and offense masteries! Solves my problem at least...

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Skill Sequence/using skills

When picking skills, I strongly recommend maxing out expunge at first as it will reward you in a few significant kills in your lane earlier into the game. Only 1 point at level 4 in your slow is all you need, believe me just by casting it without any poison stacks on the person you're trying to chase/get away from will still get you in the lead. Then of course just max out your stealth since you'd like to be able to stay longer than 10s. and like I explained above, slow is only needed as rank 1.
When using Twitch's skills there are a few things to keep in mind

    First take advantage of expunge and debilitating slow's long ranges and use them to finish off/catch up to them easily

    Be careful when using expunge, it clears off any poison stacks that the enemy was having to deal the damage, so it should be used to finish off people, but leave the kills to the more important carry on your team right?

    Use ambush to position yourself, if you take advantage of it, many of your teamfights will be successful, but be careful, until you're at level 8, your ambush will only last 10 sec!

    Spray and Pray can be used in different ways such as a teamfight or just pushing a lane to 2-shot the whole minion wave, it's not as stupid to use it on minons as you think due to the fact that it has a short cooldown unlike other ultimates. On top of how to use it in general don't be afraid to use it anytime even in a 1v1 fight, the extra attack damage can be of great help.

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Summoner Spells

When it comes to Summoner Spells there are always great choices for what to take but the most plausible are Ignite and Flash. Why? well besides that flash is such a kill-joy to the other team, it's a great combination if used with ambush for a panicked escape. Ignite is sort of the optional yet it's the greatest spell of yours, it's what gets you half your kills pretty much. Exhaust might be an option but unless they got 3 ad carries on the enemy team, Ignite is more useful, and besides lately there's some sort of support that does healing on every team, so yay to you!

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Team Work

Team Work is obviously an extremely important aspect, that's where Twitch comes in. He can either pub-stomp the enemy team if allowed to shoot them in a line with his ultimate or he can be a sneaky bastard while the enemy is pushing he'll be behind enemy lines pushing to victory. This is a volatile character in the League and what I mean by that is that he can be very deadly but must be careful when using him, it's mostly your play style that determines how good you can be not the items you have.

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Pros / Cons

Excellent teamfighter
Great at backdooring
Good at picking off people that escaped with low hp out of a brawl that the teams had
The best DPS in early game
Nice ganker (just needs some disables from your buddies and you're good to go)

Needs a tank, otherwise your positioning goes down the drain, everyone will just take you down
Cannot carry a team of more than 2 feeders
Your only defense against anti-carry characters is flash and maybe ambush but a good player will keep you from going invisible
This is sort of optional but, Twitch needs a support like Sona for example

PS: Oracles is not really a Con, because you have one of the highest ranges in the game and with the help of some good positioning, oracles are just a waste of the enemy's money which is good for you
Thornmail on the other hand might be a problem as you are targeting multiple champions at once with your ultimate, you can easily kill yourself just by attacking 3 people with thornmail, unless someone on your team has a Stark's Fervor, but it can be quite devastating to you in a teamfight

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Why are you so mad at me, im the best guy on the team...

People do rage at your for picking Twitch or that just used to be a thing that people just did out of nature which even to present day I still don't understand. If they don't then they will ask you to roam which is a thing of luck so I recommend you don't risk too much unless you're confident you got a lane where the enemy isn't so strong or can't escape your ganks, if you're not the master at League of Legends i suggest don't try it, maybe on your own time but for now just do it standard. It'll happen often enough that after getting in a game with a Twitch people will start to give up early on in the game especially if you're at 0/1/0 which is no big deal but, people are just overreacting sometimes and you gotta forgive them no?

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What to do throughout the game?

Early on into the game like I mentioned above you shouldn't try to go for fancy stuff like roaming, just pick a lane either solo or a side lane with a support that way you can get the farm you need. Yes Twitch is fairly dependable on farming, you don't want to be 25 minutes into the game and only have BoM, your 3 doran's blades and the Wriggle's Lantern. Late game you should do your best to teamfight but, if your team is not winning even with your help, you can always try and backdoor another lane while they are 5-man pushing mid for example. Also if you are trying to backdoor put a ward down next to a tower and your minions so that someone on your team can teleport to so he/she can give you a hand :)

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Twitch is a natural beast (literally), but no seriously he is very beast since he can serve so many purposes can is still the #1 champ to get a PentaKILL! I currently have only 2 pentakills on ranked as Twitch but I could've had a bunch more since I was able to pull off several quadra-kills, and in the end...he's that one guy on the enemy's team that you're going to hate if played properly, there's a good reason why he was made a 6300-ip champion indicating that he's a high tier champion!

Good Luck and Have Fun
Show No Mercy!