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Gangplank Build Guide by Meinhardd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meinhardd

U wanna kill in 1shot, then PARRRLEY!!

Meinhardd Last updated on July 26, 2011
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This is my first build and i hope u like it, i will do more if u think it's good.
So gankplank, what can u say? i would say a SICK melee DPS champ, i love playing him, the Q spell "parrrley" is INSANE if u get some dmg and crit, just look at the build name.

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The runes i choose are Armor penetraion mark, attack speed zeals, attack speed glyphs and healt quintessence.
The marks are good if u play against tanks like alistar morde etc.
The zeals and glyphs are just good to gankplank, he needs attackspeed aswell as crit and dmg, if he has thoes 3, the enemy will have no chance.
Healt are good on any champ, and +78 hp is just great in early game.

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I choose this masteries, if u dont like them then choose what u want, i use this masteries to many melee dps champ like Master yi, xin zhao, Warwick etc.
Someone says it's better to play def, but i like the off!.

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The Browler's gloves are good in early game when u have parrley, if u dont pick parrrley first then take, Dorans blade or boots. And dont forget hp or mana pots if u can.
Then u upgrade it to Executioner's Calling, i love this item, lifesteal and crit, and use don't forget to use it if u are against a healer or u see someone use a hp pot.
Then it's the movement speed, boots and phantom dancer. I like to get Berserker's Greaves because it gives u some attack speed, but if u are against many champs who have slows, stuns and fear then get Mercury's Treads.
Infinity Edge is a MOST to Gankplank, it gives u great dmg along with some crit too!!!!!
The Black Cleaver is for nice dmg and attack speed, but it is also good against the high armor champs, for evry basic it lowers the armor of the enemy by 15 and it can stack 3 times so it lowers the armor by 45.
And last another phantom dancer, if u get this far no1 can stop u, u have 100% crit or high in the 90. And u can chase down enemys with your good movement speed.

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Skill Sequence

Parrrley is the best spell for Gankplank, the best part is that it can crit, so choose a enemy in your lane and SPAM parrrley against him, and he will be down fast.
Remove Scurvy heals u, it's a good spell but i like the others better, if u like it well and want to lane very long then choose Remove Scurvy.
Raise Morale gives u some attack damage and movement speed, use it to chase down enemys or run away, or if u are trying to get a tower.
Cannon Barrage is Gankplank's ulti, u choose a area where u want his ship to fire in, the enemys in the area are slowed and it deals dmg to. Don't be afraid to use it.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Ghost are the summoner spells i use, ignite is very good in to get kills if the enemy escape with low hp, then ignite him and he will almost evrytime die. Ghost is good to hunt down enemys or escape from battles.
There are 2 others u can choose, they are Flash and Exhaust.
All the others suck to gankplank!

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Now i hope u liked this build to gankplank, plz leave a comment and vote.
If this get's good i will do more.
Tell me what champ u would like i did a build off.