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League of Legends Build Guide Author Veenix

Udyr - AP/AS Nuke

Veenix Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Hello there

I'am all new here and this is my first guide ever and as you can see I've written a guide about my version of Udyr. This was actually also my first champion purchase ever and since I'am from up north his name really came to interest as it means 'Beast' in both Danish, and Norwegian.

(Also, many might think this is similar to most guides written out there as i have taken inspiration on how to make it look less complicated although i do not intend to do a update daily or anything like or near that)

So lets get started.
This is my version of an Udyr build which i have been using for several games the last few weeks, as an example i won 7 games in a row yesterday(15/1-2011).
When i have taken interest in writing a guide it is because i really feel that this is something other Udyr owners out there could use to their advantage.

First of, this is NOT, I reapeat NOT a Jungle build which results in me not having any use of Smite. However i do tend to solo dragon if possible since i will be gettingMadreds Bloodrazer what so ever as a twist of the AP nuke in this build

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For runes i have chosen flat Armor Penetration marks and quintesences. Now alot of you might think, Were'nt you building him as AP/AS? And the answer is yes, but you see. I spend the majority of time in Tiger Stance which does burst damage, when Tiger Stance is activated you will do 1 attack dependant on AP and the rest will go through with Armor Penetration.

For seals and glyphs I've chosen Attack Speed to compensate for the quick attacks in Tiger Stance going through like butter with Armor Penetration

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As you can see I've chosen standard Offense/Defensive masteries where i go down in Defensive and take extra dodge chance, and magic resistance which works really great with Udyr's passive and Ninja Tabi.

Also I have chosen the exhaust/ignite masteries to help get first blood and help chasing enemies down and finishing them off.

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What i recommend is start out with a Boots of Speed to secure brushes fast and clean. If you manage to get first blood go upgrade them toNinja Tabi.

When you can return to base with 1050g after purchasingNinja Tabi to pickupRecurve Bow.

When you have another 1000g go back and receiveMadreds Razor(By this time you will have enough level and skills to down dragon by yourself) Or you could also pickup thePickaxe if you already got a jungler.

Next up is upgrading toMadreds Bloodrazer(If you went and picked upMadreds Razor, this should cost 1775g) and this is where the fun really starts. If the opponents is not fed up you should have a pretty good chance of chasing down quite abit.

Next time you go back to base you should getThe Brutalizer(1337g) and upgrade it to a
Youmuu's Ghostblade whenever you can.

By this time the game usually ends. If not then pickup aSword of the Divine, and be ready to click both
Youmuu's Ghostblade andSword of the Divine Active to start a gank.

You'll be lucky to get this far, i usually dont if I'am doing good but if this is the case next up isMalady to compensate withMadreds Bloodrazer resulting in alot of burst damage in Tiger Stance

Next up isGuinsoo's Rageblade, this will boost both burst in Tiger Stance but also your

Sword of the Divine's,Madreds Bloodrazer, andMalady's Unique Effect.

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Summoner Spells

Not much to say here, i usually do not have any trouble with the ones I chose.

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Pros / Cons

Great burst, even on low level
Great chasing capabilities
Built-in AoE, Burst, Life- and manastealing
Great fleeing - Turtle shield + Bear speed

If you're doing good, everyone will ALWAYS go for you