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Udyr Build Guide by bodanger

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bodanger

Udyr Dominion

bodanger Last updated on July 1, 2012
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I'm posting this up because there doesn't seem to be any Udyr dominion guides.

Udyr is a great champ for dominion if you know how to play to his strengths and build him to make up for his weaknesses. This is just my way of playing that seems to work out very well but there are many viable ways to set up this champ.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that his play in Dominion has some key differences from SR.
-Life steal and turtle haling do him almost no noticeable good early on.
-There tends to be more AD champs than AP in many games just due to the fact that there are so many more AD champs well suited to the map.
-This means people tend to get more armor than MR making magic damage a little more attractive that on SR.
-mobility is more of a factor

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Pros / Cons

Starts with 3/4 of his tool kit with the 4th coming sometime during the first fight. This addresses this is a major plus for Udyr since he needs at least 3/4 of his spells to really preform up to par.

Mobility from bear sprints allow him to run, flee, and get to where he is needed on the map faster than most champs.

After a few levels he plays like a manaless champ since the cost of his spells go down as his mana pool goes up.

Phoenix can clear minion waves much faster than most auto attack and allow for that kind of push if needed.


NO DASH, I this is the one major con about Udry. With so many of the champs consistently used in dom having a dash, flash, leap spell this leaves Udyr to slowly and steadly close the gap with bear sprints.

Mana is an issue the first fight and early in the game. This means you don't spam bear to get to mid at the start.

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Skill & Sequence

Udyr doesn't really have a set skill sequence but rather a loose guideline to follow based on how effectively the skills scale with level and what you think you need at the time.

Take 1 point at the spawn and leave it till everything else is maxed
-The AD scaling is the exact same at all levels.
-The damage gained and the attack speed gained per point is small.
-The persistent effect attack speeds is of little use since stance dancing to maximized damage survivability and utility will having you spending as little time as possible in that stance.

If you want to go more offensive you can swap point out of turtle into tiger.

While tigers overall damage doesn't scale as well as phoenix, it is also much better to chase with since it applies on 1 hit and doesn't require 3rd hits to get max damage.

Level as needed but not a priority
The shield from turtle is very nice, especially after you have some resistances to help prop it up.
-The problem with turtle is that the healing from it is almost not noticeable on dominion and you don't really have time to hit minions to heal up anyhow.
-Its mainly for some added survivability, to absorbed harassment. Gets more useful with some CDR which allows you to get more shields off in a fight.

Sometimes it is a good idea to put point from this into tiger.
This is because the healing from this stance is so little on dominion and because this build has little + AD till the end.

This skill is really what makes Udyr so great on dominion
This is what allows Udyr to Flee, chase, move around and CC so effectively
-The stun doesn't scale with level
-The mana cost scales down with level
-The speed and duration scale with level

The reason why this gets maxed even though the stun and cooldown to restun is the same at all levels is that The mana cost goes down with level which allows you to spam it to sprint around the map getting to where you need to be. It lowers the mana cost and it makes your sprint faster for a longer duration.

The reason why you skill phoenix over tiger is that is just scales so much better with level.
The attack speed from tiger is nice but you 15% at lv 1 of the 35% at lv 5. You also already have a nice big chunk of AS from your passive and from runes.
Phoenix is also much better at pushing minion waves if needed.
Phoenix also boosts your tiger on hit and turtle shield with its ap/ad buff.

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Some CDR on Udyr goes a long way. It allows his spells to come off cooldown in a way that lets him stance dance more effectively and allows him to permanently keep the "on cast" buffs rolling allowing the synergy from phoenix to buff turtle and tiger, tiger to buff phoenix.

It also allows him to get off more bear sprints in a shorter time. My build almost allows him to keep a permanent 27% sprint which is the same speed increase as ghost

More tiger hits
More shields
More sprints
Perma tiger AS and phoenix AoE/ AP/AD

In short
Having your spells on about a <4.5 sec cooldown can drastically improve play due to stance dancing and "on use" effects having a 5 sec duration.

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Dance Lessons

Being able to stance dance effectively vs button mashing is what separates people who do well with this champ from those who are useless.

Tigers on hit effect stays active even if you switch into another stance. This allows you to cast it, letting it start is cooldown, run in with bear and stun, having the hit both stun and apply the tiger hit.

works the same way in that you cast it to get the shield to start its cooldown so you before you initiate so that another shield will be ready sooner.

Bear dance:
Knowing when to use bear, and when the 6 sec re-stun cooldown is done is important. When in a team fight you may want to run around stuning as many enemies as possible instead of switching to another stance.

Have bear ready and off cooldown if it is possible for you to stun out a channeled ult like Kat, WW, Malz, Galio, Nunu. What you don't want to do is stun them before they ult giving them 6 sec to channel. Players that know bear stun will be waiting for you to stun them so they can ult without being canceled.

(you will have to actually be in bear when taunted by galio to shut him down.

When chasing it's a good idea to throw in a tiger or turtle between bear sprints, making sure that when you catch the runner, you are in bear. Its also important not to hit them with bear before the 6 sec cooldown is ready. This can make it so you stop to swing allowing them to get distance which makes it so you need to chase them for much longer.

Sometimes if a runner is a equal speed but just out of reach, phoenix aoe can still hit them and take out that last bit of HP.

Alternate bear and turtle. Sometimes it's best to shield up then turn and stun when fleeing. Since you should have frozen mallet this can actually create a nice gap. Its usually best to do this after who ever is chasing you has used they dash/jump/flash ability to catch up.

General Dance:
Phoenix AP/AD will boost both tiger and turtle, you do want to make sure that you get in the 3rd hit before you switch, the damage from that will almost always outweigh the benefits of the AP/AD on other stances

A fight 1v1 might look kinda like this:
Pretiger and turtle, bear sprint to stun phonix,3 hits tiger turtle, bear to restun, phoenix 3 hit

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Because Udyr can be built in so many ways there are many viable items for him.

In my opinion there really is only one item that is an absolute must for him on Dominion:

This slow is so important to Udyrs play on this map that you start with [item]ruby crystal[/item] and [item]long sword[/item] instead of [item]prospector's blade[/item] so you can get
as soon as possible.
The reason why this is so important is for Udyr is it is really the only way for him to provide the utility needed and the only way he will be able to stay on his target and do meaningful damage. Being tanky you are going to be the front line and being able to slow enemies indefinitely will keep them off your more squishy teammates.
With out this item you wont be able to stay on most champs, wont be able to keep enemies off your team well. It also provides you with a half way decent escape when you turn shield, bear stun and run leaving them stuned then slowed by -40% as you run away at +27%.

This items absolutely blows up auto attack AD champs and does enough damage to warrant getting even against more ability based AD champs. Because of the way that many AD champs item, they have little to no extra MR which can leave them dealing almost as much damage to themselves as they are doing to you from basic attacks after resistances are taken into account.

After trying out pretty much any viable option for extra MR I have found this to be the most useful. Because you are tanky and have good AS you make good use of the stacking MR. 42 damage on hit is really good for the price of the item and the attack speed really helps with phoenix.

This is a very nice item that along with bear can make it so you can just walk away from any fight you aren't going to win.

After getting these items the game is can already be over. if it isn't depending on time you can go with the because it's cheap, the CDR helps a ton and the damage is welcome with all the AS you have.
If the game is still going upgrade it

After the build up top if the game goes on long enough to pull this off you become a pretty scary combo of tankyness and damage. You have the AS to stack it up fast along with the resistances to really make the most of each point of hp returned. With turtle you are at 40% (pre debuff) leech at over 194 AD base 221 AD with phoenix which can be permanent, and max out at 256 AD with full stack. With monkey and tigers AS perma you are attacking a 1.68/sec you can stack them up fast and are putting out enough damage and healing to pretty much stomp anything 1v1.

You may want to pick one of these up if you are getting beat up by a team with an Amumu + kat or MF so you can get out of the stun to try to knock out the ult. It also might be a good option if you are constantly getting Ulted by WW Malz or some one with a stunable ult because you are constantly canceling it and they end up using it on you because it's the only way for them to actually get off the full effect with you around. In general if there is some champ that is beating you up with some kind of cc this can be a game changer.

This is usually much better on another champ but if you are up against a good wukong, akali, and to a less extent shaco etc it can be a good way of messing up their game without wasting gold on oracles. Honestly though someone on your team should by this before you do, and someone else should have bought a hextech sweeper before they did.

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Summoner Spells

is always a viable choice on dominion because mobility is so important for so many reasons

is also a good choice since it can allow you to catch up to a runner to apply your stun and slow which can turn what would have been an escape into a kill

Being tanky this spell while defending a point can really be effective

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Why ____?

Why those runes?
-MR/lv because AP doesn't really start hurting till later in the game. You also start off with a decent amount of MR

-The quints can be worked with. I like a little Armor pen but tbh it probably doesn't make much of a difference other than at the very start of the game and might be better off with something else

-Flat armor because by the time arm/lv become better than flat armor you already have bought more armor making the tiny increase barley noticeable

Why no prospectors?
Prospectors is nice but you the lifesteal does so little its not even noticeable and getting the phage slow earlier helps more in general. the 20 HP and 2 AD are not ever really going to decide the fight in mid, a little later having a slow on an enemy very often does decide if he lives or dies.

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Comments and corrections are always welcome as long as they are constructive

Also if someone could direct me to the code for items and spells and such that would be great. I thought that was right but obviously it's not