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Build Guide by UdyrForLife

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UdyrForLife

Udyr Jungle DPS/HP Tank Build

UdyrForLife Last updated on November 17, 2010
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Just to start this off I want to say this is my first build. So, This may not be the best build there is cuase I am pretty new to this. But, I think I got the right idea on how to build a Udyr since he is the main character that I play. Now, Back to the build.

I alwyas start of with the Cloth Armor to get Madred's Razor and two health pots to help with jungling to make the jungle longer without having to go back to the Summoner's Platform. Start off with getting Golem buff (Blue). MAKE SURE to check the bushes around the Golem Buff 'cuase alot of people setup ganks for the First Blood at the Golem Buff. After you checked, Kill the Golem and work your way from the Golem to the other side of the Jungle and kill everything (Except Lizard Aka Red buff). When you Recall you should have enough to afford Madred's Razor. At level 5 you should be able to dragon. Make sure you ward it after you finish to get a set-up gank and to see when it spawns and if it's dead.

At about level 7 or so you should have got Mercury's Treads (I choose Mercury's Treads cuase it makes him very mobile during team fights. If there is absolutely no slows on the other team get Berserker's Greaves.) By then you should be lanning and ocasionally popping into jungle to grab blue/red buff.

Now that your starting to lane/gank. It's time to talk about your teamfights/skills. Pheonix Stance is going to be the main source of damage. Your going to start off as Bear Stance for the stun and run speed. Then follow it up with Turtle stance for the shield. After that go into Pheonix Stance to pull out the l33t damage. (Never stay in Turtle stance unless your trying to farm mobs for hp/mana. It doesn't allow you to crit which reduces your dps huge.) Make sure to pop back into Turtle Stance and Bear Stance to get the shield re-applied and the stun. Constantly be switching between stances to keep Udyr's passive active.

Now that you've been laning and ganking. You should have enough to finish getting Madred's BloodRazor. Followed by Guinsoo's Rageblade. Now ALOT of people ask me. "Why RageBlade?" Becuase it's got Atk Spd and AP on it per hit. (Stacks 8 Times) Which makes it fairly good for Udyr. The AP actually helps Pheonix Stance's damage output and Turtle Stance shield by a decent amount.

Moving on to Frozen Mallet. This is where the "Hp Tank" part comes in. Now this doesn't mean he's a ACTUAL tank 'cuase of this item. (Armor and Magic Resistance are the main parts of a tank) But he can sure take one hell of a punch with this much hp + Turtle Stance. This item makes it almost impossible to escape Udyr's Wrath! Frozen Mallet + Bear Stance = One MAD enemy.

AND FINNALY! The Bloodthirster, It's an absolutely amazing item. Damage and lifesteal. Who wouldn't love that! Makes Udyr VERY hard to kill. Lifesteal, Turtle Stance, Frozen Mallet. Overall awsome. This build has worked for me and hopefully will help you with this amazing character.

I will be taking any comments and suggestions to help make this build even that much more better. Thanks for your feedback and comments.