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Udyr Build Guide by Axophonik

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Axophonik

Udyr: Oooo Dear.... Are You Dead?

Axophonik Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons


1.You are Udyr
2.Standard skin is better than RP skins
3.Can decide which lane will provide that decisive kill
4.Turret Dive is possible early
5.Has Defensive Mode/ Runner Mode/ Hit-Hit-Hit Mode/ lets look at a bird Mode
6.Ganking beast


1.5some Groupie Hater
2.CC Hater (From 3 or more ppl)
3.Feels invincible and gives away kills (Don't we all)

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The Most Important Thing/information needed to place Udyr is, its flexible.
If your MIND is Not flexible, choose something else. Choose Caitlyn shoot shoot shoot shoot.

I want people who play similarly to me view this guide and try it out. I play LOL and some people are Sooooooooo different to my playstyle.
I dont get along with conservative people, in the game. I co-exist. There are many NOOBs in the game and sometimes you/I wish they were gone, no more texts from them, no more idiotic dives other people do and you end up trying to help but fail 40% of the time.
Your in Luck. Udyr is a game changer.

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If you dont like orange. Then your playstyle is different from mine. Move over to other Udyr guides.

Characters That I use. And Love

Lee Sin (Damage is a bit weak but when fed, its so OP),

Xin Zhao (Eya Eya Eya and people die.. end of story),

Poppy (She is a Bomb! like her appearance is a sham but 1st champion bought and fell in love),

Caitlyn (Range is a killer, Has greak escapes and played like everyday before the nurf),

Rammus (BEAST!!!! Rarely loose with him. But team dependancy is higher than Udyr. Much Higher.)

Vollibear (Volibear or Vollibear? Run-flip-RAWR~~flip-kill, OP but also team dependant unless fed like a baby),

Tryndamere (AMASING!!! play Udyr similar to tryn. Well not as suicidle),

Im missing some.. like... Olaf, etc You get the pickture
Managable HP, off-tankeeish, damage machine, dash
Cait doesnt fit some but she compensates for damage.

There are more but if you Love the dash and thrash champions then you should fit fine

PLay StyLE

1st your play starts from the line up. I play normal (queue time is better) and you get loaaaaaaaads of wierd people. Sometime (rarely) no-ranged.. lol. So 1st you go in! click Udyr and check on other people. If you see a jungler let him jungle. YES I did say it, let him jungle. REASON = Your better than him, lol. so 1 less feeder to worry about.

When That happens you have to make a quick decision. Serge (attackS increase) or Exhaust to replace SMite. I use serge when~ I feel the other guy in my team sucks at jungling. OR there is no jungler and the team people say 'No jungle' 'Dont jungle you noob' . Most talkers = feeders, OR winning for the 1st time in a long time. lol.

ANYWAY!, Back to the point. The Serge/surge realised the spelling error. The red skin green eyed summoner skill. Use it when u start in a lane and get bored. It will kill u the blue. You need it. for sure. BLUE = Must. Make sure everybody understands that. Dont give your team mates lip, because sometimes you say something and they talk forever. I like clicking, less typing. This is the first guide! Only because Udyr. Oh yeah I played 11? games with it 10 wins in a So still has some OP power.

Jungle Udyr Must gank at level 4. Start on Blue:Smite - Wolves - Wraiths - Golems:Smite if your bored but save it for red lol - Red:Smite - Wraiths - Wolves. Right after red. You can start ganking click on bear after golems. Yeah I clicked the skill tree wrong but hey I dont want anybody to take a peak and say 'noob guide' I want people similar to my playstyle (which I still havnt explained...) to try it out.
So It goes Tiger - turtle(on Wolves) - Bear(Golems),
Choose to go bear or tiger. doesnt really matter. If you choose tiger, jungle for longer. Do this when your lanes look comfortable and your enjoying the jungle. At this time go for enemy blue and smile XD .

OOOOK! so your ready to GANK! top lane danger! go run hid take bush near river. Wait for the enemy to come to a comfortable distance and bear. If there is two go in with turtle. Take the damage like a man look at the squishy smack bear stun it smack tiger wack tiger wack wack, if they flash, counter flash (normally they kinda attack b4 flash) so flash with them bear-tiger and its over. 1 down. If your alive. kill the next one with skill. If the remaining enemy is there on ur *** poking at you pop a turtle in to bush(chill) smack bear (smirk for a second) and tiger. if your lucky you live. Make sure you tell ur team mate ur going for it. jst ping the target. Most of the 2v1+1 ganking situation 1 being attacked will manage to run and the other will try to 'poke at ur ***' if they do and one is away smak the one left behind. bear- tiger -tiger (should be over with team mate with u). Now. Your ganking potential is amasing when you have wriggles lantern so choose lantern over ur berserker or ninja tabi of ur choice!

wriggles really is amasing, and its the 'bread and butter' of the olaf dinner gank compilation chapter. if you get the lantern and berzerker you will be so busy with ganking will fly and you will have money for phage once u press b. if you dont... you suck. lol. it means your under performing or ur teammates are annoyingly ks(kills stealing) ur kills. if you have money for trinity force once u come back you have done goooooood. You dont do it often but its gooooood. It means your team is owning and your the master of the team.

Then u carry on. get blue,red,my side, enemy side, jst roam. get it whenever the signal shows on minimap. Dont leave 1 blue mini minion behind because sometimes other team dont even go for buffs and your loosing out on your extra buffs lol. If they are good and mobile, leave one critter behind or 2 jst to annoythem.

So you have wriggle - shoes - trinity. after that do whatever u want. Force of Nature, Thornmail choose. I really dont recommend thornmail, never tried it but lol who cares. I use Randuin's Omen after trinity because it jst good. Activation is amasing. you slow them u speed up(tiger) so its nice. be flexible.

From lvl 6-7 ish 5 is pushing it but viable, you can turret drive! go in. You see 1 enemy 30-40% health and ur flash is up, dip in and wack! you will need minion cover at start for it. Dive in flash out. Some enemies run and their hp is low they will jst die. DOT (Damange over time) will kill it, but dont count on it. Its jst a bonus. Go in for the sure kill. pop out.

I want to display my sexy scores on this mobafire but i cant. This is so HTTP/HPPL/HPL or whatever OLD style. want to stick the pictures in darng! so no proof that I have so much fun with udyr.

Team fights, always pick squishy targets. If there are loads of ppl in team fight, stay back or they focus you/me because Udyr dmgs like a beast. So wait, enemy tanks will rush forward and most of the time gap opens between their tank and their carry. at that time bear-tiger wack wack wack its over. if u failed ur attack or all ur team are feeders and they die, run, defend. OR! if you feel like a pro wait in a nearbly exit bush and ambush a carry walking around feeling good. There will be another one around but by the time they come, your initial target is down and you always have enough HP to fight 1v1 or enough HP to run. Note: Hate kassadin. lol. they run around making disgusting noises, flash silence like talon (yeah Love talon!! one of my favourite) but very much uglier. BUT its killable time turtle well. Turtle is key to a fight. time it right and you HP is fat through out. For that you need a blue buff and for your DOTs you need the red one too lol.

O...... top lane with udyr... zzzzzzz
Dont matter if its 2v1. jst pick ur item.
get jungler to gank fast, mostly you loose your tower if they are ranged but its better to loose it then feed. yeah so! yeah. do that. if you like the champions I like and good at it. you should time your ganks and partnership ganks with good time. AND watch what the enemy does while you sit back in top lane.

IF YOU END UP LANING WITH SOMEONE!!!!! jst hmmm chill. lane.
Then lvl3 go for blue. Blue is key at low lvls.after you max tiger, doesnt matter what you do.
its all situational. if you get hit a lot get turtle, if feel bear, go bear. yeah! flow.

I hope this doesnt make people buy udyr. its kind of not that
not much competition for udyr XD.

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Lets keep it simple.
Udyr rules in close combat. Attack speed is nice.
Armor pen amasing. Most people use it. So to keep the balance.
I replaced Attack speed for flat armor runes because 1st I put in the wrong runes lol
and this was how I played it from the 1st time and it works like a charm.
so take armor out, because its quite tanky and~ flat armors are too defensive.
jst block long range and kill.

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Lacking the StaminA to write further. I am going to cook... so! ROFL

Udyr really has the potential to be anything. Its a little bit of everything
but he excells at them. he's really fast. ZoooooooOOOOM
I love him for his flexibility. Cool champion appearance and voice.

And people dont know whats coming when they see udyr.
Its not commonly used and they have to feel it to know it.

Let the team fight, take turrets, dragons, enemy buffs, long wondering enemy, sleep in the bush, etc. Its amasing.
Try the Build. Its mind blowing.