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Build Guide by FumblesOBrian

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FumblesOBrian

Udyr - Our Power Can't Be Controlled

FumblesOBrian Last updated on October 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Guys! Welcome to my Udyr build :D. this is how I play this amazing, underused , underestimated champion. Udyr is one of most recently favorite champion. i bought him not expect much since, well you know, NO-ONE played him. but after a game or two i realized how AMAZING this Champion can be. i may not be able to use him to his fullest potential of a Off-tank/Dps , but this build seems to work.

Playing As Udyr

when you play as Udyr you realize something. Your constantly changing your
skills. Your constantly paying attention and not just Right-Clicking. People
fear your turtle stance O_o. overall your just really into the game because
you are constantly "Stance Dancing", which is where u change your stances a lot for the who don't know).

Udyr Is a FANTASTIC jungler but, i prefer to play him as a Laner. your stun can come in VERY handy for first bloods, and chasing. a perk for Udyr when someone is tower diving him is you can just stun them when they are in the turrets range :D. this usually nets me a few kills in the beginning.

The Items

I, personally think Udyr is very item dependent. that's just me. please correct me if im wrong because i usually am lol. I buy items in the following sequence:

More Tanky Then DPS Path

+ x2

At this point you want to do some damage now that you have some tank items :D. now its your choice if you want to go or first.

DPS First Tank Later

+ x2

Item Notice!

Thanks to a comment about i realize its not worthy Lategame. So i got a few items you can replace it with:
or . its your personal Choice. :). With that being said. the sequence in which you buy items will have to be reworked a tad bit. every match is different so get items that fit the situation your in :D.

Remember Your Role

Do Not Initiate. Let your team do that.unless your the only one capable of doing so.
can only stun the same person ONCE everything 3 seconds.

Attack Sequence

One v One

just switch between and . when i notice my hp getting low (which is rare when Ur Stance Dancing, You'll have crazy dodge :D) i then switch to my at which point they usually run because Turtle are awesome and can heal you per hit while giving Mana per hit to top it off :D.

Team Fights

I Tend To: Their Squishiest Teammates. Then I Switch To and do AoE to their whole team :).

When They Decide They Can Run From Me (i usually Laugh first) then i them and continue to own them. your bear stance gives u amazing speed.

its perfect for chasing those champs that always seem to manage to live *Glances At Dr.Mundo and his D;.

remember to have fun when playing. don't let some raging noob ruin the fun of the game :). and if the enemy is geting annoying just type my favorite words:
/ignore enemy

-Stay Frosty < - - (whatever that means)

I Do plan on updating this since this is my first fully written build. my others were failed attempts at life that i wish i could throw away into cho'gaths endless abyss so Kassadin and Malzahar could poke at it with a stick D;. to much? :P ITS NEVER TO MUCH! :D.