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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoB

Udyr - The BeastMaster

HoB Last updated on December 12, 2010
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Udyr - The ManBearTigerTurtlePhoenix

First off, notice how this isn't a jungle build (too obvious?). My point is, there's an excellent jungle build on this site courtesy of Restrictnine, i advise you to check it out if you wanna jungle, is pretty great! click Here to see it.

I wanted to make a good Udyr build that doesn't focus on jungle, for practical purposes and of course, for the ones who don't like to jungle or are not feeling like it at the moment.

Udyr has an amazing repertoire of useful skills! A shield, Tiger for attack, phoenix also for attack (AoE), and a Low cooldown burst speed boost include his actives. But for the passives of each skill there are also great effects, such as life steal and mana leech, spammable stun, and added damage for Tiger and Phoenix!

This build will focus on Tiger Stance as it's main damage dealing skill, and the build will focus on mainly damage. I know most udyr players aren't very fond of Tiger Stance, but i found out that when used with a nice attack build the damage is actually great.


I decided to go 11/19/0, But 11/0/19 is also nice, the main reason i go defense is Evasion and Nimbleness, And the main reason i go attack is Sunder, for the added Arpen.
Why Evasion? Well, Udyr can achieve high dodge values, with Tabi's, Runes, And Evasion and (very important) , Udyr's dodge reaches 34.25%. Not bad heh? Throw in a if you really feel like it (although i think it ends up being a poor choice, is a better one), and you'll reach a whooping 49.25% dodge!


As above. early is for extra survivability, and protection from those nasty skillshots. Low on health? see that cleaver coming your way? pop and most of the damage should be nullified. Early is for stunning of course, if the enemy overextends warn your teammate, both focus the squishiest one and pop . If you do not kill him, you at least sent the message and he'll probably have to blue pill. is for damage obviously, and is the last one, since this build doesn't focus on it.


is obviously for synergy with at early levels, it allows you to catch up to and stun lock the enemy.
is to finish off a runner with very low health or, because it mitigates any kind of health gains by 50%, useful against characters that regenerate a lot of health in battle. and come to mind.


Above in the items section i've put the average build i use for full on damage cases , but in my book, an item build is never set in stone. Every match is different, therefore you should bend the item order and the items you get in favor of the match. Too much casters and the match isn't going your way? then you should definitely get a . Too much melee's? or even . Need all around defense? why not ? The match is going fine, you're not feeding? Proceed to dish out more damage.
Up next is an item list of items i feel are important:

- Attack speed, attack damage, AND 4% of your target's max health as damage. Don't be fooled by the 4%, even on squishies this is a great amount of damage. Oh, and the armor, the armor helps.

- Damage, attack speed, move speed, mana, health... This item i find is great! Bulk mana and health is always good. Added move speed synergizes well with for stunlocks. 25% chance to slow on hit syngerizes extremely
well with because of the added attack speed. Too bad the 3 strikes only apply effects on the first hit heh? Lastly, because you are always stance dancing to keep your passive up, the 150%AD on cast ends up being very nice.

- Attack damage, and armor reduction. Need i say anything more?

- Good Damage, and life steal together with a stacking component. Udyr kills creeps rather nicely with tiger, and thanks to and I find he doesn't die a lot. Definitely a nice item to have.

- Bulk mana and health, Nice regeneration Aura, 10%CDR, and a health/mana regen component on skill use, it's not bad but also not great since it's nerf, however it still works nicely.

- MR, Bulk health and mana and a spell shield every 30 seconds. This can be used on all types of characters because of it's sheer usefulness, and on Udyr it ends up working great. I think it ends up being better than IL.

- Dodge, move speed, armor. All obvious reasons to get it.

- Great starting item, but you will eventually sell it after the laning phase is over (or even before that).

- Lots of MR, move speed, and very nice health regeneration, useful if you need defence against casters.

- Armor, Health regen, Bulk health, 15%CDR, and very nice active and passive, top choice for defense against physical.

- All purpose defensive item, with a life saving passive (literally).

- Lot's of bulk health, Attack damage, and 100% slow on hit.

- Always useful during the laning phase, make sure to always grab a couple when you have the extra gold.

- These are great and will help you a lot. Grab them in between items, if you have the gold to spend, and if you are lucky enough to finish your item build, be SURE to buy them, they will get applied directly.

- Stealth detection, use them wisely in conjunction with .

Got an item you think deserves to be on the list? let me know! Think there's an item that should come out of this list? Warn me! this is my first build, and i'm very open to constructive feedback.


Right now there's only some tips on this aspect, later on when i get more experience i'll update the guide with a early/mid/late game section and whatnot.

  • As i learned with Restrictnine's Guide, Udyr is a great low level ganker using in conjunction with , make sure to make the most out of it, especially when helping gank mid.

  • Slows are the worst thing against Udyr, since you're reliant on your move speed to get into melee range and stun with . Be careful when ganking characters with good slowing abilities.

  • Use to protect yourself from predictable abilities such as skillshots, , and or . Of course, there are many, many others.

  • Change stances often in battle, in order to keep up.

  • Udyr is a great chaser with . I'ts active allows you to pursue the enemy, it's passive allows you to stunlock it.

Thanks everyone, i hope you enjoy. By the way, this is my very first guide for LoL, please don't be too hard, and just use constructive feedback instead of bashing the hell out of it. This guide will be updated with more information as time passes, weather suggestions or my ideas, be sure to check it out from time to time ;).