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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HammerTime

Udyr - The true beast.

HammerTime Last updated on August 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Already by picking Udyr as your champion, you have proven yourself to be thinking outside the box. Forget flashy ulti-moves and epic nuke blasts. You are a beast of a man, wich just happen to have been tought kung fu by a monk. Convient, yes, and deadly. You are not going to experience any sick magic tricks and/or flashy swordplay with udyr. You are going to punch somebodys nose through the back of their heads, be the fastest MoFo around, and dodge and shield their feeble attacks like they were a breeze in your fullgrown (and epic) beard.

For those of you who does not like to gamble on dodge early in the game and think I am a tard for not having and defence masteries I will only say this. You do not need defence against champions who is lying in a pool of their own blood or running (witch is pointless for most champions considering udyrs run speed) for their life.

Ofcourse you can die, Udyr is Udyr, not freakin Jean Grey. I am not trying to make it seem that this build makes your Udyr invincible. But at the end of the game, your dodge and crit chances are enough to go toe to toe with pretty much anyone. If you CHANGE YOUR STANCES AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! If you are killed a lot early in the game, you are pretty much ****ed. So be carefull in the beginning until you have phage and ninja tabi. Then get some kills and keep killing, getting your other items while you wreack havoc.

Run in with turtle stance for your first stack of Monkeys Agility.
Switch to bear to close the last gap and for a stun. They will try to blast you with their main **** as soon as you start Udyring your way to them, so the turtle shield will come in handy.
Switching to tiger stance will stack out your Monkeys agility, and put some serious hurt with crit and Trinity force dmg.
Then continue Turtle - Bear - Tiger.

Seeing as the items wont stack when they are combined into 1 weapon (like trinity force is Phage - Sheen - Zeal) Your crit will not be 91% as stated in the stats. Obviously this does not matter, your insane attack speed while having Monkeys Agility at max while fighting (switching stances ALL THE TIME) will make up for that, and max out mylady stacks before your enemy even realizes you are Udyring like crazy.

On top of that, stacking Monkeys Agility will boost your dodge up into the 50+. That brings your dodge to 50% and your crit to a 70% chance with critting 250% of dmg. Bring trinity force into the mix, and your attack will do 370% of your normal dmg. Bring on Xin and Yi!

In most of my matches I rarely get to infinity edge before the match is over. Unless I just run around and gank instead of pushing. But if you get inn a match where your item build is complete and still got cash to spare, get whatever you like, and what suits the situations at hand. What I love to do though is getting another pair of ninja tabi, wich makes you impossible to run from and makes sure you dodge atleast half the incoming attacks. Ofcourse, if you got the cash, get phantom dancer instead. That being said, being udyr is being indipendant. I trust a fellow udyr to know what is be the best for the situation.

Another note: Some people are going to showe "noob" down my throat for giving Pheonix Stance the boot. Just as a preemptive strike, I will tell you that this build is not for farming, this is a build for those who want to charge in and **** everyones **** up. As all Udyr builds it is a little slow in the beginning, but you will know when it is your time too strike. And then **** gets real!