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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jebba

ultimate mundo tank

Jebba Last updated on October 23, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Dr mundo + this build

pro's :
Fast health regen ( great survivability)
high armor
High mobility
Great chaser
Can be able to escape from gank ( pop ulti gain more movement speed while hitting enemies to slow them down.

hard to get fed early game if you never played him before
vulnerable to heavy CC.

How to play this build.

Early game!
At start, you buy a doran shield and a health pot. ( this should get you easily enough time to lane untill lvl 6)
Try to harass your opponents as much as you can with infected cleaver.
It's really annoying if used right and It deals pretty amount of damage.
Try to use machosism aswell to scare opponents and to last hit minions. ( cleaver can also be used for that).
Try to go with a stunner or a big nuker like annie to get a easily first blood by stunning and then slowing the enemy with infected cleaver. ( exhaust if you miss your cleaver) You should reach level 6 soon and you should have your spirit visage and maybe your ninja tabi.

Mid game
Since you got the spirit visage and your ultimate you will see your survivability is heavily increased. try to get a turret down on your lane while harassing enemies behind the turret with infected cleaver.
Yes you can use infected cleaver to actually kill them while they are behind the turret. If you make sure when you use it you run back so the turret can not hit you. Tip: Only use your ultimate when you are getting ganked.
Or to follow up running enemies.Get warmog armor by now.
You can also encounter some team fights by now. If you are the only tank around you take the iniative. target the most squishy of their team and then come in hitting it with infected cleaver, at this point toggle your ultimate!!. your teammates will come in aswell and kill the squishy in no time. ( he can not escape muhaha). the opponents might still face you and they are like HUH! why does his health not drop. You will be laughing at this point :D.

Late game
As you get the sunfire cape and the guardian angel with descent teammates then it's a GG. you can easily handle 3 guys solo versus you. maybe even 4.. and even if you die you will revive and can toggle your ultimate again to gain full health again.. try to tank and infected cleave your enemies all times.

Now I will explain why I choose these masteries and summoner spells.

Exhaust : I think it's really good, if you accidently missed your infected cleaver this is the opportunity to use exhaust and finish off enemies.
Can also be used to save teammates so I like this spell overall.

Teleport: This is just a must... if you die or get a item you can turn back in a teamfight or purret push with this one. Nothing really beats teleport.

What can also be chosen:
-Cleanse: Not bad to get out of heavy CC and stuff.
-Ghost: Not really my favorite but it's alright, you can chase enemies even faster.

Now about my masteries
6/21/3 Yes I know this is a very weird build to the most of you but.

As you are going to be a full tank and not a DPS this should be a good one.
I have seen many mundo's with atmas impaler and phantom dancer etc.
Yes I know it does heavy amount of damage, but considering you are a full tank you could better go for guardian angel , sunfire cape.. but that is my opinion
the 3 points from utility to gain more HP regen. and the rest explains itself actually..

I will update the runes soon

This is my first build ever created so keep that in mind:)
This is how I play mundo and I think it's the most effective one.