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Talon Build Guide by Tarogan

Ultimate Talon

Ultimate Talon

Updated on October 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tarogan Build Guide By Tarogan 4 6 5,396 Views 10 Comments
4 6 5,396 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tarogan Talon Build Guide By Tarogan Updated on October 5, 2011
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This is my Talon build guide. Honestly, if given a chance, anyone can destroy with this build. It relies on high damage and life steal for survivability. The key to this build is playing smart and engaging and disengaging from combat to heal and recharge cooldowns.
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Armor Penetration - Early game, this is the most important stat. It allows you to deal more damage to enemies and get kills to get fed. It also allows you to hit minions harder so your threshold for last hitting is greater.

Critical Damage - This is a great stat for late game allowing you to deal massive damage with your Q and your infinity edge. It's great early game because if you happen to land a lucky crit the damage is a lot higher than normal and it can result in surprise kills.

Cooldown reduction - Cooldown reduction is very important for Talon in the early game. When you finish building your Madred's Razors and you are using your Rake(w) to farm, every extra Rake you land results in more gold and the benefit from being able to run away and silence again is substantial as well.

Runspeed - Runspeed is a matter of play style for me. I like being mobile and I like being able to escape or chase down enemy champions as the need arises.
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Boots of Speed - Slight change to the order, go for mobility first it helps get those early kills that get you fed and allows you to gank other lanes at will

Health Potion - Really helps during a gank or if you are having trouble in your lane.

Madred's Razors - Madred's Razors help with farming and make life in general all around fantastic.

Wriggles Lantern - Possibly the best AD item ever. It gives you armor, damage, lifesteal, +500 damage to minions, and a freakn ward every 3 minutes. Used with a Sheen and your Q results in large heals every time your Q is up.

Sheen - Because you want to own people and you want to own them as quickly as possible. This works with Noxian Diplomacy to give you huge crits and frustrate the enemy as quickly as possible. A frustrated enemy is a stupid enemy.

Phage - A little slowing and health never hurt anyone

Infinity Edge - Works with Sheen and Noxian Diplomacy to make sure your crits take HUGE chunks of enemy health. Oh, and did I mention, you can almost spam Noxian Diplomacy? Ouch.

Phantom Dancer - <3 Run speed, attack speed, and crit, = love

Trinity Force - This item is great, when added to infinity force it adds around 100% critical damage, it slows enemies, gives health, and boosts movement and attack speed. If you have the money its great.
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Skill Sequence

Noxian Diplomacy - (Q) - This is your bread and butter late game, it does high damage and makes it hard for people to hide from you.
* Using this with life steal makes a huge difference on harass, you can run away heal up and come back to attack within a fairly quick time period, e.g. partway through a teamfight and then back to finish the enemy team off.

Rake - (W) - This needs to be maxxed first because of the slow and increase to your creep score. Creep score is key so really focus on getting it higher, whack your enemy and the creeps with it if possible.

Cutthroat - (E) - Silences an enemy target and teleports you into the fight. Great for single targets, great if used on high damage enemy carry, bad if used to run into a teamfight when your ult isn't up.

Shadow Assault - (R) - <3, This is great, you can use your E to teleport in, drop a Q or W then use R to run for your life and probably finish an enemy or 2 off.
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Offense - Seeing as how your an offensive fighter and you want to kill people, the boost to penetration, damage, and minion killing really helps.

Utility - I like this for 2 reasons, as Talon you should be getting red buff as often as it runs out and because the 5% experience boost can cause a snowball effect. You get a little ahead and you can turn that into a lot ahead with kills and denial.
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Summoner Spells

Flash - Yeah, for those oh **** moments where you realize you made a mistake by diving the enemy team and only getting one kill. Or for those moments when you use your R to disappear and you want to reappear somewhere unexpected. All around it's great.

Ignite - I get this because I find myself getting into 1v1 fights with Yis and Ashes that have a ton of life steal. I really like cutting that down, plus it's pretty much an ******* move to use early on for kills and to stop potions from being as useful.
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Pros / Cons

PROS - Nets lots of kills
Good escapability
Strong harass all game long

Cons - It costs money
It costs lots of money
You will get lots of kills
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Enjoy the character you play or no build guide in the world will allow you to succeed.
Leave comments on tweaks and suggestions - I am testing different builds and different styles, I will update my the guide with good suggestions or ideas.

Peace out - Have as much fun playing him as I do and you'll put up nice scores.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Tarogan
Tarogan Talon Guide
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Ultimate Talon

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