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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Syphonix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Syphonix

Ultimate Tank Chogath

Syphonix Last updated on September 5, 2011
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This is my first guide so humor me on any confusion or misunderstanding. I'm of course open to suggestions on how to improve the guide but i wanted to share my cho gath build with the community who has helped me so much.

Firstly this build is designed to make you the main tank in the group. The aim is less to kill champion than to take turrets and disrupt them with your silence and knock ups.

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This particular rune page i chose because i feel the extra starting health and dodge can be (with a little luck) a game finisher for the last hit. You know that annoying moment with a Jax beats you because he dodge your attack. Put that in a tank and walk over them is the goal.

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The mastery's are completely up to you. Since i run cho gath as a full tank i like to run down the page to get better defense health and the improved fortify. The utility is to allow u some room for extra exp and less death time to get u back into the fight.

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Skill Sequence

Star off with rupture. Ideally you are with someone who has high damage output and that knock up can give u the extra second to lane a few hits to get first blood. Also helpful for last hitting minions until u get further along and have better health.

You want to max out vorpal first so you can clear minion waves faster. Since were not aiming for champion kills use your high health and cho gath's passive to keep yourself in lane as long as possible.

Max out feast and get those minions unless you have an obvious gank. Your goal is to max out the health.

Feral scream last. Its silence is nice so get a point but its damage is eclipsed by your pushing ability with the vorpal spikes.

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Summoner Spells

Same as masteries. Teleport i chose to get into the fight or defend another turret. Fortify with the improved skill is awesome when someone tower dives your friend. Hit fortify and they are toast.

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Summary and Items

I am not going to tell you how to play a cho gath. Play custom or look elsewhere, this guide is to show u what to build and why. This builds main goal is to last as long as possible in team fights and to effectively ignore turrets late game.

Start regrowth pendent and get to the minion killing. Keep them pushed and get those minions kills asap!!! If you have a jungler or an assassin let them push and feel safe. help get the gank then get back on those minions its not hard to end a game with over 200 minion kills with cho gath.

This is where you use your best judgement. At your first death or first back you must do one of two things.
A: Buy giants belt and get on that warmogs or
B: get shoes to avoid the fights and out pace your foes.

Again use your best judgement.

Once done with A or B finish the one you did not.

Next part judge the enemy team and who is killing you the most. Build each item as a need by need basis. Need more armor go straight for the thornmail. Magic killing u? Grab that Force of Nature. Getting feared or nuked? Grab your Banshies veil. (All tanks use their best judgement on a team by team basis.)

Now i will explain each Item and why i chose it. this build assumes an even amount of ap, CC, and ad champs.

Once u have warmogs and shoes cater to your enemies. I will go in the order i find most frequent and useful.

Force of Nature: Its passive health regen and move speed will not only allow u to out pace your enemies but with the INSANELY HIGH health u have that percentile health Regen will have your foes crying. The added bonus of course being the magic resist that comes with it will knock AP champions down a peg or 2.

Thornmail: Are u sick of trynd and nocture and teemo? me too. Thronmail will fix this in no time. The 100 armor will destroy their damage against u and if they think armor pen will get around that see how they like taking 30% of that back in damage. 4k health vs. that trynd pathetic 2.5k health whose gonna win? You that's who. Of course this armor will help with turret tanking as well and at late game u will be able to sit on a turret while your team runs over the opposition.

Guardian Angel: Honestly any cho gath build who doesn't include this is dumb. Its resurrection can save your precious stacks and in a team fight can bring u back at a critical moment to feast for that last hit. As for when to get it is tricky. I grab it either later in the game when everyone is finishing their build and hitting to hard. The other choice is to rush it after shoes and save yourself from feeding early on. Use best judgement here.

Banshies veil: This one is also tricky. Honestly if your so far into the game and u can afford this 6 item with this build you are probably on the verge of finishing. If you aren't then by all means grab this. The build incorporates enough armor that i feel magic resistance is more important.

If you feel more armor is in order grab something else. Need damage grab a death cap for kicks.

If you finish all these items be prepared to completely ignore turrets long term and take on 5 guys and be able to make it back to base.

There are some occasion where i have found merc treads a better item than ninja tabi but the items you see are what i recommend.

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Pros / Cons

The pro's and con's of this build and the skill order chosen.

Defence for any situation
4k health easily by late game.
Vorpal spikes eliminate minion waves easily.
Built in silence for champions like malzahar and fiddle who channel their damage at your team.
A knock up allows for easier chases and great escapes when timed correctly.
Tanking turrets by your self till your team can wipe out the champions underneath it.
Early game is pathetic meaning you cant tank till level 6 or til u get the health and armor running
Your damage output is very low so count on your team having high damage
Madreds and percentile health damaging effects will shred this build in no time flat. If you see a vayne or kogmaw in ranked skip this build honestly.

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Your biggest challenge will be making your oversize body an actual target. 90% of people are smart enough to avoid tanks. Tanks like shen and rammus can taunt you and force you to attack them. You don't have this luxury.
Rush in head first with your team in wait and get them attacking you. New people and pros alike will loose their cool after a group of 4 champions descends on what was supposed to be an easy 5 on 1 gank. Since your damage is very low and you have no taunt you want to disrupt them as much as possible. Silence as their ap champs are beginning their combos on your team. Knock up Ad champs in the middle of attacking and allays be ready to use your ult.
Your ult does not have to be a kill it can double as a scare to get a champion off of an ally who is being destroyed. Many people will turn tail and run at the loss of 700 + health.
If you follow these rules with your skills you will become the worlds largest annoyance and be the first target in team fights which will lead your team to victory.