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Udyr Build Guide by BobblyAsian

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BobblyAsian

Ultimate Udry Build(3v3)

BobblyAsian Last updated on July 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Udry is actually very powerful when use properly, espically with my build!

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for runes, i get lots of attack damage which buffs his active effect by a lot. you might wonder- why not armor pen runes?
well, it is becoz armor pen runes does not buff ur and u wont be able to rape annies as fast. the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist provides some magic resist which is just nice. if u think you dont need them, then Greater Glyph of Attack Speed would be great too for the extra att speed.

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Items (Part 1)

for items, starting off with a Doran's Blade further increases Udry's attck damage. at the begining of the game, you should have about 84 attack damage. just before the game starts, ask your teamates to rush to bush and get the first gank. you NEED first blood as it is important to the build. after getting your Doran's Blade real quick, pop your tiger stance in your base of while running to the bush. the reason being the first hit after activating tiger stance you do extra damage.
so now we r in the bush...waiting...
then an happy annie with a Doran's Ring walks straight into the bush!
this is what you do--
1. exhaust attack once
3.activate tiger stance again
4.attack again
5.keep auto attacking
6.if she is getting away... FLASH and RAPE!!
7. start running becoz most likely your dying as they all attacked you

after all the intense Udry raping you usually get first blood (unless someone KS)

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Items (Part 2)

so now your at your spawn with 400 gold(or hopefully more) and you are wondering, what do I do with this gold? most people would probably just go HEY BOOTS HERE I COMEEEEEE!!!!
DON'T!. that is the dumbest thing to do as all that boot gives is some speed. its better to use the head start to pull yourself ahead in att or defence or AP. so u wonder- how to i purchase a 415g sword with 400g? the answer is very simple- you wait. wait for 10 seconds and you will get 15 gold, then u buy it and hurry off to your lane. most likely you will only lose 1 minion worth of EXP but its not that much.
after maybe getting a couple more kills with ganking and stuff, you should head back to base and get a and a . this will give you better damage out put with the att speed from and the will keep u alive in lane or jungling.
the you just work your way to Trinity Forece for even more damage output.
as for the Stark's Fevor, it is interchangeable with the Mardred's Bloodrazor. you get Stark's Fevor when they have high DPS or 2 or more casters. you get Mardred's Bloodrazor when they have 2 or more tanks or 2 very non-squishy people.
and if the other team has a leona, u better get something with Tenecity like Mercury Treads or Clock and Dagger for the stuns,,,

*Udry is very vulnerable to stuns*

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Skill Sequence

skill sequence is to max then then . maxing allows maximum damage output and is just to stun so they don't get away or for you to run with :D (udry with max bear and the wraith buff get 560 movement speed)
i don't recomend as it is just not that useful to me early game. late game it is coz when im low on hp i got to the jungle and i heal fast.
as for .... your not a jungler, your dont need that useless ****.

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Summoner Spells

for me, and is the best as ensures first blood and is useful for chasing enemies(you flash and bear them) and useful for getting away. everything else doesn't seem useful. might work but i gotta test it out..

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If you follow this guide, then you should be able to kill annies no problem and be on your way to getting 999999999999/-1/0

*one last note*
Udry is VERY VERY VERY vulnerable to stuns so you have to buy items accordingly to counter stuns. Good luck and have fun!

And comment too please!