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Karma Build Guide by ProAsylum

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ProAsylum

Underestimated AP Karma [QUICK GAMEPLAY GUIDE]

ProAsylum Last updated on May 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys,

my name is Ben also known as "lgnition" ~ I'm around 1,5k - 1,6k ELO.
I'm bringing you a QUICK GUIDE to Karma, the entlightened one.
I won't go much in details, I only want to show you the gameplay with Karma.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1: You should be starting with Q Heavenly Wave
Level 2: Get your E Soul Shield
Level 3: Get Q Heavenly Wave for harrassment
Level 4: Get finally your CC skill W Spirit Bond OR Soul Shield and your W on lvl 5
Level 5+:
Max your E Soul Shield first! This is your main damage and sustain source.
Secondly try to keep Q Heavenly Wave up with your E Soul Shield.
Karma got only 2 efficient damage spells (W Spirit Bond is rarely hitting) and that's why you also should keep leveling up her Q Heavenly Wave too and not only maxing E Soul Shield

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Gameplay: Laning

First levels:

Start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion.
On the first levels you have no care.
Try to CS only and play passivly until level 3 atleast.
Upon level 3 you can start to harrass your enemy.
Try to get close to your enemy and use Mantra + Soul Shield on yourself or a minion nearby the enemy.

On early levels you don't have THAT much sustain but once you rushed Chalice of Harmony you have pretty much TONS of sustain (It provides you MR and a lot of mana to let you spam your abilities which keep you alive + damage the enemy).
I recommend rushing Chalice of Harmony because Karma's passive Inner Flame gives her AP anyway and that's why you don't have to rush AP items.


Keep in mind that you have only 2 Mantra stacks MAX.
Don't spam your combination with your Mantra.
Try to save your Mantra only for the Soul Shield combination.
If you are low use Mantra + Heavenly Wave to heal yourself.


Harrass your enemy as low as possible. Always check how much your Soul Shield + Heavenly Wave + Ignite damage would do in total. If you calculated that the enemy MIGHT die if you get all the combinations done, then use Mantra and wait a bit.
When the enemy is in range for your Flash GO AHEAD and Flash NEXT to the enemy.
Use Soul Shield (remember, you used Mantra before already), then Ignite immediatly AND Heavenly Wave afterwards. Make sure you also autohit your enemy.
If your calculation was right then he must die.

Dead enemy? Don't back yet! Try to get CS as much as possible while the enemy is dead.
Recall atleast 6 seconds before your enemy respawns.

Getting ganked:

Don't panic.
Your decisions are:
1. If any of the enemy is low enough, try to kill him with your combinations
Karma is a real good juker. People underestimate her Soul Shield's damage and actual shield.
2. If no enemy is low enough, use Mantra + Spirit Bond and Soul Shield yourself.
RUN Karma RUN!! ~ Or Flash if necessary.

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Gameplay: Teamfight

In the teamfight you have to try to stay out of the MELEE battle-range.
Stay behind your team and kite the enemies with your Mantra + Soul Shield combination on teammates (DAMAGE + SHIELD! Now that's success). Keep in mind that your Heavenly Wave also can HEAL in combination with Mantra! Your role is to support your team surviving but ALSO killing enemies at the same time!
Don't be afraid to use Flash + Mantra + Soul Shield to secure a kill.
Always try to slow enemies and buff your teammates with Spirit Bond when chasing or escaping!

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Final words

This is only a QUICK GUIDE to Karma's gameplay!
Most of the people who need a QUICK GUIDE mostly only want to see the items + gameplay.
If you need details on item discussion or anything:
Deep-detailed guides can be found on mobafire ;)!

I hope I could help anyone =)

- lgnition (EU-W)