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Kassadin Build Guide by Archdevious

Unkillable Kass

Unkillable Kass

Updated on November 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Archdevious Build Guide By Archdevious 10,135 Views 4 Comments
10,135 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Archdevious Kassadin Build Guide By Archdevious Updated on November 9, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Have you ever wanted to be immortal? No, not just for the duration of a tryndamere or kayle ult, I'm talking about for THE ENTIRE GAME. This guide is designed for you to finish 80% of games with 0 deaths. ZERO DEATHS. Want an unkillable Kass while winning most of your games? Then read on

"Tank Kass? Haha noob!" I hear this every time I use this build. Just promise me you will try it before you downvote. I need to first clarify a few things.

1. Do NOT try this build unless you are familiar with kass and have already tried the more traditional ap/ ap counter builds. It is a little more advanced but with the right team composition you will win most of your games. This is an advanced build, I may use alot of abbreviations so, if you don't understand something just leave a comment and I'll try to explain.

2. Kass has such amazing damage buying tanky items seems like a waste but its to match up with your team. This is more an alternate build to be used ONLY when you already have a pure ap champ on the team AND no tank.

The advantage of this build is to fully utilize the nice CC from his Q and E, make him unkillable, all without sacrificing too much ap. I find this build much for effective then another Kass build on here that buys traditional tank items like FON, Thornmail, and that Sunfire Cape. Most of this guide is to convince you that I'm not ******ed. It is lengthy so if its TL;DR (and you trust me)then just read the actual build and skip over all the text besides the gameplay section.

Note: even though you act a lot like a tank, and the build looks like an ap tank build, i dont call it a tank build because you still should be getting loads of kills and you shouldnt be sacrificing yourself to ace the other team, like an alistar might.
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Why Unkillable Kass? Pros / Cons

I have had great ranked success using my LateGameKass(unpublished) build. A little risky early game, but insane nuke damage late. I have even done well with my 1stBloodKass (unpublished) build, which is designed for great early game without sacrificing too much late. A few of the rare problems I had was as slippery and difficult to kill as Kass is I was still really squishy. I would be carrying a game, complete with a fully stacked mejas, then I make one wrong move, say get hard CC'ed on cleanse cooldown, and they destroy nexus before I respawn a minute later. My team may go 35-25 and I may be 15-1-7, but that one death cost me the game. Sure, you can just say well, dont die. You cant ward every bush and inevitably you will die as a squishy low-armor kassadin.

This build is supposed to fix that. I will repeat that only go this item route if you already have a strong ap on your team and no pure tank on your team.

Unkillable Kass Pros:
You are immortal, duh! No giving up 1st blood, no feeding dat Tryndamere, etc.

Does not require a lot of gold, farm, and the only Kass build that is really viable sharing a lane.

Most people will assume you are squishy, and focus you. Why it this good? Cause you are building tanky you can absorb it while keeping the heat of your ad carry.

Even though you will be putting out less damage, you will still get loads of kills. How? By chasing and finishing off those weak champs after teamfights. You are a 1-man clean-up crew

And most important: You will win most team fights, why?
Great initiation, 2 good CC spells, good absorption of damage, good escaping, and good chasing

Not much damage midgame (but that isnt your role as unkillable Kass)

Dependent on rational teammates (admittedly a big concern in elo hell)
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This is a little up to you. I choose more common runes that most lvl 30's should have, MP marks, armor seals, MR glyphs, and health quints. Feel free to add sub some flat AP or AP/lvl for a few of the glyphs or quints if you want more damage.
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Less flexiblity here. For unkillable Kass you need to max the defensive tree. Be sure to take the advanced cleanse and strength of spirit (you should have a lot of mana from AA's to really maximize this mastery).

For the other 9 you could get greed in utility but then you have to waste a point in good hands (better then perseverance on most champs) but with unkillable kass its a complete waste. A better option is the 15% magic penetration in offense and the CDR is a nice bonus.

For my other Kass builds I put 21 in utility, but if you want an unkillable kass, you gotta max that defense.
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Here is the good stuff.

I start out with a Doran's ring. You can actually get the 200mana+2 health pots to rush an early catalyst (what I do in my other builds) but because Kass is so weak early on, and I want to finish the game with no deaths, a doran's ring is needed. The mana regen is really useful to harass and especially last hit with your Q.

Because of the tanky runes, masteries, and mana regen from the dorans ring I usually can stay in lane until I got enough for the merc treads. Why not the MP boots? Well you are going to need some tenacity for a 0death final tally. I know you have cleanse but this on top of that makes you so hard to CC. And because hard CC is the best Kass counter, this is what really makes you invincible and so dang slippery.

Because you shouldnt be dieing all your purchases should be after you recall. About this time you should be having some mana issues and that Doran Ring doesnt cut it for those multiple Rift Walks. So now recall once you got 1000 gold and buy the Tear of the Goddess. You can get stacks quickly by riftwalking back to combat after you shop, making sure to not rift again until after the bonus mana cost time has ended.

Now you got a choice. Do they have a lot of ad who are getting fed? Then go 700armor -> guardian angel. If not, then go catalyst -> banshees veil. Either way buy the other item next.

You have now finished the core of your build. You may be asking, "LOL, core build with no ap? Whata noob!" I know its hard to grasp when you are used to raping annies with a fullystacked mejas and deathcap, but trust me, you will do just fine. With the veil and guardian passives you truely will be to take a beating, CC their entire team, jump out of combat, watch your carries lay waste, then chase down the low health retreaters.

Late game you should pick up that much desired ap by upgrading the Tear to AA. Most of the games will be finished by now, however for those long games your final items just depend on how the games going and team compositions. Need more armor? Get frozen heart. MR? Get abyssal sceptor. If you are feeling confident and lasting good in team fights then go straight for that deathcap. Regardless of the game, you should save one of those final 2 buys for the deathcap. You will finish the build with almost as much AP as traditional Kass build plus you have insane survivability.

Oh, and buy wards, all game, especially cause you are not the high-damage output carry. And buy an oracle if they have cloaking champs. Just laugh at that raging Rat. Because you wont die, you get to keep the buff all game and destroy all those enemy wards, worthy investment!
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Skill Sequence

Every Kass player should always level up in the following priority: R > Q > E > W. The only exception is you might consider is getting a point in W at lvl 4. Yes, it will lower the damage on E but it has some benefits:

Everyone always says how it allows you to span E more often, but in teamfights thats never really a problem. It can help killing neutral monsters, particularly blue buff, but your jungler really should be helping you out with that. It can help with mana issues, but you really shouldn't be auto-attacking anyways, only last-hitting. Plus with the early tear of the goddess mana isnt a big problem. If I get a point in W at lvl 4 its primarily used to acquire stacks in tear and AA faster. Usually, I just get it last.
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Summoner Spells

This is where you get no options. If you want to try unkillable Kass YOU MUST GET CLEANSE AND FLASH, NO EXCEPTIONS. I know other spells are great on Kass (I go flash,ignite for 1stBloodKass and Tele,Cleanse on LateGameKass) but for Unkillable Kass you need cleanse and flash.

You are probably thinking with merc treads with cleanse is overkill and Kass's ult with flash is overkill, but you really need both to guarantee you will be... IMMORTAL!!! Tenacity and cleanse complement each other, cleanse for those hard CC's where 35%reduced duration wont save you, and tenacity when cleanse is on cooldown. The double flash is useful in so many ways, I cant really explain it until you try. Perhaps most useful is to protect you from ganks lvls 1-5 before you have your R. I use flash to chase down that sprinting 10 health Master Yi, to escape from the nastiest ganks, and in the long team fights to use if my ult's mana cost is beginning to stack too high. Plus, if you foolhardily forget to monitor your ult's stack in the heat of a big team-fight you are always guarantee to escape even with low mana.
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Ok so here is how it works:

Early game play standard Kass strategy, this is available in many good Kass builds on this site, so Im not going to repost here.

Once you get the merc treads is where you switch tactics. You are the initiator in team-fights. This will take a little getting used too if you usually play Assassin Kassadin. You rift in, silence the ap squishy, slow the whole team, take a beating, cleanse, rift (or flash) out. By now your team should move in as the opposing team tries to finish you off. As your team unloads and the opposing team realizes they made a mistake targeting you they will begin to retreat. This is where you loop around and clean-up all the kills, sparing no one. Don't hesitate about chasing deep into their territory if that fleeing ashe is the last one alive on their team. You can catch up insanely fast and can tower dive and escape with ease. Remeber as you chase your main focus should be to hit them with force pulse (E), this will allow your high-damage buddies to catch up if the escaper has a good chunk of health left.

Late game with guardian angel and banshees veil is where you really shine. You can jump around teamfights with ease. Your focus should be to silence and force pulse the carries while watching your ult stacks from getting too high.
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"How will I be unkillable?"

Well, Kassadin is already silly good at slipping away. Add tankiness, plenty of mana from AA's, cleanse, flash, blocking a spell with banshees, and 2nd life with guardian's and you wont die.

"Why do I want to be unkillable? I mean, I could just sit on the mana pool all game, go 0/0/0 and lose? How will this win me games?"

I believe you win most of games by main ways: controlling dragon/baron and teamfights. You will be teamfight master with this build. You wont be kill stealing your carries, you only kill those pesky escapers. Top that with no deaths and you end up with a similar score to a ap carry kass only without those crucial few deaths.

Ive had great success with this build. I will post a few of my ranked stats with this build soon. Please try this before you rate it.
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