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Garen Build Guide by Nuggetsofsteel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nuggetsofsteel

Unrelenting Force

Nuggetsofsteel Last updated on December 26, 2011
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Hello all, my name is Nuggetsofsteel, summoner name Mista Nuggets. I have played league of legends for a few months now, and am still working on my skills as a player, the main problem being my knowledge of other champions capability. However, there is one champion I do know quite well, and the name of that mighty hero is Garen. Garen is a Tanky-DPS melee champion, a famous one too for his "e" or the "spin to win" skill. Garen has been a force in LoL ever since his addition to the game, and is a very capable champion. I started my real interest in LoL after my first game with Garen, and also successfully secured my first kill using his ultimate.

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Runes are pretty simple, throw some Armor, Magic Resist, and Armor Penetration in there and Garen's capability goes up. The Armor and MR are to keep him a little tanky, and the Armor Pen to make sure he is doing the damage he should be doing. If you want, you can go for some health quints, or health per level marks, you can do that to further add to his health bar, and also a slight bit of damage due to atma's, however, I find this setup the best in terms of tankiness and damage, the dynamic duo of garen.

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In the Mastery trees we look for some AD and Armor Pen in the Offense tree, and in the defensive tree we look for Health and Health regen, MR, Armor, and a little CR. So, they are pretty straight forward except for the CR, so if you are wondering I will explain that. This is more of a personal choice and if you would like something else with those 3 points go ahead, however considering that Garen is completely cooldown based, I feel like being able to use my skills more often is quite an advantage, and I have found myself on more than one occasion missing a kill because my skill needed that one more second to be ready. However, if you do not often find yourself in this situation, you are free to throw some points into another mastery.

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The two Doran's blades near the start are important, they give Garen health and AD, along with a little Lifesteal on the side. The Doran's blades are important to keep a strong early game. Once you get two of those and your boots, we move on to a Giant's belt to keep Garen Tanky, and give him the durability he needs in fights. After that we build the Black Cleaver. The black cleaver is a good Item on Garen, it adds attack damage and attack speed, but more importantly it's passive melts armor, and gives Garen both better capability now and later in the game. One can also go for a Infinity edge now to combine with the Atma's Crit chance, but I feel it is too expensive, and that gold should be used towards the Warmog's as quickly as possible. After the Cleaver is finished, we move on to Mercury treads, mainly for the tenacity which reduces slows and stuns, and directly after that the Warmog's. The Warmog's is pretty self explanitory, Garen needs to be tanky, we buy Warmog's. Next we get the atma's, this is for armor and also adds AD and pairs nicely with the Warmog's. After the Atma's we get a FoN, this item adds loads of Magic Resist, and also adds a slightly lesser version of Garen's passive, this item allows garen to regenerate MASSIVE amounts of health, and allows garen to jump back into a fight after healing upwards of 350 health in 10 seconds. Finally we get a Guardian's angel, a beautiful item on Garen, especially with Cleanse and the Tenacity, it makes it such that if Garen is stopped, he comes right back, on top if this is offers us Armor and MR, something that is quite quite nice. If you want you can also pick up a spirit visage in place of the Guardian Angel, this will slightly increase your health, increase your health regen by a lot, and also give you a little cool-down reduction, however I find that the Guardian Angel is more effective, and contributes more to the unstoppable feel of this build.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence allows Garen to Output the most damage, by emphasizing his E, or spin to win. His E is essential to him being a force, as it deals a lot of damage, and can do so to multiple targets. Because E is so wonderful, you might ask "why Q first" well, the damage scales better early game, and silences the opponent and will disallow them to use their ability on you, something that I cannot emphasize the importance of in a early-game situation. His skills are all very useful, one that I feel I should bring into light is his w, this skill is an extremely important to Garen, because it reduces damage, and all damage, by a percent and combines well when he is using his spin in a teamfight or otherwise. Not only that, it passively increases his armor and MR when you last hit, something you should focus on after learning the skill. In most situations, you combine with your q->w->e because you first gain movements speed to reach the opponent, silence them, reduce the amount of incoming damage, and wreak havoc on their health bars with you spin, this is my way of truly spinning, and winning. Finally, his ultimate, the legendary skill of an executioner, not only does it have a lot of base damage, enemies with low health should know to stay clear of you, because it does more damage for every 3-4-5 points of health they are missing. Use this when enemies are low, and know that it is extremely useful when tanks are missing health, as it naturally does more damage to them.

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Summoner Spells

[*Flash]-Allows Garen to escape, move in for a kill, or chase an enemy that is low on health, this is a very good skill on most Melee champions, and is good on Garen
Cleanse-You think you can stop Garen? Think again... he can now cleanse slows and stuns with both his E and a summoner spell, this spell makes Garen always ready to fight
Ignite-If you are not good with cleanse, or feel you do not need it get this spell, it deals true damage, and secures early game kills
Exhaust-Not too bad, but not amazing, can be good in teamfights and chasing down enemies but doesn't pair so amazingly with Garen
Stay away from the other spells, as they do not provide much use for Garen, you may opt for teleport if you are soloing top, but still this takes away from Garen's combat capabilities.

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So here we come to a close, this build is still in progress and will be updated once or twice a week when I find the time, I hope you guys can use this build to the potential I have, and wish you all a great time on the Fields of Justice!