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Heimerdinger Build Guide by RatOnWeed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RatOnWeed

Unstoppable Heimerdinger - Mid Lane Guide -

RatOnWeed Last updated on July 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys its RatOnWeed here and I want to show you guys how I play heimerdinger. Many people think heimerdinger is very weak, but I think otherwise. You just have to know how to place yourself in Team Fights and how to play him wisely. His Hextech Micro-Rockets do a whole ton of damage and are good for harrasing. I hope at the end of this guide you will know how to play Heimerdinger in a good way! H-28G Evolution Turret is a good way to push a lane. Thanks for clicking on the guide!

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Skills Explanation

Techmaturgical Repair Bots
Heimerdinger's passive. HP regen. That's pretty much it. However, it is the only ability that can heal turrets, so be sure to turret-hug during laning phase to heal them too. Currently there's a cool trick; if you happen to die as everyone does and you're near your turret the nanobots will continue to heal it as you lay on the dirt.

H-28G Evolution Turret
Place up to 2 turrets. These make him the champion with the largest zone. Shaco boxes and Teemo shrooms can technically increase their sight, but they don't hit like these do. These babies allow you to push like no other and can also foretell ganks. At higher ranks these lower magic resist and at max they shoot bursting shots; farmer's best friend. Can even save a life or two.

Hextech Micro-Rockets
These are your damage. They shoot at the three closest enemies so using these you can shoot three minions to last-hit them. Great for pushing this way. AP scales at 55% and they have a quite sizeable range and a cooldown that's minimal. These, along with the grenades, allow you to harass enemies while they're behind their towers without getting yourself shot.

CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade
This is a doozy. It's damage in a small area but it's also the hardest skillshot in the game. They only really count for more minion farming and champ stunning. That means the damage they do won't be much. Toss these behind enemy towers while they wait there for extra harassment, and run away before impact so the towers can't shoot you. When about to be hit by a melee champ, let them get close; point-blank these almost never miss and will allow you to get away. Furthermore, use this to check bushes without getting stabbed in the face.

Heimerdinger's a special ability champ; the turrets are his best ability, so this is kinda meh. These cause you to fire 5 rockets instead of 3, so that's more champ harassment in teamfights. These speed your grenades so they can stun from afar much, much easier. But, most importantly, these make your turrets shoot slowing shots. Combined with turret placement you can easily feed off of champs like Tryndamere who try to get close to you and realize their mistake too late. Plus, passive CDR. The passive's really the one you're gonna feel.

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Pros / Cons


-Very good lane pusher with turret.
-Good harass with rockets.
-Can use turrets as wards.
-Stun is hard to hit, but it is rewarding if you hit it.
-Not hard to use.
-2 Types of CC (Turrets with UPGRADE!!!
-Rockets do a ton of damage.


-Hard to hit stun.
-Squishy at the beginning.
-Hard to get first blood.
-Can be hard to CS if you have a Heimerdinger as your lane partner.
-Extremely Slow.
-Needs to know how to place himself in team fights.

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Counter Picks for Heimerdinger

Brand, Morgana, Xerath are all counterpicks for Heimerdinger. Their pushing and range are very good against a heimerdinger. Try not to lane against them because they can destroy you in middle lane. Just make sure not to play aggressive and get yourself killed. Just try and outfarm him, and get ganks from your jungler. That should help you start winning the lane.

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Remember guys, the items in this build can be changed depending on situations. Here are some.

Against AD Heavy


Against AP Heavy

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Summoner Spells

This is one of the best spells for Heimerdinger, because he has no good escape. I would grab this if I can.

Ignite is very good to finish off people with low HP. Can be really useful after you destroy them with your rockets. Very useful

Good for getting to places quick. Useful for solo lanes that need to get back to their lane quick. You can teleport to ally towers to protect it. Teleport to a pushing lane to destroy a tower.

Good for AD carrys and you can grab it if you want. The heal can change a 1v1 situation. Very nice to have.

Good summoner spell for vision. Have the support have it though.

Good for shutting down AD Carrys. Someone on your team should have it. Slows enemys down so you can use it to catch up to someone.

Good for heimer because he has no escape unless he has flash. Very good on him. Flash with Ghost will be very good.

Good for early game if your having mana problems. Bad for late game though. No need for this summoner spell.

Dont get this. If you are against CC heavy teams just get a Quicksilversash

Why would you even think of this? Very long CD. If you are dying enough for this to be useful. You are just not good enough.

Heimer is a good jungle. But unless you aren't jungling, never take this.

Seems interesting. Cant find a good reason to use this.

Turrets are better than a promoted minion.

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Early Game

Remember guys, Heimerdinger is not a 1v1 fighter so do not treat him as one. Make sure to place your turrets where they can help you in case the the enemy tries to attack you. I like to put it near the middle where it can push ,but it can protect you from bush ganks on the side like in the picture below. The yellow arrows represent where most junglers like to gank from however, you are still going to be able to be ganked from the jungle behind you near wraiths and blue.If the jungler tries ganking through river just use your ultimate to slow them down and you can escape easily.

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Mid Game

Mid game is where heimerdinger shines the most. Make sure to poke a lot with your rockets and farm farm farm! Just use 1 turret per wave to clear it out and gain gold. This is the phase where heimerdinger is most likely to get ganked. Just place the turrets where I told you and you should be fine most of the time. If they are still going to catch up you have your stun and flash to escape. If their is no jungler on the enemy for some reason then you are free to push the whole time and stop him from farming. Your rockets should do much damage at this point so keep using it to harass. Make sure to try and not go into 1v1 situations if they are stronger than you unless you have your turrets nearby with your ultimate on. However if you are going to fight use your rockets and stuns each time they get of CD and place turrets each time they get destroyed.

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Late Game

Late game is when it gets harder for new heimerdinger players. The enemy will have most likely passed you in farm and gotten stronger than before. Just keep harassing and do not get caught. Use your turrets to push. This is one of heimers weakest point, but he is still usefull. You can use turrets to solo DRAGON, and use turrets to take out baron faster. Unless he is fed he wont be of much use against 1v1 fed AD carry and other damage dealers.

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Team Fights

Team Fighting with heimerdinger is all about being well positioned. What you want to do is place turrets where its happening. Stay away from the middle of the team fight and just go in and rocket them or try and stun them each time its off CD. Make sure to ultimate and keep placing turrets whenever they go down. This is the most hard part for new heimerdinger players so just do what I said and you will be fine. Heimerdinger is really squishy so don't get into the middle of the battle. Good Luck.

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Team Work

League of Legends is not a solo game. If you want to win then make sure to communicate with your team. Make sure that you and your teamates call MIAs so that the enemy team is not allowed to run around and gank everyone without you guys knowing. Make sure that the whole team is getting kills and not just you. Do not go around and try to get every single kill. Heimerdinger is not a very good carry and if one person has all the kills and the rest of the team has barely any that person will be targeted and they will build ARMOR or MR depending on whose fed. NEVER try to steal all the kills from your team.

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Warding is very important for League of Legends. It can stop ganks. Give vision of enemy team so you do not get caught. Make sure to ward ganking spots, blue and red buff, dragon and baron because those are the most important places. Here is a picture of where it is good to ward.

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Thanks for reading

So guys this is my first guide and I hope that it is okay. Nervous to see how it goes, but yea. Thanks for reading the guide guys!