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League of Legends Build Guide Author subjugator


subjugator Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Early game

This build is designed to help you push and kill champions early game.

It is best when paired with a melee carry like Yi, but works well beside almost any champion.
Start the game leveling rupture, and getting a dorans ring and a health pot. rupture is a great tool for pushing and protecting squishy champion. Get use to the delay and learn to place rupture either where the enemy is going to be, or where you don't want the enemy to be. If you have a squishy champion getting attacked use it to protect him and help him get away. when you're low health sit back by your turret and use your rupture to last hit minions, this gives you health and mana, and will help you sit out longer outleveling your opponents. If you have a low health enemy turret hugging, rupture can be an effective method to push him back so your melee champion can attack the turret.

Early game scream:
A lot of people level scream late because they find it doesn't have a high damage output, however the damage between scream and rupture are almost the same, it's only the AP ration that varies and this build isn't designed to be an AP build, it's designed for you to tank, which means you're assisting, and keeping your squishies alive, and silence does that very effectively.

Turret diving:
the beauty of this build is even early game you can pull off some impressive turret dives. Almost everytime I hit level 6 I'm low mana, but have 2 enemy champions low health and turret hugging. Here a well timed rupture, clarity, ghost combo allows you to slow the enemy champions, silence them while they're in the air, feast on one to get a kill, and hopefully if your team mate is on to it he should be following in getting the second kill and giving you an assist. after feasting keep running past the turret and into the bushes just behind the tower. At most you should take 2 or 3 hits from the turret and your team mate may get one if he isn't fast enough.

Feasting: Always be aware of where you're sitting in your lane relative to how you use feast. If you are right by your tower, and the likely hood of the enemy making a mistake is low, feast on minions to get your feasts up. Quite often you can tell your lane partner to go jungle while you level up and just defend your If you are further up the lane and your opponent is low health, save your feast for when you want to do that turret dive combo. Remember at level 6 if you land rupture, you're guaranteed to land scream and feast, that's 260 magic damage and 300 true damage (assumeing they are below 300hp) Even if you're against a trynd you should be able to get your scream of so he can't pop his ult before you feast on him.

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Item order

Because of Cho's passive, and the range on his rupture, he can stay out much laonger than most champions. I try to use this to my advantage, saving up for big ticket items. Because of my nimblness mastery, I only get boots of speed first, and normally have enough money left over to get the belt of giant strength. HP is a great early game item because Madred's bloodrazors are so expensive that enemies don't buy them until late game. Once I have completed warmogs (or atleast gotten the ruby crysatl and belt of giant strength, I then complete the ninja Tabi's. I go for Ninja Tabi's because they scale well with nimblness.

Once I have a Doran's ring, Ninja Tabi's and a warmaogs, I start building Force of nature. the first item I get is the magic resist, because by now people are going to realise they have to counter you with Madred's. I love the force of nature because of the added movement speed that will scale with ghost. Because this build isn't a high damage build, the added speed helps you land feast to get kills on enemies. Do keep in mind though that your role is to assist your carries. A kill to them is a lot more valuable than a kill to you, and because you can farm longer you can earn more gold, and you will still earn cash from assists, so don't go around kill stealing with your feast. NOTE: if the enemy team have fed DPS players that aren't building madred's build thornmail before you build force of nature. Thornamil and HP give you a lot more freedom to turret dive, taking very little damage, and can allow a skilled team to score an ace while the turret targets you.

By now, if your team knows how to play behind a tank, you should have won. I have played games with this build where our team had about 15 less kills and taken 1 tower when the enemy had taken 4 of ours, and an aggressive march up the middle allowed us to score an ace, take 2 turrets and an inhibitor, and then go for barron. The last two items are more option extras if the game is dragging on, but should always be items that are designed to counter their most fed champions. If you are owning and want more offence then replace these last two items with attack speed items, or ability power items (attack speed allows you to take down turrets faster and scales with your spikes, ability power stacks with your other 3 abilities). If you find you are getting targeted a lot and keep losing your feasts, get guardian angel instead of force of nature, you can live without the movement speed, and it still gives you good magic resist.

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Mid to late game.

I've noticed there has been a real tendancey lately to send 4 to 5 players down one lane earlier and earlier. The main advantage of having a cho on your team is you can dominate these early game team battles. Don't just run straight into a battle though (unless you have a zeilian that is going to pop his ult on you). taunt their tank forward, but keep retreating until you can pull their squishy champions out. then start attacking the tank until they target you, pop your rupture and run straight past their tank. If it is a DPS champion that you are targeting, don't waist you scream, one of their mages will be dumb enough to run past you and target your squishy champions, when they do this silence them and take them out (or if your team has them you stay concentraiting on the DPS).

If your team is winning, and they don't need a tank in team battles, cho can be a very good lane pusher, but never over extend or try push a turret when you don't know where their team is. with this build you can 1 on 1 most champions, and quite comfortabley escape from a gank from 2 or 3 champions, but rather than risk losing your feasts slip into the brush and do some jungling. Cho's passive, and his feast (which has a relatively low cooldown on it) makes him a good jungler, use this to your advantage, keep getting gold and XP while not pushing, and keep yourself close to where you may be needed. Always watch for team battles, or a dying allie, if they are retreating, run toward them, ping for them to run toward you, and be ready to cast rupture in the spot that is going to save your ally.

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Cho was the first champion I brought, so landing rupture comes naturally to me. It takes practice, and is quite easy to dodge because you can see where it is going to be cast. Concentrate on casting it where you don't want the enemy to be rather than casting it where the enemy is. Chances are, as soon as they hear the noise they will start moving, they can either move into harms way, or away from you allowing you to push more. Also bear in mind that rupture can be cast over walls. A fleeing champion running through shrubs that run around a corner can run straight into your rupture slowing them or possibly even killing them.

Scream's biggest value is the silence, 4 seconds of not being able to cast abilities (at level 13) is a lot! and can take out squish casters very easily. Make sure it counts, don't waist it on a champion that can just auto attack you to death, time it. If you're against a Garen, use it just before you get to 1/3rd health so he can't ult you and get an easy kill. If you're agains a trynd, make sure you use it before he can ult, Ilove watching a fed trynd try turret dive, and silencing him just before he's about to cast his ult. Silence will interrupt fiddles life drain, but remember if he fears you he can drain you while you're feared, you're better of silencing him as soon as he over extends and killing him before the silence runs out.

Remember Voral spikes can be turned on and off, if you are full health and there is only one (or two low life) champion(s) at a turret, turn of your spikes and target the turret. Their turret will continue to focus on minions, and you can take out the turret, or at least get it low life. Just before your 2nd to last minion dies, cast rupture where your enemy is attacking you. just as it is about to hit, retreat. That will slow the enemy champion so you can get away without getting killed without taking damage from the turret.