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Ashe Build Guide by Tryot

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tryot

UNUSUAL ASHE goes 22/7

Tryot Last updated on January 30, 2012
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Hi all.

It is a guide for ashe. It is an unusual build for her, but THIS WORK AMAZING.
Really, I go 22/7.

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The runes are the normal for ad carry, armor pen, armor, magic resist, and attack damage.

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Like the runes the masteries are simple and normal for a AD carry...

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Here is the real difference. In this build you start with a long sword and a, It gives to you an adicional 10 attack damage, and this helps a lot on first blood.
thegives you a great life steal, a great sustentability in lane and a ward to put on river if they have a jungler.
this boots gives attack speed, this boots are really important in the beggining of the game but in late game sell them and buy cause in late game u dont need that attack speed from boots because of and others items...
Then buy and this items gives more attack speed, attack damage, and critical strike...
Next finish your and Now you have an amazing damage and attack speed, but your goal now is get your OP item Then buy ,sell , sell your and buy the boots of swiftness.
Your last item is because his passive is amazing and in this time you will need some health because u are really squishy.

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Skill sequence

The skill sequence is the usual one for ashe maximize yourin lvl 9 then maximize your and your is the last skill to maximize.

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Summoners spells

I take for ashe usuallyand or . This is the most usual summoners spells on ashe, but u can take i love teleport on ashe because u can go base and come back quikly and dont miss your creeps.

But pls DO NOT USE this summoners spells:
- No YOU are Not the support

- I think i dont need to say nothing about this summoner spell

- Another summoner spell you should never use

- You're not the jungler

- You're not a tank

- Definitly NOT

Another summoners spells u can use:
- U can use if u play dominion

- Ignite is a really good summoner spell but i think on ashe he is not really necessary.

- You are not so mana hungry

- Not bad but i dont like really much this summoner spell

- Is a good summoner spell a litle bit nooblike ;p but it works nicely

- Not bad but NAH

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Ranked play

I never use this build in ranked but if u farm well and u have a good support on your team it should work nicely.

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1 of the best carrys in the game.
Have Cc(Crowd Control) the slow ofis really good.
Her is really good to check the jungler enemie, to check the grass and to know when upcoming ganks are comming.
your ulti have a stun and with your ulti u win vs the others ad carry really easy.
Your passive is really good, if u want crit wait until u have 80% or more chance.


1 of the more squishy champions on the game, thats why u have to play deffensive in the beggining.
Always focusing in team fights.

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This is the most important part on ashe or in others ad carrys.
Try last hit ALL, i repeat ALL the creeps because remember 1 kill is equal to 12 CS so FARM, FARM and FARM.

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Team Work

U are really squishy so in team fights they will focus u all time so stay behind your team and let the tanks initiate then focus his ad carry then ap carry etc...
Try stun with ulti his ad carry or the target who have the better damage in enemies team.

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And thats all, i dont have more nothing to say so if you like this build or have a contructive criticism to say post a comment, rate or send a PM.

This is the matchup of the build:

This game takes too long so i sell my boots and banshees veil and buy 2 trinity forces.Dont do that im just stupid ;p