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Vayne Build Guide by GinWinsky

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GinWinsky

[Updated] First Ever Vayne Jg Guide. The new META.

GinWinsky Last updated on November 16, 2017
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Questions answered and some tips:

1. She's very kite-dependant both while farming and ganking, so you gotta have a little experience with some marksman-type champions and how to keep distance.

2. I recommend you getting at least 1 more attack speed item after your core items and 1 more life steal item to increase your survivability in both teamfights and skirmishes. In the order you feel confortable, of course.

3. If you feel like building all 3 remaining itens defensively, you could freely do that, but if you're planning doing an all-offensive build, keep in mind that you WILL die, so make sure you're experienced with her before doing that.

4. My personal jungle clear:
-Red Buff (Smiteless);
-Blue Buff (Smite if needed);
-Gromp (Smite if needed);
-Recall (if needed to recover HP and buy early attack speed);
-Wolves (Smiteless);
-Raptors (Pin the bigger one and insta smite n' kill it, then kite the smaller ones around with the Q;
-Krugs (Smite if needed in the bigger one instantly.

5. You may think to yourself at a first look at my guide: "Why would i build tank items on vayne?". Well, randuin's, my favorite, is very good for kiting and just going after people since in a lane, there are no easy ways to pin a target (that's why i get cutlass early btw). Mercurial scimitar is just so good that i cannot recommend this item enough. The spell sheild helps denying so many feeding from you that it's almost a crime not to build it while jungling with vayne.

6. Why should i pick vayne instead of some more meta junglers like Lee Sin or Vi? How is she good at jungling and what is she good for? Well, vayne, if done and kited properly, can solo almost every jungler in a 1v1 scenario with equal strenght. She has decent kiting with cutlass and tabi's + damage reduction blocks so much it's insane. Also, if you have good skills with her and doesn't do anything dumb, she can really turn into this W spamming tanky anti-tank champion. Also, taking objectives with so much attack speed and W's is pretty easier and since you got lifesteal, it's even better.

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Special Thanks

I wanna thx everyone supporting and enjoying the build. From GinWinsky, Br Servers, Hugs and kisses. xoxo <3