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Urgot Build Guide by DEWO

Other Urgot has no counterpick. (Mid Build)

By DEWO | Updated on July 9, 2013

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TROLLing1999 (49) | July 10, 2013 5:51am
CDR per lvl glyphs are totaly not needed. As you will mainly go against APC in mid you will need that little bit od mres, and with that build you are getting 35% from items and 4% from masteries anyway making it almost capped 39% CDR.

there will be some games when you'll probably need mercury's treads over ionian boots of lucidity so just few words are worth the time
Laggermeister (242) | July 10, 2013 4:31am
Well that's your mistake right there. Before you get tear, you are noticeably weaker in the lane if you start crystal and 2 pots no ward, or one ward no pots.
DEWO (498) | July 10, 2013 2:34am
Well i like to start with sapphire crystal on any spammer mana user. Khartus is not that far away in terms of using skills as urgot. I prefer having a bigger buffor than regen. And it doesnt matter THAT MUCH since as long as you get tear (and that will be very fast) you are mana free champion.

And you know that answers "becouse i say so" are not a valid way to comment on a builds and accualy makes me think that you dont know what you are saying. You might add becouse i dont have time to explain but that would leave us with question why comment at all?
Laggermeister (242) | July 10, 2013 1:13am
Because I say so, period. End of argument.

Sapphire start is acceptable on Karthus for a RoA rush and because he can utilize the extra mana when going all-in with Defile on. It is not an acceptable start for Urgot, spending 400 gold on a flat mana boost which doesn't help you to trade or stay in lane better.
DEWO (498) | July 10, 2013 12:17am
As you probably dont know, I made an "idea for champions" guides/build way back than.
It is here
And it had Urgot in it. I also was using ArP Marks AND ArP Quints. I know the strenght of those runes. But since time has changed, meta got changed etc, i decided to go for AD.
Why? Becouse i know that ArP provides more "theoretical damage" as i like it to call the things you are talking about but AD makes your life and main source of gold easier. Yes i am talking about lasthitting. I often use ArP as well, that is when i know who i am going against in mid and know his/her capabilities. When i know i can feed myself on kills rather than creeps.
Urgot has a very short range, you can farm with Q but i prefer to harrass with it, and without mana regen i wanted to cover that spot with additional AD that makes lasthitting more fluent, easier to execute and less risky (if you miss that little point of damage, and you need to stay in place/move close to land that another one).
Noone pr0 reads the guides etc, so i still assume that ppl reading this need general help so i try to fill that weak spots in other ways than personal skill. This is not ment to be the "best urgot guide of all time and space from now and beyond". It is a build that shows how i play him. And i am doing that quite well from what i've heard.

@ TROLLing1999
I think you need to mention armor pen marks manna regen seals and CDR per level glyphs
1st of all, i prefer Armor seals just becouse i start with sapphire crystal and have anaugh mana to keep me going untill lvl 6 and even beyond. That way i dont need the additional mana regen which will be totaly useless in mid/lategame. I prefer staying a bitsy more tanky that way.
CDR per lvl glyphs are totaly not needed. As you will mainly go against APC in mid you will need that little bit od mres, and with that build you are getting 35% from items and 4% from masteries anyway making it almost capped 39% CDR.

@ GrandmasterD
What do you mean by "Starting items arent strong enough." You mean sapphire crystal start? I take it to have the security of bigger mana pool (in cost of regen but that doesnt matter on his dps mechanic). I prefer to have that reserve instead of waiting for regen to pop on (runes are as i already said totaly unnessesary from like 5min+ when you get your tear complete). That is also why i rush sapphire instead of for example long sword or any other item.
Remember this is mid only build, and by saying that i dont agree with utility > offense. I would agree if this would be a adc build. It is heavy early game focused since urgot looses a lot later in game that is why you need every single damage output early game to be able to harras strong enaugh.
" Also what's the point of Gauntlet? Frozen Heart is way stronger." Why? Apart the health ofc. I take Gaunlet for that little bit of bonus damage from normal attacks for mid/late game. His normal attacks pretty much sux, and by building gaunlet I try to cover my weak point. With his Q spam, gaunlet will trigger on cd, and those basic attacks that come in naturaly between Q will get that little bit of boost (also boosted by muramana) but why am I even writting this. I know it is a wall of text but srsly has anyone even read what i wrote? Mallet is only for slow and that is not the main purpose of the item choice, just becouse i can slow with W active. And i dont need that extra health etc. So i prefer gaunlet over mallet in any way. I would rather take Trinity than mallet.

@ GoshGolly
"Runes are wrong, Masteries are wrong. Title is wrong"
Aaaand you sir are providing so much information... on nothing. Let me say this way:
Runes works, Masteries work, Title is just a ****ing title. I would call it "Urgot the forgotten Yordle" and it would be wrong too... so what? As i already wrote up there somewhere, i dont believe in something called "counterpick" in this game. I make fun of that all the time. But it has some truth behind it since you know... or probably dont if you comment like that, that laning against Urgot is extremaly hard no matter who you will pick.

I can partialy agree that the itemisation isnt cheap but as beeing a bitsy ADC and the tactic i suggest (consisting harrasing and forcing base ports) will let you farm quite easily with a bit help of the most flamed thing in this build, ArP Marks. Other thing is that I made this guide consist items that can be gathered very easy since they consist smaller (also very usefull) items like Tear/Brutalizer/Sheen/Vamp scepter. Those items are not that hard to get, and they already provide you with stats that you realy want. I dont force you to farm 3 BF Swords in 1st 15 mins of the game. That would be expensive. You can also gather those items realy piece by piece and still benefit. There is no blank item, no "fillers" etc.
Inefficient? Why? a blind assumption? Tried it? I dont know. Why you think so?

"If your not making a guide then don't post it here."
Let me guide you to a little place called Rules.
Show me anything that says i can't. I made this for a friend mainly as you know, and posted here becouse i want to contribute to the community itself. I never cared about scores etc as long as the things i write would help at least 1 person in getting better on a champion. Maybe this requires a similar set of mind to work but there is no "THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE AND CORRECT GUIDE OF ALL TIMES".
I want to do it. I made it. I posted it. If you are not interested in build (and that is mentioned in this "WRONG TITLE" that this is a BUILD not a guide, than why did you come here in a first place?

@ Laggermeister

Well did you read it? Did you read at least the title? let me say it this way:
"This is only a build, not a guide. Keep that in mind." - 1st sentence in the description. Not even copy-pasting the title itself. I could just leave it blank, and not get the downvote from you? Dont get it.
I am here long enaugh to know how you work Lagger tho. ;)
ArP issue is described above. Read that.

"No one starts sapphire crystal. Faerie charm is the correct start."
I do. I do it also on Karthus. And i can even say that I am not the only one that does so. This is not MLG-pr0-gaming-extraordinare, but works. And those pro builds require something called skill and are based around creeps, when you get 2-3 kills TOTAL after 30min of the game. Normal/Ranked games even in Gold/Plat/Diamond dont often look like this.
Why is fearie charm the "onle one and correct start"? Why is sapphire whe "Wrong choice"?
Laggermeister (242) | July 9, 2013 10:56am
Voted -1
Downvoted for extreme brevity. Armor pen reds are stronger because Q scales with total AD rather than bonus AD. No one starts sapphire crystal. Faerie charm is the correct start.
GoshGolly (7) | July 9, 2013 8:31am
Runes are wrong, Masteries are wrong. Title is wrong, Items are expensive and inefficient. If your not making a guide then don't post it here.

If your giving tips to a friend I would recommend you add some cheaper items that he/she can fall back on if they aren't snowballing or are falling behind.
GrandmasterD (531) | July 9, 2013 8:19am
Voted -1
Starting items arent strong enough. Runes require armour pen rather than AD since Arp works incredibly well with his % armour reduction. Also, utility tree most likely beats offence. Also what's the point of Gauntlet? Frozen Heart is way stronger.
TROLLing1999 (49) | July 9, 2013 6:45am
i think you need to mention armor pen marks manna regen seals and CDR per level glyphs
DEWO (498) | July 9, 2013 6:37am
Xerath. Not an often pick i must admit but i've played against him. The deal was that range is accualy huge but also he makes himself quite stationary. The deal is that Urgot even if getting poked he can quite heavily poke back. Xerath is squishy (even tho he gains armor via ap etc) it is easy to let 3xQ take 1/2 of his hp. If you are able to survive his harras 2 times you can grand yourself a kill.
The thing with range is true. But if you let him do what he wants to do.

You can get outplayed by any champion tbh. I just named that becouse it is fairly common to see ppl crying "aaah you are sooo gonna be counter picked" etc. I believe that there is no such thing as well. It is harder or easier. All depends on the human siting on the other side of the cable :)

It is just a "title" of the build :) not a 100% sure statement :P But you have to admit that it is hard to lane against Urgot with practicly any champ.

The top poster "badge" was given to me by Matt in 2010 when forums were accualy still crowling. When there was not "Post meter" etc. I had about 800 or so comments made on guides even before forums were created (i can lie here since i had no indicator on this one) and when soon after i was still like 99999 posts above any other person... i was just quite a social guy back than :D

It is a custom thing, you cant get it in any way, just like the titles (mine is Mr. 401 as you see becouse that is the number of the account and Matt used to test out things using my ID number a lot, and as far as i know he still is doing this :D). It basicly stands that the 401st account created was my account and your is 330158 :) And i believe the number 1 is Matt account :P well, you cant beat that :D
mastrer1000 (134) | July 9, 2013 6:16am
i don't agree with the no counterpick thing(i don't htink counterpicks are that important anyway, but that is another story). someone like xerath who outranges you should be able to keep you far enough of him at all time in lane.
what is this top poster thing you have btw?
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