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League of Legends Build Guide Author Periphetes

Urgot - I can has find the Jungle Book?

Periphetes Last updated on January 13, 2011
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Chapter 1

Welcome to Urgot - I can has find the Jungle Book.

For a less advanced Urgot guide, see my other one here:

1. Intro
2. Item list
3. Playsyle
4. Tips
5. Masteries, spells, skills and runes
6. Itemization theory

1. Intro

This is a guide to successful Urgot jungling. I do not suggest you even try this build unless you are an extremely advanced Urgot player, as you can rarely miss shots on the creeps and be successful, and your ganks are completely dependant on skillshots.

The reason this works is because of Urgot's passive, which reduces the big creep's damage by 15% as you farm. Corrosive charge is a necessary AoE that puts Urgot at a good damage rate on the smaller camps, and Wriggle's Lantern keeps him up. You will find many times to gank, and fortunately most of the time your opponents will underestimate you and be easy targets. The mid-late game items are based on my already amazing mid build, so this isn't just some ridiculous theory, it's the early jungle that is the only weakness/change/strange idea.


2. Item List

(early entries are based on what you should be buying on each base trip)

Cloth Armor+3 hp pots
Madred's Razor + Health Potx1 or 2
Wriggle's Lantern+Health Pot
Boots of Speed
Tear of the Goddess
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Last Whisper
Trinity Force
Hextech Gunblade
The Bloodthirster to replace Wriggle's Lantern (if you care)


3. Playstyle

Early game jungle:


If you see an easy gank (200 hp near the bush) or something and it's near enough to you, go get it. You might have to base for mana or hp, but it's ultimately worth it.

This is the only truely advanced and difficult part of this build. Basically, all your runes and masteries have to be exactly like above or it won't work. You can trade some mp5/lvl seals for armor or dodge seals if you want, but they aren't needed.

During the early jungle, kite the slow melee creeps.

You should use two health pots to clear all the small camps, and then one health pot on blue golem.

Start at mini golems. Smite one and kill it fast, then kite, auto attacking between acid hunters and attack-moving (it's tricky). You should end up with max 3 bars down, but if you did well then only one bar down and no health pot used.

Go to wraiths, corrosive charge them all, and kill orange ones first. Acid hunt blue only. Have a pot going.

Corrosive charge wolves, acid hunter on the small one, should get them down. Recall and buy a longsword.

Go to blue, kite it a little at the beginning only, use smite, spam acid hunter, use your pot, should be easy to get at 3. You will be level 4 at 5 mins into the game. You can either gank or red, whatever you prefer. It's pretty much open-ended from here, just try to keep jungle on farm, get madred's razor fast, stay higher hp etc. I usually gank a couple lanes until jungle comes mostly off cooldown and lay a lantern at dragon.

And thus ends early game jungling.

Mid game:

Gank gank and more gank. You can farm any time minions are available (lanes or jungle), but if you have manamune+boots you should rarely get farm time. Most of my matches don't last past Phage. Heal if you're below half hp, via EITHER base or OR killing mobs for lifesteal. Most of your lanterns should go on bot river, particularly in the lone bush above dragon since you will be killing dragon every time he's up. (you will need lantern+tear+level 7 to do it)

When teamfights are occuring, you will want to only harass. Unless you're sure you can get in and kill some people and live without having to run away, keep your distance.

Late Game:

There's no real formula here, you just counter what your opponents are doing. Wards+lantern everywhere if they're jungle ganking, push if they are letting you. If you pulled off this Urgot guide you shouldn't need much help at this point. The main thing is to never die, there's no excuse to do so with 15-55% lifesteal.


4. Tips

-Corrosive charge on the ground gives you sight for a short time, use it to preclear bushes.
-Have Blue rune buff in every teamfight if possible
-Acid hunter can lock on through fog of war if your mouse is over them.
-Acid hunter's range (even through fog) is about equal to kog'maw's rank 2 ultimate, if you can lock on.
-Don't chase for early kills (-9) unless it's a sure thing.
-Use Corrosive Charge and terror capacitor to open, then hit with a few acid hunters and if possible auto attack. Getting the acid hunters down is slightly difficult. Once you can chain 3 acid hunters you will hurt a LOT.
-Terror capacitor slows activate upon acid hunter's HITS. This means you can activate it while a missile is midair to add a slow.
-If you need to spam dps, just keep hitting acid hunter and auto attacking. Use other skills if they are up and you have the mana.
-You can use your ult to catch runners.
-Shoot acid hunter at minions while killing turrets to take advantage of the trinity force damage.


5. Masteries, Spells, Skills, and Runes

Offense by Tier:

Utility by Tier:

Summoner spells:
Ghost and Smite always.

Skills by priority:
Max Ult
Max Acid hunter
2 points in Corrosive Charge
Max Terror Capacitor

Skills by exact list:

Arpen marks and quints
mp5/lvl seals and glyphs

Optional: Armor or dodge seals.


6. Itemization Theory:

Wriggle's Lantern: The item which holds this whole build together. Without this, there will be no early Jungle. It's pretty **** in lategame so we replace it.

Manamune: Infinite mana and 74 AD for 300 more gold than a BF sword? Yes please!

Boots of swiftness: Movement speed makes it easier to land ults and harrassment, plus makes escaping very easy. Under some occasions you will not need/want the movement and pick up other boots.

The Bloodthirster: Tons of AD we need for taking down carries in 2-3 shots, plus Lifesteal to keep you laning well after your opponents have backed.

Last Whisper: Should be an obvious choice, this item makes it possible for you to harm tanks in any way at all.

Trinity Force: This item really puts the "got" in "Urgot". Everything about this item is great once you already AD stacked into oblivion (the more AD you have the less each point is worth, so grab other stats).

Madred's Bloodrazor: If the enemy team has at least 3 players with more than 2.5k health (or 200 armor), get madred's bloodrazor instead of Bloodthirster, then replace your Manamune with Phantom Dancer (full exchange).