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League of Legends Build Guide Author Imagayrobot

Urgot, My New Favorite

Imagayrobot Last updated on September 5, 2010
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This is the build I have currently been using for Urgot, and it's worked out well so far. Any input would be well appreciated.

I'm going to assume that most of the users of this website know how LoL works and what the character abilities are (which I think is a safe assumption), so let's dive right in!
Summoner Spells
To start off, I love ghost. I've experienced a lot of success with it because of its versatility, especially with Urgot, since the one area he is extremely lacking in is escaping. It also doubles as an offensive ability, covering the distance betweeen you and the deuchebag you're killing :D. Flash is also a very viable option; I actually started out using flash first, but traded it out for ghost pretty soon after. Just personal choice.

I chose ignite after testing with a few others because I was getting frustrated *******s barely getting away from me when the would run to a tower. It always seemed that my DoT was wearing off JUST as I fired the acid hunter to get the kill. With ignite it gives the extra reach to finish off the runaways. Obviously this is more of an early game ability, but I find the earlier I dominate, the better the late game turns out.

Build Choice
The reason I went with an attack speed/damage build is because I wanted my regular attack to be just as threatening as my acid hunter/NCC combo. And honestly, it works out extremely well. I like the fact that, even though I don't hit as hard as an Urgot is capable of, I still hit hard enough and fast enough to go balls deep in a shaco and come out on top (pun intended). It's comforting to know that if I run out of mana I'm still a threat to the opposing team. Attack speed and damage make you just as dangerous to tanks as you are to casters and dpsers, ESPECIALLY with Madrid's as a first weapon. I've found that with this build I can 1v1 almost anyone on the map.

Item List
As a first choice I get Doran's blade for the extra hp and LL (the 6 damage is just a plus). It's a solid first buy and can keep you in the lane a lot longer if you're getting harrassed. PRO TIP: DON'T FORGET TO BUY A HEALTH POT!!! I HATE when I forget to buy it.

The zerker greaves are interchangeable for merc treads or swift boots, depending on your play style and the team you're up against. Zerkers are the best choice obviously for the attack speed.

The bloodrazor is a MUST as a first weapon, giving you boosted attack speed + damage, and giving you the balls you need to really push in side lanes. And plus, how can this be a bad item choice?

Guinsoo's Rageblade is REDICULOUS once you have madred's and zerkers. It seems like everything just falls in front of you, and your TC gets boosted when you cast it while you have 8 stacks from the rageblade, so late in the battle when you really need to get out, just pop the TC and run.

The rest of the items on the list are interchangeable and can be bought in any order; the most important items are the bloodrazor and the rageblade. I would suggest buying them in the order I have here, but feel free to experiment. Like I said, feedback would be amazing.

Early Game
If you buy the doran blade, Urgot comes out of the gate with 666 hp (lol), which isn't exactly squishy. Don't be afraid to push into enemy minions to harrass with Acid Hunter and your DoT. I have experienced a few minor problems with mana early game with this build, but since you're going for a more versatile build, I don't find this to be too big of a problem. As soon as you get 920 gold go get zerker boots (I usually get boots around level 3-5, depending on how the game is going). Early kills and ganks are EXTREMELY important to keep you going thru the mid and late games strong, so be as aggressive as possible in the side lanes. If you are mid, be a little more reserved since you have a couple "cushion" levels between you and everyone else. You'll be making more money in mid since you have a greater chance to get those last hits on minions. Again, if you see an opportunity for a face-raping, don't miss out on it!

Mid Game
This is my favorite section of the game, and also where I get most of my kills. By this point, acid hunter should be level 4+ and you should have bloodrazor, making the damage pretty nuts (especially with its CD time). The best advice I can give you is ALWAYS have lizard buff. Golem buff is good too, but lizard buff really gets there when it comes to chasing down low hp enemies. When team battles start, pick out the opposing team's best dpser, and ult the **** out of them. I recommend popping TC before ulting and ghost after just to get out of the tight spots. Once the dpser is down, you can pretty much take any other teammate one on one, including tanks thanks to bloodrazor :D.

Late Game
By this time rageblade is in full effect, and you probably have either the mallet or ghostblade as well. I would suggest getting mallet first just for the health because quite frankly, Urgot is kinda squishy in the late game. Mallet makes this not as much of a problem And makes you hit harder, which is never a bad thing. There's not really much else to say; Urgot is more of an early/mid game character than a late game dominator, but if you had a good early game, a GREAT late game will follow; trust me.

Other Important Info
If you look at this build's stats, you think "wtf, this Urgot can't hit for ****", which is true. And honestly when I first tried this build I thought the exact same thing. But the fact that your attack speed is so high, especially with rageblade, it changes the game up. You don't have to hit like Mohammed Ali to win games. Can Urgot be built to do 350+ damage? Yes. I just wanted to try something that was a little out of the ordinary and found that it was fun and it works. I encourage people to try this build out and to make changes where you deem necessary; let me know what you come up with so I can try it out. I like the way this build works and I think the people who try it will enjoy it too.