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League of Legends Build Guide Author fesxeds

Urgot, the Green Terminator of Doom

fesxeds Last updated on May 18, 2011
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Hey, guys! This is my first guide on MOBAFire, so please be nice ;)
First of all, this is an Urgot guide. He is one of my favourite champs and i think he is a very good one too.
I'm sorry that i don't have screenshots of my stats with Urgot because i like playing different champs every game :( Sorry about that.
Btw, please don't be trolls and downvote me for idiot reasons, ty ;)
In this guide, I'd like to begin with pros and cons

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Pros and Cons

-he is a very good ganker with his ultimate up
-he excels at harrasing enemies
-high-damage ability with low cd
-he has a very useful shield that can slow enemies

-he requires skill-shot
-he is a bit squishy at the beginning, without his shield

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Many of you must ask me "Why did u begin with Doran's Ring?! What's wrong with u?!". I don't say that this is the perfect item for Urgot at the beginning, but this is my own build. A meki pendant is a very good choice too, but i like that +100hp from the Ring.
Brutalizer gives me the armor pen and cdr i need early game and i use it in youmuu.Frozen Mallet gives me some more survivability, damage and an useful slow if my shield is on cd.
Manamune is a very useful item for Urgot, providing damage, mana and mana regen, all needed for a true harraser.
The last two items are optional. I choose Infinity edge and bloodthirster, but u can also use any high-damage item, like black cleaver or madreds if they have a tanky team.
These are my RECOMMENDED ITEMS for u, but u can use any other items.

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Skill Sequence

The most important skill for Urgot(in my opinion, ofc) is Acid Hunter(Q).After i max it out, then i max out the Noxian Corrosive Charge(E) for the extra-damage and armor reduction.Don't forget ur skield(W)! it's the key for killing someone, cuz it has a very nice slow.
Of course, the ultimate(R) is a high-priority for me. It is the skill that makes urgot a TRUE ganker and it is very useful in many situations cuz it has a nice slow too.
Again, this is MY way of building urgot.I dont say this is the best way, so u can build him any other way.It's just an opinion, so dont think i consider myself a PRO-player and any other players that don't build urgot the same way are noobs, cuz it isn't.
Btw, urgot's q can be used to kill stealthed enemies(such as akali in her smoke bomb), just by holding the mouse near the location of the enemy (ofc, just if they are affected by ur e).Isn't it great? :D
This can make people sometimes ragequit saying "WTF IS THAT F***ING OP CHAMP???? I WAS STEALTHED NOOB HOW COULD U SEE ME????? IT ISNT FAIR, URGOT SHOULD BE NERFED FOR THAT, SRSLY........................" or something like that :) , so have fun!

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Summoner Spells

For Urgot, i choose ignite and ghost. Ghost is very good for catching enemies and using ulti after that. Ignite can be a very useful tool. U can use it on enemies with low hp to assure that they wont escape. Also, many people don't think urgot can deal that much damage, so they will try to fight with u 1v1. U can use ignite then to deal an additional damage to them and deny the opportunity to heal and kill u with 100hp.
Again, these are my opinions. U can take any other summoner spells u want, cuz i made this guide just to give all players an idea about urgot and what he can do.

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As i said, urgot is one of the best gankers i know with his ultimate ready.
U can start a gank with ur e and then followed by multiple acid hunters and then (in most of the cases) ur enemy will want to retreat, BUT ur ultimate is ready and u can use it :D. After u use ulti, try the same strategy as before: E + multiple Q uses.
Don't forget to use ur shield for that slow, so u can harras the enemy more before u use ulti.
Ur passive, Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter helps u very much, cuz ur enemies wont deal that much damage when ur attacking them.

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I like playing urgot mid.Played well, he can pwn (nearly) everything on mid.
I start harrasing at level 2, when i get my e. When u hit the enemy with it, u use q multiple times.
The real fight is at level 6. I get my ultimate ready and if my enemy is below 50% hp (or something like that) i swap places with him. My ulti is useful also, cuz it gives me some armor and magic resistance, that i need in an 1v1 fight.Use the same strategy at the "Ganking" chapter: E + multiple Q uses. Use ur shield for the slow or just for some damage absorption.

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Mid and Late-game

Urgot's strategy is the same: E + Q , W and ur ulti.
Now u should have the survivability and armor pen u need to pwn newbz.With ur insane damage ur now a real TERMINATOR.
Urgot's ulti is very good for team-fights so don't forget to use it, cuz it may change the fate of a team-fight!
U just need to stand out of the fight and spam e and q.Use ur ulti wisely, cuz it will get u in the center of the fight and u might be killed easily.
Don't rage and don't chase enemies u know u can't catch just cuz they escaped with less than 10% hp because all their team might kill u if u go too far from ur team.Try to stand united and kill their entire team(ofc if u can :D).

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So, this was my urgot guide...I hope u liked it and it helped you in ur urgot playing style.