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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gulpy

Urgot: The ICBM Launcher

Gulpy Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Alright so this is my first build, so bare with me.

Early Game: You completely devastate the battlefield for the first 10 minutes of the game. If you're mid, use your Charge to harass the other mid. Splash him with it and let the DoT do its thing. Then let your Dorians ring go to work. Once you have about full mana again, splash the apposing mid again. If your opponent is being especially aggressive, just hang back until level 3.

At level 3, it's time to start killing. Let the enemies push a bit towards your tower. This gives you enough room to get your missiles off. Once they are adequately close, hit them with your charge, pop your shield, and let the missiles fly. All the while right clicking the opponent as well. At this level, Urgot is a mana *****. So this is why we have clarity. I've also found that a decent mid will try to run you down when you're low on mana. Conserve your clarity. When they make a move, hit the F key and there you go. You've got a kill.

I believe it's pretty obvious that when you have your ult. Use it to try and switch your opponent into your tower. But if that can't be done, just remember your ult gives you extra armor, magic resist, and slows your enemy. So if you find yourself in a bind, you can use your ult to try and juke your chaser.

Mid Game: You still shine during this time. By now you should have your Phage and boots at least (if not your frozen mallet). Try to keep mid pushed back to it's tower, then do your midding duty by ganking top and bottom.

Late Game: This is where your shine starts to dull. Later in the game, you simply won't do as much damage as you were early and mid. Your role has switched from Ganking God, to Crowd control master. In team fights, you want to find the squishiest DD possible, put him into your team, and finish him off. After killing at least one DD, retreat behind your tanks and use your charge and missiles to harass the others. If you are required to fight at turret, that's all well and good. Simply switch yourself and an enemy (Yes, you'll be by their turret most likely taking fire), but this is when you shield yourself, and flash out. If your flash is down, still shield yourself and try to get behind a tank. You should have plenty of HP to take a few hits from their DPS.

Urgots Primary source of damage is his missiles. While his charge can do decent DoT damage, it comes no where close to the epic missile poundage. Once you work into mid and late game, you will find your basic attack is also a good source of damage; given you have the Black cleavers and infinity edge.