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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chopstiq

Urgot-the one hit wonder! (pls read before rate)

Chopstiq Last updated on August 27, 2010
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First of all i want say sorry for my english^^ ahh yes and comments ;)

I pick allot of items i know, but i did it only to show you that you can pick from much items.

First of all i want explain you allt the items.

My first item is dorans ring . it gives all you need, health mana reg and lil bit ap ;)
An other way is dorans blade great to but in my oppinion is the ring better.
Or you pick meki pendent and build a Chalice but this way makes your IMBA strong early lil bit weaker, later its a very nice item.

The second item is bots. I didnt want to say which bots you have to pick , i look which opponents i have. But this 3 from up are the boots i choise.

Next item and very nice is Shen. I saw so much Urgots and all this builds and no one pickes shen..... why??????? That item is so uber good! It gaves you 250 mana! i would buy it only for the mana buf, Ugot go so fast out of mana..... And the 80 percent extra dmg after cast is pretty good! I think Shen is an must be item for urgot..... but ok
after Shen you have many choises. First is making trinity force wich is not so good i think, but not bad! i buy very often the brutalizer its cheap ;) and gives you some ad. but i nice items is the Bulgwater Cutlass. if you lane alone its perfect! you have lifesteal and ad and the slow^^ you can harres you opponent pretty good!

only count shen + autoatack +q skill+efeckt off bulgwater Cutlass. thats ncie dmg and you can keep atack he is slowed ;) it works nice

This items are all cheap, if you have more money and the game runs good buy a black cleaver! nice dmg and armor pen. After this i make my trinity force for hp and move speed ^^ the game must be over after this if not look what you can buy , maybe randuins omen is nice too

Now to the runes

Red- armor pen best , now better item
yellow- mana reg at lvl 18, in my oppinion best to cause you will feel hom much better the game runs with this runes, you will need that mana.... you will! and this runes are very cheap 200 points only^^
blue- hmm i dont know what are the best i have the couldown redukt per lvl but only cause i dont have the mony to buy new runes, that doesnt mean that they are bad. I think next i will buy the blue mana per sec at lvl 18 runes you need mand did i say this?^^ So chois which you want more from the blue mana or couldown botha re nice.
the big runes are armor pen or mana or move speed. it think the big runes are all very good her are no best choise what you want. Ive got 2 armor pen and 1 mana^^ dont have the money


cause you play an dps champ!
if you think that archaik knowledge isnt for dps urgot you wrong!
why put this point in Alacrity for 1percent more atk speed, when you can get 15 per magic res reduktion.... your e skill will do good job with it^^

the 9 in utility gives you more mana , in my oppinion better then put them in defense skils.


i skill at the beggining Corrosive charge nice farm low mana cast nice dmg at beggining afteronly q and once w, q cause the ncie dmg with e and w is nice to block some dmg if they harres you

Try to play very offense and attack attack attack! you do so nice dmg at early try alst hit get money!

That was my build pls vote , comments pls all. Good bad! say what you think then i new whats wrong^^
i will make the build better, with picks dont have much time now