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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author infinity

Urgot you killed me from how far!?

infinity Last updated on August 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Now this is my first build so go easy on me, this build is still in the testing stage so feel free to give feedback.

Urgot is a very interesting champ, early game he starts off appearing to be a sort of DPS champ with all his rocket spam. At second glance though you start to stop doing such tremendous damage around the end of mid game. This is the point at which you need to start picking up your tank items. This build is based around the idea that you will pick up some kills early but be more of a tank late game.

Urgot's Skills

zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter (passive): Urgot's attacks reduce the damage that his target deals by 15% for 2.5 seconds

Urgot's passive isn't really noticable at all, but whether you notice it or not reducing the enemies damage just by hitting them is a great benefit.
Acid Hunter: Urgot fires a missile towards the cursor dealing physical damage. Missile-lock can be achieved by holding the cursor over target afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge.

This is your main attacking move with its high range and damage when used in combination with noxian corrosive charge. This ability is great for chasing and also just great for grabbing kills.
Terror Capacitor : Urgot charges up his terror capacitor to gain a shield that absorbs damage for 7 seconds. While the shield is active, Urgot's attacks and missiles slow targets.

This is great to have when an enemy is escaping because of its slow effect but it is also excellent when using your ulti so you dont end up being killed in the process. The shield wont block much until the later stages of the game though to dont overestimate its capabilities
Noxian Corrosive Charge : Urgot launches a corrosive charge at a target location. Enemies afflicted by the charge have reduced armor and take magical damage over 5 seconds.
Acid Hunter is able to missile-lock onto target affected by Noxian Corrosive Charge.

This is the skill that will help you do great damage with your missiles. Save this until the enemy is standing still and then hit them with it chasing them down with your missiles. This move is also decent as a sort of ignite skill with the enemy is low hp as the damage is dealt over 5 seconds.
Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser : Urgot charges up his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, gaining armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds. The target is stunned for 1 second before swapping position with Urgot. After the swap, the target is slowed by 40% for 3 seconds.

This is the skill that makes urgot such a useful champion. This skill will allow you to almost always get a kill if used correctly. The way it should be used is to draw an enemy into your whole team OR if your laning save it for a chase. Weaken the enemy then when they begin to try to escape immediately cast your ultimate and take down the rest of their hp. These i find are the two best ways to grab a kill.


These are the items that you should pick up through out the game. Although there are some items that you may want to pick up based on the enemy team.
If the enemy team is heavily caster oriented instead of going for a blood thirster you can always go for a quicksilver sashwhich not only gives you magic resist but also allows you to remove certain debuffs with its active skill. However if your in a situation where the enemy team contains only 1-2 casters and there are some big damage dealers you can always pick up a sunfire capebefore you grab a banshees for the extra armor and hp.

Summoner Spells


Exhaust is a great skill to have with urgot for one huge reason: chasing. If you can slow their nuke and use your ultimate to warp them into your team that could give you a building. Exhaust is also great for slowing them down so you can get as many rockets shot at the enemy as possible while they are housing your corrosive charge.


Flash is just an all around great skill to have. The two main things that you will use flash for are escaping an enemy attack, or chasing an enemy down. One strategy I use for chasing is if i see my teammate chasing someone with low hp and it appears they will escape as they are near a tower is to flash through a wall and use urgot's ulti right away. If done correctly the ally that chased the enemy to you should be able to easily help you take down the enemy champion.


As seen above the masteries i use follow a 9-21-0 build.

Taking exhaust and cooldown reduction in offense for early game kills and speed. Cripple and sorcery are the most important for you in offense.

In defense i take armor and magic resist as well as dodge, readuced minion and physical damage as well as a speed increase upon dodging an attack. Now your going to want to take veterans scars as it gives a nice little hp boost. All of the skills mentioned should be max level as this will allow for you to skip a level on defense and go straight to tenacity. Which is all around a great tank skill no matter how you look at it.


Now what i did for the runes pretty much follows the main idea of the rest of the build: early game kills and late game survivability.


You want to take greater mark of desolation in your marks rune section as this will greatly help you pick up kills. Most champions (average not tank or super squishy) will probably have around 30 armor to start with or so. If you can penetrate all or most of that armor your acid hunter will be much more effect early on and armor penetration is also good in any battle situation as well.


Here you wanna grab something to help your status as a tank grab greater seals of defense. Your going to wanna grab the ones that give more at level 18 due to the simple fact that you dont really need tankiness until late game so these work great with the build to help you out in defense.


Once again grab something that will help your late game tank status. Greater glyph of shielding is great since you grabbed some armor already and it also adds more once you really need it; late game. Overall a great rune to have for casters late game.


These are the big runes on your rune page and they give big bonuses too. I find it best to pick up greater quintessences of fortitude because they give you 100 hp total. You have a huge advantage if you start with 100 more hp than your enemies and 100 hp late game doesnt hurt your survivability either.


Early Game

Start off by picking up your meki pendantand a health potionand head to the bottom or top lane. Note that if your team wants you to solo it really doesn't make much of a difference. Play careful until level 2 and just try to last hit as many minions as possible. Once you are level 2 you can start to harass the opposing champion(s). Use noxian corrosive charge when they stop moving and follow up with rockets. Continue this process until you get low on hp and need to go back or you are at 1500 gold. Either way pick up your chalice of harmonyand your boots of swiftness(Or just regular boots if you dont have enough gold). Return to your lane until you are level 6 and then return to pick up your brutalizer(if you received alot of kills in the first phase pick up a B.F. swordif not leave it until last and prepare to enter mid game).

Mid Game

Mid game is the point at which you should start building urgot's tank items. Remain in your lane and try to last hit lots of minions, while continuing to harass the enemy champs. Participate in any ganks and defend your tower until you have about 1200 gold then head back and pick up a chain vestas well as a null magic mantle. At this point you should be around level 10. Continue the laning and ganking process, try to push a tower and head back once you have around 1500 gold and once your around level 14. Purchase your guardian angeland prepare to enter the end game phase.

End Game

By the end game phase team fights are starting left and right and you should be about level 15. Your main job here is to ulti their champ that is the biggest threat right into your team and kill them. Still try to last hit minions and get what kills or assists you can. Once you have 1400 gold head back and grab your catalyst protector. Continue to ulti the opposing team's threatening champs and kill them and push what towers you can with your team. As soon as you get 1500 gold go back and get your banshees veilthis will help greatly when using your ulti as it will block a spell. At this point continue to get kills with your ultimate and push towers until you win the game. (if the game continues work on a bloodthirsterin order to help increase your damage).

Thanks for reading, all feedback appreciated, I will take any tips to careful consideration in future updates!