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Ashe Build Guide by HCPatton

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HCPatton

Vampire Ashe

HCPatton Last updated on April 24, 2012
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Rune Build

The rune build is slightly weird, it mixes a bunch of good stuff but makes ashe even squishier. It gives ashe alot of flat attack damage and attack speed which when combined with Doran's blade at the beginning should give atleast 25 damage added on to ashe. That might not sound like a lot but at the beginning using her volley, one will absolutely harass/dominate opponents. The runes will also give slight armor pen. and crit chance which will come in handy.

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Beginning game

This will be the most difficult part of the build. You have to make sure that you stay back and volley until they are weak enough for you to flash in and get a kill. Then team up with your lane partner and dominate the last. My personal suggestion is to get volley first followed by frost shot. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE FROST SHOT BEFORE attacking at the beginning, this will make sure that no enemies can run fast enough to get away. It will also allow your teamates to get the second kill and will help when you gank.

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Item Build

This is the most important part. Some variations might have to happen depending on how your opponents are building. First off is Dorans blade for a good beginning game. Followed by boots of speed, which mixed with frost shot, should make you fast enough to catch opponents. IT is ESSENTIAL to get atleast one if not two B.F. Swords. Which at this point should make you very OP. Next is the stuff that people complain about. Boots of swiftness instead of beserkers because the slight attack speed is not as good as the movement. Then Cloak and Brawlers gauntlets which will give fairly good crit chance at about 18:00 minutes in. This will hopefully make every fourth shot do about 390-450. with your regular doing about 200 or more. Next is finishing up I.E. which will make crit and crit damage even better. Crit damage should be close to 670 now. Next is finishing Black cleaver (only do this if there are high health/high armor people) Black cleaver is good because of the passive and the damage+attack speed combo. by now you should be doing almost 300 AD and 1.4 AS...hopefully. Next is going Executioners calling which has an amazing passive (especially against yi) that acts as your ignite late game. It is also the highest lifesteal besides a fully stack bloodthirster. Plus the high crit chance is a must. GET EXECUTIONERS!!!!! By now you should be late game/already won. You do massive damage, good attack speed, and good crit/lifesteal. Bloodthirster is the last thing to get, since its only good once you stack it. The one you should decide on is Phantom, the crit and AS are good but i prefer damage over AS beginning and sometimes mid game. Usually my build gets Phantom sorta mid/late mid game. Which will guarantee crits every shot. At the end game you should be doing 300 AD with a 900 Crit thats guaranteed to crit every shot. Frozen mallet will slow opponents even more, with frost shot you should have no problem doing a 1V1 or even a 3V1.

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Mid/Late game

Im combining since both are about the same. Let allies start battles, hawkshot alot to avoid ganks. Hiding and ganking will guarantee kills since you can get off 3-4 frost shots before the enemy gets in range and by that time he will realize he is screwed and when he tries to run thats when your frost shot will dominate him. When you get the kill you need to RUN. Its guaranteed when someone 1V1 another person that people will already be trying to gank. Running away then using hawkshot a few seconds later can maybe give you another kill. When returning to battle after recalling if not using teleport, run through the jungle and take out all the head creatures to gain some money. plus it will give you good buffs. Only use frozen arrows when hurt people are running away and you know either you cant catch them or enemies are about to gank. This will guarantee the kill and allow you to get ready for more enemies. DO NOT try to skill shot. This is an amazing ganking ability or finisher and wasting it is pointless. When recalling make sure you use this, it will be cooled down by the time you get back into battle.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a must for ashe. Use frost shot to slow run past them flash behind them and then they will have to run your way or your teamates, this is the most valuable things ever. Other choices are heal, teleport, or cleanse. Cleanse is good against alot of champs with stuns and can get rid of ults, but teleport can help get ganks by using wards and can get you into battle quickly. teleport is also good by putting a ward in the baron bushes late game, when the enemy team goes to attack him, teleport to the ward, and then slowly take them out or steal baron for your teammates. Your call on whether 2-3 kills is worth it or if Baron is worth more. Smite and Revive are pointless.

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I DO NOT use volley when farming, it uses a bunch of mana that is essential to ashe, it should be easy enough mid game to kill minions in 2 hits. This will farm them fast. Thats basically all their is to ashe farming.

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Ashe is a good carry but never get to far away from your teamates. Running is hard with ashe since she is slow but play bots and get good enough to learn to run and volley behind you at the same time. This will definetely help to get away but not guaranteed. Remember that ashe is best when ganking or with an ally. ASHE will DIE if she starts the fight, everyone goes to her for good reason, Ashe needs to stay back and attack anyone close and when you see the enemy team try to break up then run into their side flash and pick up the remaining kills. This will seem pointless because the team will focus you but they will be so weak that your team will get the kills. If your die but 4 of your team survives with an ace, IT IS worth it. I hope you like the guide and hopefully it helps you build a great ashe. Good Luck and have fun.