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Build Guide by SlapJack McGee

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SlapJack McGee

Vampiric Twitch - And you thought Life Steal was bad?

SlapJack McGee Last updated on May 31, 2011
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Introduction: Vampiric Twitch

Hello and welcome to one of my favorite builds in LoL, the Vampiric Twitch. This guide will shed light on the not so followed "Twitch with LS" technique. Having played over 500 games with him, twitch is my favorite Champion and I'm ready to pass what I know to you, the reader. I have personally used this build many a time and I highly recommend that you show this to any Summoner who enjoys Twitch

What sets this build apart from at least 95% of the other Twitch builds is that Twitch players not only are encouraged to use LS, but relish in the fact that you'll be able to take hits like a tank and return a ridiculously overpowered amount of damage at the same time with over 80% Life Steal! that's right, OVER 80% LIFE STEAL!!! You'll be making Vladimir's Transfusion seem like a prick of the finger in no time

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Lingo Dictionary

There are some words and phrases I will be using that maybe a few people might not know. I will put them in here for reference.

AS: Attack Speed
Cc (Big C, little c): Critical Chance, not to be confused with CC or cc (Crowd Control)
Cd (Big C, little d): Critical Damage, not to be confused with CD (cooldown)
FP: Floating Points. It is the points in masteries that you can move around to maximize help of your spefic champion
LS: Life Steal. It's a wicked awesome ability you get from items
Over Extending: The moment(s) that you can potentially be ganked easier while you are further away from your turret
Going 3's: Playing a 3v3 match
RDPS: Ranged Damage Per Second
RHC: Ranged Hard Carry. A ranged DPS champion who is very item dependent. Not to be confused with RHCP, a great band to listen to
Vampiric Twitch: A Twitch with a lot of Life Steal
Summoner: (no brainer) it means you guys

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Runes - Making Love with Alacrity

Let's start by building the back bone of this Vampiric Twitch monster. Since this build you will see is lacking AS, it's encouraged to have a setup of mainly AS runes to help kick start the massacre that will happen.

For Marks, Cc is a good thing to have for harassing and for help on last hitting minions. Glyphs and Seals are always going to be iffy on a twitch when it comes to anything that isn't AS. What about added armor? I'd rather kill faster than be killed a little slower. And mana regen? Hell no. Extra 5.8% cool down for your Expunge? Don't even think about it.

Quintessences are what separates the men from the boys. These bad boys make your opponent's life a living Hell. What I usually do is ramp AS for stacks and to pop off an extra crit or two. If you are more of the harassing kind of twitch, Cc is up your ally. if you want to scare the snot out of your opponents early game and create another holocaust late game, saving up for the Cd is worth every single bit of IP

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Masteries - DPS with a Hint of AP

For Masteries, I do the traditional Offensive/Utility tree combo with a very slight twist. Instead of the traditional 21/0/9, I take the last point from Utility and get a FP. This point I put into either attack speed (big shocker) or into the "Burning Embers" in the Offensive tree making it 22/0/8. I will explain in "Summoner Spells" why this is a great choice if you do choose to put it in "Burning Embers"

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Items - 88 - 106% Life Steal!

Now for the fun part... building a twitch with over 80% LS, but still having enough fire power to decimate Summoner's Rift. We start of with our little buddy Vampiric Scepter at the start of the game. You don't have to worry about AS or damage right off the bat, your runes have already taken care of that. Getting Vampiric Scepter will maximize your laning survivability against harassers. A RHC shouldn't be over extending, so the need of boots, in my opinion, is out of the question.

When you go back, get berserker's greaves to ensure you have your 1+ AS at a low level. Next is the Executioner's Calling. Besides having a badass name, This is one of the best diamonds in the rough that many people look over. LS? Check. Cc? Check. A passive ability that deals more damage and makes stealthing impossible for the other person? check. An active ability that only a few champions and ignite have that screws over Warwicks, Irelias and Heal noobs? Check. Make it cost under 2000. Check. That's right folks! If you order today, you can get your very own Executioner's Calling for only 1 easy payment of 1600 gold! But wait, there's more! Since you are reading this build, I'll let you have the Executioner's Calling for only 1350 gold. Call Now!

Back to the LS. Next we get Starks Fervor. This little doohicky gives you a decent amount of AS and LS, but there's an awesome thing to it. It has an aura where it helps your allies and screws over your enemies a bit at the same time! who wouldn't like this thing?

Time for the big hitters. These are the power punchers that make Twitch into a killing machine. One of my all time favorite items in the game is the Blood Thirster. At full power, this baby has the most LS and second most amount of damage for an item IN THE GAME. The number one damage item in the game is the sword of the occult, but the Blood Thirster stacks are much easier to get since you can kill minions for stacks too. This thing is so awesome that we must have 2 of them for the build. 200 damage and 50% LS for 6k? I'll take it.

Last but not least, we have the grand daddy of them all, the Infinity Edge. Even though it doesn't have LS, we still have use for it. With 80 damage, 20% Cc, and 50% more Cd per crit hit, it's definitely worth having it. Good news too! it is no longer the most expensive item in the game.

There is only one problem with this build, and that is cost of gold. This build is running you about 14.5k (which is still a lot lower than I see from other builds) and in normal 40-50 minute games, you'll only hit around 12k-13k. If the game is going quick, or if you are going 3's, then you can substitute the godly Infinity Edge for another Executioner's Calling. you sacrifice the bonus damage and 2% crit for having your LS become 106% instead of 88% and having a build that costs about 2.5k cheaper. It brings the total to just over 12k, which is definitely manageable.

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Skill Sequence - Pop Lock and Drop 'em

My play style is get all 3 abilities the first 3 levels, no matter who I am playing. When I play Twitch, I am more of an actual lane partner and not some guy who goes stealth every 5 seconds. I get expunged first, so it maximizes getting first blood... or at least an easier kill. What I do when I get to levels 3-5 is start stealthing a bit to get the bonus AS for pounding stacks into your opponents. I use Debilitating Poison around the second or third hit, to make sure I get get the rest I need for maximum stacks. When I reach 6 stacks I let expunge do the dirty work for the kill, or assist. There's no way someone is gong to take 6 hits, about 30-50 damage from poison, and get hit with an ability that does 30 + 100% AP + 120 (with 6 stacks from a lvl 1 expunge) without running for the hills or winding up dead. The more AS you have, the more hits you can do. The more hits, the more stacks. The more stacks, the more damage for your nuke. Now you know why I have so much AS in the beginning

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Summoner Spells - 4 Different Strategies

I tend to use Summoner Spells that can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

The top 4 spells for Twitch:

  • Exhaust: want a weak retaliation or to catch up to someone? this baby works like a charm
  • Ghost: Speed is always good
  • Ignite: This can be godly with twitch, I'll explain below
  • Flash: jumping over walls, getting out of ganks, getting in range for expunge... so many uses, so little time

Other ones that are good with twitch include:
  • Heal: He's so damn squishy!
  • Clarity: Good for when you feel like spamming expunge
  • Clairvoyance: People love to gank Twitch, so it can be a life saver
  • Rally: Why not add some beasty damage in early game and pump up your expunge even more?
  • Cleanse: Because CC pisses everyone off

There are 4 ways to play twitch, and there's a selection for each style

Aggressive Twitch: Ignite and Rally work so well for Agros. When you get the masteries on these 2 spells, they create 30 AP for your expunge, deals 70 damage while you can still be stealthed and you get to deal 10 more damage per hit adding to about 230 damage... at level 1!!!

Strategy Twitch: exhaust and flash work great with this type of Twitch. Easy first blood with exhaust, then flash to safety

Cautious Twitch: Always paranoid that you will inevitably get ganked? The Clairvoyance/ghost combo should come in handy for these types of players

Survival Twitch: more of a last hitter, this twitch would want to lane a longer period of time, so clarity and heal could make that possible

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Play Style - Ghillie in the Mist?

Most guides don't tell you overall how to play twitch. Though I support the notion that everyone plays Twitch their own way, I'll give you some ideas and tips to improve your gaming abilities with him.

Early Game:

Lane Phase -
this is the most dangerous time for Twitch. Starting with a little over 400 health is definitely a disadvantage for him. Have no fear! You still can be a powerful ally here. Most Twitches I'v played with/against love to spam their Q (Ambush) in order to pop off an extra hit or two with the bonus AS. I am strongly against this idea. It is a waste of mana and it will make your opponents more inclined to buy oracles or even worse... vision wards. Save your Ambush for when you really need it.


So I can't stealth early game? Then why the hell am I playing Twitch? Easy, you have a great nuking ability that only has a CD of around 7 seconds! It's a great harassing tool that if left unchecked, would lead to your enemy's demise. Using your Dibilitating Poison will help you a lot early game with putting in the last of the stacks before unleashing the full power of the Expunge.

To minimize ganks, I usually put a ward in the bush that is closest to me in the river. People love to hang out there for ganks, so if you ward there, you'll see them chilling in the bush. They'll be missing out on XP while you are still able to harass and last hit. For more warding places, look at the "Wards" chapter

Roaming Phase -
This phase is optional, but is strongly recommended for higher ELO players. At around level 6, I b to base while my enemies can still see that I'm recalling. This can either make them more inclined to attack, or make it seem less suspicious that you'll be roaming. Once I'm back, I buy at least 4 wards and place them in the primary locations (see "Wards" for details) and push mid with the solo and jungler (if any). After a couple minutes, head back to your lane. Your lane partner will be missing you

Mid Game:

Gank Phase -
also known by my friends and I as the "Soggy Waffle" phase, this is where Twitch can become very powerful, very quick. Go stealth, have your main CC (like Annie or Amumu) initiate the fight, then have your tank rush in for taking damage. By this time every enemy is disoriented, so it's time for you to use your Ulti for what it's worth. The most important thing to do is to line up your shot. This can be the difference between a terrific gank, or a complete dud. Once you have shot 3-4 times, use your Dibilitating Poison to slow down the damaged foes and wait until you can get either 5 or 6 stacks to perform the coup de grĂ¢ce with Expunge.


If you do, you will most likely die a horrible flaming death. You may have Berserker's Greaves, Executioner's Calling, and Stark's Fervor (4,820 gold) by now, but that's still not good enough to solo tanks. Make sure after ganking lanes, you push and you push hard! Too many games I've won from the enemy team not pushing... Sometimes my team even having as little as 1/3 fewer kills than our opponents!

After pushing a bit, re-Ward the river with vision wards and play Whack-a-Mole with your enemies and enemy turrets. Basically push for like 15-30 seconds, stealth, go to a different lane and push. Rinse and repeat as many times as you like, just be wary for team fights and campers

Late Game:

For late games make sure to be in the middle of your teammates to prevent being ganked from the front or back. This will ensure either survivability, or an easy kill for your team if they do choose to target you. If the **** hits the fan, stealth to safety then pop back and kill the stragglers or over extenders. If you play him correctly, you wouldn't have to worry too much about not having a Banshee's Veil on you. If you do experience a lot of CC coming at you, either trade your Berserker's Greaves for a Banshee's Veil or a Cloak and Dagger. I would personally pick C&D, because you recieve added Cc, the Tenacity affects multiple CC spells, and you only lose 5% AS.

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Warding - Ward Me Up Scottie

I've made a simple map to show good places for wards. Here are the different warding places

Laning Wards - The green dots with the red cross-hairs. These help prevent being gank from the side or behind. If you do not have the opening behind you, you only need to put the one ward in the river bush

River Wards - also known as primary wards are very useful to the whole team. They are indicated by a red dot inside of a green dot. They prevent ganks, make chasing enemies easier, check bushes, and even keep an eye on the Dragon and Baron. Soft casters should ward the river within 5 minutes of the game starting. You can take control after they expire

Mid Wards - The black dots inside the green dots. These are placed to help prevent mid from being ganked. These are not as important as the Laning or River wards, but they do help

Jungle Wards - These bad boys help spot Junglers by being placed in high traffic places inside the Jungle. They are represented by yellow dots inside of the green dots.

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This build is 100% original, because it was created by months of playing and tweaking by me to make it just right. With this guide, you'll be able to kick so much *** in so little time. People may laugh at you for having 88% lifesteal, but when you join the team fight, everyone will be amazed at your damage output. Good Luck and play more LoL!

If you have any questions you want to ask straight to me, add me. My Summoner name is SlapJack McGee. Be sure to vote this up if you think it is a good build. Once again, I hope you enjoyed the first build I made public