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Varus Build Guide by Dynos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dynos

Varus Build. Survive, Kill, Recycle

Dynos Last updated on June 15, 2014
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Offense: 23

Legendary Guardian

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Hi, my name is Dynos and I'm Platinum I in solo Queue.(I'm an ADC main as well!)

If you go to ranked stats you will see my stats as ADC. Just proving my identity :3.

So the reason I decided to post this build on MOBAFIRE is that I'm tired of people in Solo Queue and random players saying " Varus is not viable". I'm here to tell you that he 100 percent is. Varus requires a good amount of skill especially if you play him as Legolas. If played correctly, he is one of the best adc's out there(in my opinion at least :D) So now that you're here, let's get started!

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So why Varus?

Varus is definitely one of my favorite adc's to play because of his in lane pressure and his Q. Every time I hit one Q and take 400-500 damage from an enemy ,leading to their death or incoming death, I cry on the inside thinking I'm Legolas. His utility is probably one of the most useful in the game. He can reduce healing in an area with his hail of arrows(E) , poke with his Piercing Arrow(Q), his maximum health damage with Blighted Quiver(W) , and his initiation with Chain of Corruption(R). It brings me joy when the enemy team underestimates me with their tanks and assassins but with the correct positioning and W stacks you are set and ready to roll.

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Runes + Masteries

It's fairly standard and is explained on the notes. Same for masteries as well.

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So the first item is Doran's blade , health pot, and warding trinket. Now on your first back it absolutely depends on if or if not you have enough gold. This depends on your farming skills and/or you get a kill. If you end up not farming well and not getting any kills you're going to have to hang on and grab Vamp scepter and/or boots . If you did end of doing well in farm and/or kills you can save up for B.F. Sword and vamp scepter or boots . Your next item you want to aim for is Bloodthirster and Berserker Greaves. Blood thirster gives you ... once again.. TONS OF DAMAGE. Berserker Greaves gives you attack speed on your W AND YOU KNOW you want them stacks, right? Your next two items is going to be Phantom Dancer and Last Whisper . My reasoning behind Phantom Dancer is that it's passive is beautiful for Varus as well as the stats. Phantom Dancer's passive is that you can walk through units meaning that you won't get blocked by champions and minion blocked by minions. Because of Varus's kit, having no escapes is a pain for Varus and even worse when you get blocked dancing around the fight. The stats is also good on Varus as it provides with Crit Chance, Attack Speed, and Movement speed. Last Whisper is for penetrations if the enemy team decides to build against you. You already have magic damage with your Quiver(W) and Hail(E) but why not do more damage with basic attacks?

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Banshee's and Guardian Angel

Whew! That was long. Oh wait, there's more?!?! Now you might be thinking, what is he thinking? Having two defense items on ADC is madness. If you don't then I'm sorry <3. The logic behind this reasoning is that Varus already have amazing damage output with his W stacks and his Outrageous Q damage(500 with Q alone at Level 9(IF you have Bloodthirster that is) but 600-900 damage with W stacks at level 15). The defense items are perfect as it provides favorable stats and long lasting survival ability late game. So if your positioning isn't pro level, you have mistakes to spare as you will survive your mistakes. Banshee's Veil gives you the power to block abilities meaning it can be used to avoid initiation abilities such as Ashe ult or Leona stun, or give you a good amount of health with magic resistance. It also nullifies some pokes dished out by the enemy team ,say a Nidalee for example, would be absolutely annoyed if you get Banshee's Veil . Now the Guardian Angel is meant to keep you alive TWICE so if you were already giving them hell then why not do it twice? Plus it gives you favorable defense stats.

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Skill Sequence

Okay so leveling up your E first as your first ability is good as it gives you AOE damage and is easier to hit. You don't grab your Q until level 3 because your W will give you bonus damage early meaning in early fights should go in your favor.(as you well give off massive damage outputs) some would say that you should max your W over your Q. Now I beg to differ. For me, I max Q because it deals massive damage if fully charged or even half charged. W gives you more damage IF you manage to get all your stacks on that one person.It already provides good enough damage level 1 so leave it at that. In the end your W will hit tanks like a truck with it is initiated and your Q will squish the squishies.

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Chains of Corruption

Let's take a look at Varus's ult shall we? On basic knowledge his ult, if hit correctly, it can snare 5 champs. On an analytically side this occurs due to who ever get hits first. So let's say Nidalee was hit by your ult, you will see these tentacle-like things reaching out on the other champs. Those are the chains that, if it hits a target, will snare them, and like dominoes it will do it again to nearby champs but as you very well know that you can only be hit by this once. So I'll bring a scenario into play. Varus fires ult unto Nid, snaring her, 2 chains reaches out onto Xin Zhao and Garen. They get snared but the chains continue onto the back line and snare Thresh and Lucian. Like Dominoes, they will all collapse to the Chains of Corruption.

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Flash is standard for most but heal can be contested with Barrier. You see, Heal gives you health,movement speed, and health for your nearby allies when used. Barrier is a shield that blocks incoming damage favorable only to yourself. Heal wins!

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Pros / Cons

Thought this was over? Hah!


    Laning Phase
    Good Against tanks

    No escapes
    Relies on positioning
    easy to push

I don't know what more can be said about his cons.

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Farming/Unique Skills

So here's farming. Varus has a unique passive that gives him bonus attack speed on minion kills and much more on a kill/assist on a champion. Farming at bot lane with this passive can be quite difficult as you will have to kill the temptations of constantly auto attacking. The good side to this is that if you were to kill a minion and engage in a small fight at bot you would have the advantage as you would have the bonus attack speed. This is a hit or miss but if you don't kill that temptation you can deny your opposite lane in farm with your harass but that would leave you susceptible to ganks. I play Varus as passive/aggressive. In other words, if your support lands a solid cc in my range I follow up, if not I farm.

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To wrap this up I want to say thank you to whoever came to read this guide. I hope I was of use in helping you out! Varus is a great champion with great utility. In the hands of a great player, he will be a great asset to the team. Feel free to ask questions below and I will check occasionally to answer them! Good Luck and hopefully I'll see you on the fields of justice.