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Varus Build Guide by rantamies

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rantamies

Varus Carrying Solo Ranked's

rantamies Last updated on May 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my 2nd guide on Mobafire and i know you will like this guide, at least after trying it!

Varus is AD champion that has it all, and is pretty easy to play after understanding how the skills work, but it's a really hard champ to master and can take some time.

By the way, this guide is meaning to be easy and fast to learn, so I'm going to skip adding all those "cool pictures" and I'm not going to explain things that should be already known. After all this is guide how to dominateRANKED GAMES!!!!!

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Why to pick Varus?


+Insane Damage
+Long range skill shots
+Has AoE Root
+Has AoE slow
+Can reduce enemy healing done
+Does % damage
+Easy to kite with
+Grate for harassing

-Dies if gets focused
-Item based champion
-Hard to master

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Runes, Masteries, Summoner Spells

Offensive Masteries are best choice when playing AD carry, because its your job to pop that insane damage because your the main damage dealer in team.

"Defensive" runes, give you that early game sustain which lets you farm longer and makes your laneing phase a lot of easier.

Flash/Heal summoner spells are pretty standard these days, because it gives you the survaibility that AD carry hardly have.

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The reason i start with this, is because you don't always know how good your support will be, and after all in ranked games the winner is usually that guy with more farm, and it gives u that sustainability that you require.

This item is grate, its cheap gives you health, attack damage and some lifesteal. And that's what you want to get so you could farm more easily getting. Making your laneing lot stronger!

Pretty standard boots for AD carry, gives you more movement speed and attack speed, making your last hitting more easy, and your harrasing comes more effective.

Same thing here as in those boots, just not as good. It also gives you crit chanse, but i hate to build it to AD carry hoping some crits to pop here and then. After all, this is skill based game, not luck!

Yey! More damage and lifesteal! Makes your farming and laneing a lot of easier, making your enemies even scared now, when you actually start making real damage!

Movement speed and attack speed are crucial for AD champ! Especially for Varus! You need those both so you can kite more easily. And what else? Increasing your damage output.

Gives you more Attack Damage and that Armor Penetration! You got to love it! Doesn't matter how much AD you have, when your opponents have stacked armor like hell!

And this item many of you might question. Well every AD needs something that help 'em staying alive and i think this item is grate for it! It gives you a lot of health and slow! This item helps you kite your opponents and helps you chase 'em down after they realize they don't have chance against you. This is also grate item for securing kills.

Imho, you can build this item after Zeal, anytime you want to!

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Early Game

Early game is pretty much farming and harassing in every ranked game. Just try to out farm your opponent, making some damage to em. Wait for opportunity to kill your opponents. And be careful of those junglers, especially those who gank at level 1-4. Its real important not to die as AD carry in first few minutes, because in those first minutes, lanes are usually won.

And because of Varus has so huge range in his abilities, you aren't junglers first choise for gank.

Its also pretty important not to push your lane, because that leaves you as easy prey.

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Mid Game

If all go as planed, you should make pretty decent amount of damage at this point and because of ultimate Varus has, its important to get in Team fight no matter what! You can snare whole enemy team in one place securing 1-2 easy kills, which makes 'em to play defensive, which gives your team opportunity to take Dragon, Baron or Tower

Remember to farm! And alot! You are only farming too much when the enemy team is at your Inhibitor or at your Nexus.

Take Red buff as usually as you get it, because you still don't have that Mallet, and you need slow for kiting your opponents.

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End Game

This is the phase Varus shines the shiniest in my opinion. One thing that makes the main difference between good carry and bad carry, is your position and making sure you stay alive.

Your ultimate doesn't let enemy team to focus you down first, and you don't have to relay on your team mates to keep you alive, because when you hit that ultimate and position yourself right, your team mates are taking the damage for you, and you can focus taking enemies down one by one...

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To Reader

This Guide was pretty short and that's the way it should be! You shouldn't have to read 30-50 minute guides before you start playing a game. And remember, this is just the way i play it and what i love about this game, is you can make the most insane and ridiculously sounding builds, and they still can work! Every player has own unique game style and that's how it should be!

I hope this guide helped you and made your opponents day little bit worse, because that's the reason we play now days... To make everyone else feel like ****!