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Varus Build Guide by MonQueh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MonQueh

Varus: Lane Control

MonQueh Last updated on July 30, 2012
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I've had a lot of negative feedback as apparently my Varus build doesn't conform to the 'standard' Varus style. I've decided to post it up so that others can have a go, or perhaps just slam it straight out

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Pros / Cons

This is based purely on my own use and my own observations...

  • good early control in lane
  • AOE farm
  • fairly quick build
  • designed for sustain
  • good late game burst
  • quite flexible

  • low HP, susceptible to quick ganks
  • limited to one specific role

I'm sure there are many things I've not considered, but this is my take on things.

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The items in this build are a a little flexible, I always swap out Frozen Mallet and its earlier build for Hexdrinker > Maw if the enemy team is AP heavy.

It's essential to have the Dorans Blade from the off it often remains in my build until the last as its so well balanced for sustain.

Boots of speed as a must as the secondary item, Varus is so easy to jump on why allow the enemy team any extra time to do so.

I attempt to raise my attack speed and damage in equal proportions, If anything building Zeal before B.F and then Bloodthirster.

Only after I've secured Zeal and a Bloodthirster will I go for Infinity Edge.
Depending on how aggressive the enemies are and how much attention I draw the last part (build from Long Sword > Frozen Mallet) can be exchanged to an earlier priority for the additional HP.

If I find that I'm not being targeted as a primary target in team fights I'll relegate defence over an increased offence opting for The Black Cleaver as a topping to my already very yummy cake of raw damage.

As a last alternative: if I'm taking lots of punishment I'll swap for Thornmail against AD heavy teams.

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I'll say outright, I have only a limited knowledge of how to 'perfect' runes. Below is what I use, but I have a standardized AD rune page which I use on many characters.

9x Greater Mark of Desolation
Maximise Damage, never a bad idea with an AD character.

5x Greater Seal of Alacrity
4x Greater Seal of Vitality
I know I'll get told off for mixing but I find the tiny boost in HP is often enough to make the difference from being dead and getting away I assume most folk would go for 9 Alacrity runes, if so, then so be it.

7x Greater Glyph of Celerity
1x Greater Glyph of Knowledge
1x Greater Glyph of Replenishment
Again, you can cuss and swear if you so wish at my blatant mixing, but the Celerity buffs up the auto attacks the other 2 help keep up the sustain of mana driven abilities.

On to the Quints
1x Greater Quintessence of Alacrity
1x Greater Quintessence of Deadly Wrath (Desolation for the normal folk...)
1x Greater Quintessence of Vampirism
Once more, mixing things together, I like to round out my build, While I realise I miss out in the min/max effects of stacking together appropriate runes, I don't much care, it's just how I do things...

It's not pretty, but this is taken directly from my rune page:

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I've no idea what to say here really, AD champion, lots of additional damage effect in the masteries with two token defence points. I didn't really *plan* this part in any way. Feel free to pick it apart!

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Skill Sequence

Quite simply this is the part which most people I've played with rant about, my skills choices.

My reasoning:
I take the following sequence for 2 main reasons.

  1. maximize damage in early game.
  2. Control Mana Expenditure for better in lane sustain

There is a third point but its more of a side effect:
It seems the early and consistent upgrade of 'Hail Of Arrows' allows for really great farming and is a great aid to getting away from early ganks using it to slow down incoming threats.

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Summoner Spells

Why these spells?

The early advancement of Hail Of Arrows all but negates Exhaust as an option.
The item build is specific to life-gain and lane sustain, so heal is moot.

really there's little point to any other *support* spells simply as Varus is often away from the main grouped combat, this build is all about artillery.

Flash: great for a chase-down for that all essential last hit. or as a ZOMG! spam to try and save yourself from nasty enemies trying to punch your pretty pretty face.

Teleport: the less time you spend wandering about the better, the whole point of my build is to be in lane causing damage, or to get to the fight to start lobbing arrows in. I've found that early use allows me to level up to 6 well before my opponents in lane, and having even a small edge is a benefit.

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Creeping / Jungling

The Hail Of Arrows skill makes farming groups so easy, until level 7 I tend to stay in lane, at Level 5 I might start to take Golems as an extra treat, generally getting last hit is very easy so gold and xp mounts up nicely.

As a general thing regardless of how anal the teams dedicated Jungler is I try to get a few feeds on Red buff at around Level 8/9 and will try to go via jungle whenever possible to pick out extra's as I go, again Hail Of Arrows makes this process so easy especially with Blighted Quiver.

Whenever possible I try to get the blob feeds at top or bottom lanes whenever they've been abandoned long enough that a nice blob has built up (usually from level 10 onward) these blobs can be cleaned out in next to no time especially as at this point I usually have my Zeal or Phantom Dancer.

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Team Work

As I stated elsewhere this Varus build is all about the artillery, engage with auto attacks await a team mate to '*go in*' to take the brunt of the damage, stack auto attacks for Blighted Quiver and then unleash Hail Of Arrows.

If the target survives or is replaced with another enemy prepare to move away checking range with auto attacks. I try to stay just far enough away that my auto's are out of range and taking step forward to take a shot then back off again.

If full team fight develops hit the Chain Of Corruption for crowd control, use Piercing Arrow to harass from extreme range. Always back up from team fights, using Hail of Arrows get breathing room.

I tend to get caught out by only a few operating this way, and often If it is late game I can out sustain all but the most beastly