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Varus Build Guide by annihilator24

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author annihilator24

Varus - The man-vayne

annihilator24 Last updated on May 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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My name is annihilator and I present to you my Varus guide. Most of what I know about AD carries I learned from chaox, and I strongly recommend you look at his guide when he releases one for Varus. Varus is a very interesting champion with mechanics that excel both in lane and in teamfights. His strengths are early in the laning phase as well as mid-late game. I lave

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Pros / Cons

Pros -
Extremely good in lane
High harass
aoe slow and snare are excellent for teamfights
extremely strong early - mid game
skillshots fairly easy to land
dominates lane with high damage

Cons -
Starts to fall off very very very late game against ad's like ashe
Relies 100% on skillshots
No escape
No hard cc outside his ultimate
Easy to focus in teamfights

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Greater Mark of Strength
These are my preferred marks on Varus for a variety of reasons. At the moment I like to run flat AD marks on most of my AD carries. Very early game the +9 AD you get from these runes is invaluable for trading and last hitting. Varus has very low base AD, and I like to supplement this as much as possible. Another reason I like to run these marks is because Varus' abilities are so overpowered in lane that he needs all the early game advantage he can get for trading.
greater mark of desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
An alternative to flat AD is armor penetration. These runes are good on varus to help supplement his mid-late game play and to get a little additional damage in lane early. They are not quite as good early as flat AD, but will scale better into late game. Take these if you are fairly confident in your last - hitting and ability to win your lane.


Greater Seal of Resilience
These are the only seals I ever consider in a bot lane. Taking these will give Varus 30 armor at level 1, reducing incoming physical damage by about 25%, which scales better as he levels up. These seals are incredibly versatile on any AD carry, and help with both trading, tanking creep waves, and taking reduced damage from jungle ganks.


Greater Glyph of Warding
Similar to your seals, I like to take Glyph of Warding for early - game dominance. It will reduce the damage you take from the enemy support (most if not all do magic damage), and take the edge off abilities and mage ganks. Also it helps for early teamfights when you may not have any defensive items yet.


The only quints I will consider on Varus are flat AD. His extremely low base AD (46 at level 1) is among the lowest of any AD and it is absolutely necessary you bring these quints.

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Masteries for Varus are fairly self - explanatory. You will always want to go 21 in offensive for the bonus damage, armor pen, and all other offensive perks. Varus is a long - range champion and will not be taking much damage during teamfights (if your tanks are doing their job correctly) so there is no real need to go deep into the defensive tree. However, you may go 9 into defensive for for more early - game dominance. Personally, I like going 9 into the utility tree for mana regen (gotta love to spam them abilities) and increased buff duration with . Other than that, not a whole lot you need to know about masteries. Simply go 21 offensive and make your own choice on the remaining 9 points.

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This section will go over all my favorite items on Varus, and when and why you should get these
In my opinion, one of the best items you can buy on almost any AD carry. Depending on your lane you should try and rush IE as this will allow you to dominate in early teamfights, last hit without any problems, and trade with the other AD. The 25% crit and 250% crit buff this item gives you are invaluable in teamfights and this item is the core of all your damage. While is also very good early in lane, Infinity Edge should be your priority in most situations.

The best item in the game for giving flat AD and sustainability, you may want to Rush BT before infinity edge or phantom dancer. However, this item's huge strength is the massive sustain it gives and I find that with a you will have plenty of sustain up until you start fighting late game. A champion with IE and vamp scepter can better trade against a champion with a bloodthirster. However, this item is excellent if you are getting zoned in lane or just need the extra sustain in teamfights. You should make this a priority after

Last Whisper
This item is almost completely useless in lane. Please do not buy it until laning phase ends and the enemy team has a lot of armor. I would recommend against building this item if the enemy team is not building armor as you will benefit much more from flat damage or attack speed. However, this item is OP as heck late game when you need more dps against enemy tanks.

Phantom Dancer
This item is extremely good on every AD carry and combined with will have you critting every other autoattack and hitting like a truck. I recommend building this after infinity edge, holding on to a for most of the laning phase. It also gives increased mobility which is an absolute necessity for teamfights. Make this a priority after your base damage item, either or .

Guardian Angel
I would make this item a priority as late game as possible especially if you are being targeted in teamfights. This item requires you to die TWICE. Late game it can make the difference between a won and lost teamfight, victory and defeat. However, do not abuse this item by thinking you can be as aggressive as you want. It is only to be used as a last resort. Depending on the enemy team comp you may want to defer to getting .

Banshee's Veil
This item is extremely good in certain situations. It can be preferable to GA if the enemy has unavoidable CC like or echanted crystal arrow. Also, get this if you are having problems against the enemy mage. Magic Resist and survivability are OP. Banshee's shield is even more useful.

Quicksilver Sash
Get quicksilver Sash against teams that have a or a team that has other really good single - target initiates. A qss can be extremely useful if you use it right. However, you have to actually activate it so it is generally for more advanced users.

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Summoner Spells

Bring it. End of story. This is the most overpowered summoner spell in the game for AD carries, and since Varus has no escape this summoner spell will save your life in teamfights and allow you to position yourself where you can do the most possible damage.

This summoner spell can be really good on Varus because he loves to chase down the enemy champions and since your opponents will most likely be bringing this summoner can be very useful. Generally better if you have a support with heals such as , or a very aggressive lane such as .

This summoner is extremely useful for baiting, saving your support, providing some much - needed health in teamfights or saving yourself from last-minute damage that would otherwise be lethal. As varus already has healing reduction with his I would recommend bringing this summoner with flash.

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Abilities / Skill Sequence

As Varus is a very new champion many people are still experimenting with the damage on each of his abilities. I will explain my reasoning for the skill sequence I recommend, and am certainly open to comments and guide modification.
Living Vengeance
Varus' passive helps a huge amount early game with getting last hits, and is very good in teamfights as you get assists and kills (40% AS in teamfights can be huge). Try and keep your passive stacked constantly while in lane, and use it to trade against enemy laners.

Piercing Arrow
This is the ability that allows Varus to do so much damage from such a long range. This ability has a longer range than caitlyn's Q, and can be used for in-lane harass as much as you want. However, this ability does slow Varus while you activate it so be very careful about using it in teamfights. I like to stack and detonate the stacks with an instant or a fully - charged one. Keep in mind the longer you charge this ability the more damage it does, scaling off your attack damage. I like to take on early point in this ability and max it last, generally only using it for detonating blight stacks. I don't like to max this because as Varus is a bursty AD, holding down Q instead of autoattacking with put you at a huge disadvantage.

Blighted Quiver
This ability is what makes Varus who he is. At max rank, this ability does 5% magic damage per stack, dealing 15% upon detonation with three stacks. 15% magic damage is huge especially in bot lane where magic resist is generally not a priority since the AD is dealing most of the damage. Make sure that if you do stack this on an enemy, detonate it. It is useless otherwise. Nothing pains me more than watching a Varus stacking his blighted quiver on an enemy then walking away and doing nothing about it. These stacks will actially last a fairly long time, so you will have plenty of time to detonate them.

Hail of Arrows
This is the ability I generally like to use to detonate blight stacks. It is very hard to miss, and slows enemies inside it. Makes it excellent for chasing enemy units and ensuring no pesky will mess with your kills. This is a huge source of burst for varus early game, and I like to max it second after blighted quiver.

Chain of Corruption
DO NOT INITIATE WITH YOUR ULTIMATE. This is not an ashe ultimate. Once you use it people will quickly spread out destroying this ultimate's potential. That being said, is excellent for controlling teamfights. Get your team to fight in the jungle as much as possible, because this will allow Varus ult to be more likely to hit 5 people. I like using this ultimate to hold down the enemy tanks / initiators after a teamfight begins, keeping them away from your carries long enough to kill one or two. You can use it as an escape (it is excellent for this). I also love to use this in conjuction with Solar Flare or Crescendo for mass in-lane cc. Easy kills and ganks can be set up with this ultimate. It is incredibly useful.

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Miss Fortune - You cannot trade with this woman.
Ashe - She scales better than you late game so do not let her get there.
Sivir - A good one will spellshield your abilities so you will never detonate blight. Doesen't mean you cant beat her, but be more careful.
Kog'Maw - Just more damage.
Ryze- every short range ad's worst nightmare

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Supports to Run

Supports I like to run with Varus (First best, last worst)
Obscene amount of damage in lane, your lane will instanly become a kill lane at about level 2. Leonas passive with Varus' abilities and leona's cc just destroys the enemies in lane. At level 6 you have enough cc to kill them within the duration of Leona's ult and Varus' ult. It is simply ridiculous

Same reason as leona, but Alistar post - 6 is often unkillable. Everyone loves the cc.

Very good support, extreme amount of damage past level 6. Much better with sivir, however. He is a nice support because he helps do a lot of damage without having to commit. If you want to have a more safe kill lane, run a taric.

If you want to play extremely safe, Soraka is always a good bet. The mana will allow you to spam your abilities all day long, but she doesen't have much in the way of damage, so I prefer to run other supports to take advantage of Varus' early game.

There are many other good supports to run, but I have just covered a few of my top favorites specifically with Varus.

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Laning Presence

Varus does a ridiculous amount of damage. The more you remember this the better you will do in lane. He is one of the only champions that is able to trade with ashe level 1-2 and destroys ranged supports. Be careful of leonas and alistars. You have no escape. Autoattack enemy supports as much as possible to proc your blighted quiver stacks.