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Varus Build Guide by CortVermin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CortVermin

Varus, the purple bean farmer

CortVermin Last updated on May 12, 2012
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Varus, the Walrus. Err...virus

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Varus is a AD/AP carry. His auto-attacks are pretty strong (his passiv lets him "enrage" with +attackspeed on a minon/herokill and his "w" skill (the purple beans!) adds % damage to the target IF you are able to hit the target with one of his skillshots)

This is my way of playing Varus, the purple bean farmer. He plants his beans everywhere, because he seems to like purple beans. He is so focused on purple beans that he will be on low mana, most the time you will see him. Enjoy the guide, thats not the f**king bible. If you think something is wrong let me know.

PS: I just dont have a clue why varus adds beans to everyone, so the guide got a bit curious (cause of the beans)i think.

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Pros / Cons

Ranged AD (with magic damage)...
only 3 skills you have to use...
got decent CC / zoning skills...
can blow up tanks like few other chars...

...but is very squishy
...but everything is a skillshot
...but is f**ked up if the enemy can close the gap.
...but has to use his purple beans + skillshot combination

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Runes de la carte "Penetration"

Armor is something you dont want on your enemy. Most player won't buy any armor, cause they know that you dont like armor. so you get 9* armor pen and shred the armor with 15 armorpenetration +6 flat armorpenetration from your masterys + 15 armorpenetration from the 1337-stick. this will make the armor of most casters nearly nothing, for high-armor-stackers you will need a ghost wispherer, wich will combine with your other mastery to 50% armor-penetration. be aware: if your target has 200 armor, it will reduce the armor by the flat armor penetration (170) and will devide it through your % penetration (85). if your target has only 50 armor -flats-> 20 -percent-> 10. (50% / 30 flat armor penetration)

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Summoner Spells

Flashto get away or Flash to close a gap when you can score a kill.
Ignite to DOT your enemy, do it all the time because it will add +ability power and +attackdamage. Both are pretty fine. If your ignite did not ensure a kill, say you did it on purpose because you wanted that extra-damage. In fact thats +5 AD and +1 magic damage with your
Surgemy current favorite on varus. +35% attackspeed for 12 seconds is fine. +10-78 abilitypower with the same skill is a f**king gift <3 +20 abilitypower = +5 magic damage, +60 abilitypower = +15 magic damage with your autoattacks. AND you put 1 point into the mastery that gives you even 5% more ASPD and +10% abilitypower.

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Skill Usage

Early game harrasment
1. on lvl 1 or 2 and fully loaded is pretty mean damage in the early game. at a high range you can sit in the bush, load and fire the arrow on your enemy. this is extremely useful for zoning them out of the exp the dying creeps provide. why only 2 points in this skill? it consumes 90 mana - after ~5-6 arrows your pool is empty and with nothing but your auto attacks your just a purple dude with funny beans that will do nothing for you.

Strong harrasement
1. Will buff your auto-attacks with magic damage without the usage of mana (Thats nice, cause im always out of mana). PLUS this will add purple beans to your target, that will explode for % damage (2.75% * 3 times if you do what i say) if you hit them with a skill. (Remember to ignite everyone! You will get +5 attackdamage and +1 magicdamage if ignite is on cooldown.)

2. Is the best way to let the purple beans explode. on lvl 5 the beans will add 5%*3 (thats 15%) of the targets maximum hp as magic damage. so your target just lost a big chunk of hitpoints, has its heal reduced by 50% for 4 seconds AND is slowed. Thats good because...Pro-trick: when killing baron/dragon you can time the combination for a 4th. bean-trigger! you have to shoot the hail of arrows so that a 4th bean would be applied just the moment hail of arrow hits the ground: 4th bean will exploded (thats out of the champion spotlight with phreak, and still works!)

3. You want to purplebean him again (once, twice.. maybe three times) BUT you still want him to be slowed so you can blast him a ...

4. straight into his face. The longer you load, the stronger the shot will be. But if you have 3 purple beans on your enemy, just doubletap q and let the beans do the damage. a skillshot can be evaded by a skilled player, but a slowed skilled player is going to face the exploding purple beans.

Timing is the Key. Your beans will last 6 seconds after you planet them into the weak mind of your enemy. You hit your enemy (about every 4-5.8 seconds, that should be possible in the laning phase). From now on you have 6 seconds to let your purple beans explode. BOOM! He just lost nearly 10% of his total health (not counting the dmg from your auto attacks + the ). Now you have 4 seconds, your enemy is slowed. hit him with 1 arrow a second (2 Arrows, 2 seconds, 2 beans) and blast a (loaded, or doubletap) .

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Skill Sequence

I would love to have all skills on lvl 5 from 0:15 gametime. But due the lack of hacking skills i choose the skill sequence you can see above. After lvl 6 you want to go on like this:

>>> > >

Why? Because you are a beanfarmer and 15% damage from the maximum health is pretty nice on a tank mid-lategame.

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In my opinion the attackspeed suits varus pretty good due his and mana problems. So we want to focus on atkspeed

Berserkers GreavesIs your favorite pair of shoes. dont buy 2, a true bean farmer will be fine with just one shoe.
Guinsoos RagebladeTHIS is true love on varus. let me explain why. this adds attackdmg and abilitypower. 40 abilitypower = +10 magic damage on your auto attacks. +40 on your ultimate. on 8 stacks you have ~80 abilitypower, thats +20 on autoattacks AND your beans gain +1% damage. even better, your attackspeed raises.
PhageHelps to keep ppl away from you. you have the power to blow everything up, but you are very squishy. kiting a tank and blowing him 18% hitpoints just with your beans everytime you shot him with a skill is pretty fun.

From now on you want to add more attackspeeditems that benefit your beans and your rageblade.
Madreds Bloodrazor is a very expensive but also very nice item due the flat damage, the attackspeed and the +% dmg (the +% dmg suits your insane attackspeed very well)

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This is my first version of this guide. Rate it, comment, and leave a suggestion to make the bean farmer even better. Hugs and kisses from your own personal bean farmer.