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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ezplayer

Vayne and why Sheen is a waste (Ultimate build for ranked)

Ezplayer Last updated on May 13, 2011
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The reason I don't like to play Phreaks build is because of the fast that you are investing in a wasted stat. This build will show you how to make the most out of your Vayne experience.

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My item list is this

My reasoning for this is you will want to go through and tumble in and be able to two shot opponents.

My reasoning for not getting Madrids Blood razor is that you won't be doing amazing damage to squisheys and this build takes down tanks just as easy.

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For runes I go for

    Armor Pen Marks
    Attack speed Glyphs
    Crit Strike Seals
    Flat HP quints

This give you amazing 180 damage early game crits and paired with the Doran's Blade a very good amount of health

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My master Tree is 21/9/0 Going into Nimbleness for the increased survivability.

These masteries and runes make Vayne from a squishy champion to a very durable champion early game. This sets up her late game for the best possible out come

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Skill Sequence

Your going to want to go through your skill sequence like so

Tumble max out first and when you cannot level it level Silver Bolts.
Your going to want to get all 3 spells by level 3 though.

Her Ultimate whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

Run Ghost/Exhaust just for the fact that this makes her almost impossible to run away 1v1 with your boots ultimate passive and ghost you have almost 650 movement speed! Ghost/Ignite also works well too.

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With all these runes and these items you have a impossible to kill Vayne late game. Your going to be hitting like a truck and be able to move in and out of the fight easy. Even without trinity force your going to be able to get the best possible damage output of any character in the game today. She is not OP but she is good with a good build like the one I have showed you today.

Have fun hunting.