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Vayne Build Guide by AlexanderFleming

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlexanderFleming

Vayne - AS/LS - (Attack speed/Life steal)

AlexanderFleming Last updated on June 25, 2011
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First of all...

.. this is my first build that I've published here. I've major problems on and on to find good builds. Well, there's a few cool builds here at MobaFire, but I've been struggling a lot the last months to find proper builds, that works for me(!).

There's a lot of good builds that you SHOULD use. But we're all different, especially in-game. We have different kinds of strategy and some of us are more aggressive meanwhile some of us stays behind and clean up the lane afterwards.

Personally I think I'm the worst tank ever. I just can't play tank. I'm way to chicken to jump into the fight and I get so confused while people hits me. I found out that I'm the one who want to stand behind helping the team - from distance.

I loved Akali, but I got tired of being called KSer etc. So I started to play ranged characters, since I want to stay out of distance. I felt like this is the right way!

Since there was no other ninja-character than Akali and maybe Kennen (who I can't play at all) I was hoping to see a new character, non-ninja or ninja doesn't matter to me. I just wanted a new ranged character with some evading skills. I really wanted it so bad!

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And then came Vayne...

I wanna call her ranged-Akali. Please don't hit me!
I really like this character! She's ranged, she got awesome "ninja-moves" and you can dodge attacks while getting too close.

I started out playing her as one of the guides told me. Failed big-time! Second time I runned that build... I failed again. I was deeply confused since I thought the build was awesome! But after a couple of days thinking I figured it out. Praticing on AI's I found out that MY melody was attack speed (lots of it!) and Life steal! That way I could harrash quick in a short period and I could heal myself back to full health fast!
Since I'm the one in the background I could stay alive pretty well, if I got into teamfights and got hurt I could jungle up the HP or just bring some minions down! That way I could stay in lane longer and gain a lot of guild thanks for the attack speed!

I guess this is an echo of someone elses guide, but I haven't seen it yet so I thought to myself - why not post another one and show people that there's more players using it.

Both me and my cousin (used to play ashe a lot, with the same build) ruled normal games. We won that easy we got tired of it and started playing other characters. I don't want you guys to get tired of Vayne ;-) But I want to show a pretty good build, try it out if you wanna to! :-)

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End of story (so far)

This is the current edition of my build. Sometimes I run phantom dancer pretty early and some other games I run the bloodthirster earlier, depends on what I need to focus on. Depends pretty much on what kind of characters you're playing against. If you get hit a lot you may run more life steal, but you don't want to loose attack speed so you may build it quite combined. It's a matter of taste such as if you like this build or not. Some of you may use it and replace some items, that's good! I don't want anyone to copy this build just like that, I want you mostly to do as I did - use builds to form one of your own. Make the game more personally! I started to enjoy the game, character and the matches more since I have my "own" build. It feels so much better when you get the 10.0.6 scores or even more!

Be patient! My first score was 2.2.4 quite good since it was the first game. But my second and third made me kill 15+ and die less than 2-3 times. So be patient, try one single build 3 or 4 matches and THEN try another one. Analyze what went wrong - did you suffer low hp often or did you run out of mana or maybe you couldn't harrash them well enough. Run more life steal, attack damage or maybe some mana item. Just think for a couple of minutes each game, watch the stats and ANALYZE! With lots of patience! :-)