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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xaonaught

Vayne: Fear the Huntress

Xaonaught Last updated on June 5, 2011
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^That's for people playing Vayne, if you're against one it's probably better to fear the shadows.

Hey everyone this is my first guide and post here on the forum, I've been lurking around for awhile without an account looking at all the guides and decided that I would finally contribute.
I chose Vayne as she is already one of my favorite champs and I am training with her to use as my main.
Anyway here's the guide.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing chaser
Great DPS
Brilliant harasser
Has a knock-back (Condemn)
Has a blink (Tumble)
Has a stun (Condemn)
Great Ganker
One of the best 1V1
Has Stealth
Tank Murderer

Squishier than a sponge
Once focused survival chances are limited to ****
Ultra susceptible to CC
If countered well early game can be hard to regain control
Passive only applies when LoS is available

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Summoner Spells

With the summoner spells i have chosen relatively basic glass cannon spells.
Flash Flash is my favorite spell in the game due to its versatility; can be used to escape over walls, into brush or down a lane. It can be used as a great position spell allowing you to guarantee a stun with Condemn. Works well in combination with tumble for great blinking, escaping and positioning.

My other spell that I take the majority of the time is ghost Ghost this is great for running away, charging in for a gank (not entirely recommended but if you are very sure of the kill then it can let you get there in time) and chasing anyone through the jungle, Vayne's passive requires LoS, so the jungle areas on Summoners Rift and pretty much all of the Twisted Treeline tend to counter this with the large amounts of brush, ghost takes that problem out of the equation.

I don't really want to tell you what you should never ever use or anything cause clearly all the spell have a use or they wouldn't be included in the game.
Here's a few others that i think might be most useful if you don;t want flash or ghost.

Exhaust As you may have noticed i have a mastery in the exhaust buffer thingo, this is mainly due to AP being absolutely useless on Vayne and smite being pretty close to that as she isn't a jungler in my guide.

Teleport This can be used to get into position for a gank or to maximize your time in lane, not one that I use often but i can see its usefulness.

Heal Yes it is the first spell and not great but it does have its uses, it can really prolong your laning activity and be a quick boost in a pinch. Again not one of my favs but it can be useful.

Ignite Extra damage its always nice and ignite can be awesome for early game kills, it does lose allot of its effectiveness late game though, at least in my opinion.

Cleanse Cleanse can be useful for taking away some CC but if you're already being focused it isn't as great as something like flash, because if they haven't killed you during the stun then you can probably get away anyway.

The one thing i really wouldn't recommend is revive, seriously please don't die enough for it to be useful.

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Yeah pretty normal masteries; 21-0-9
I've explained the point in exhaust above so if you're confused please read the summoner spells section and find exhaust.
Offense is pretty self explanatory, cooldown is great for tumble and armor pen just helps even more.
With utility i grab the mana and health regen cause it's great for lane longevity, also the ghost boost, if you don't take ghost then maybe get the time dead reduction but as i said above you shouldn't die much.
Gold is good, and Xp is great.

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Skill Sequence

Tumble first for the great harass and escape.
Condemn second to protect against ganks and or get you FB (first blood not facebook..yeah i amuse myself)
I may have made a mistake with how often you can lvl up tumble if so get silver bolts fot the lvls that you cant get tumble.
Max tumble first as it is awesome.
Silver Bolts second cause it scales really well.
Condemn take the early point then leave it till last, the move and stun does not lvl so you don't need it early.
Get you ultimate whenever you can...duh.

If you think that condemn at lvl 2 is silly then get silver bolts first.
I think it works better but feel free to adapt.

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Ok Runes.
Marks Armor pen cause it's great
Seals Vitality- Health per lvl, this provides a bit at lvl 1 and with dorans blade gives you a nice boost, it also scales into late game which is great for Vayne.
Glyphs Cooldown per lvl, you may also try flat but i like these better as you don't really need tiny cooldowns at lvl 1 whereas late game you want to be able to tumble really fast.
Quints Armor pen helps though my other suggestions would be flat health or cooldowns per lvl, you don't need all the quints to be the same so you could have one of each. (not entirely recommended but it may work for you)

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Clothes make the man but items make the penta-killing god of assassinations. (i think i thought of that but if anyone had it first please let me know)

Dorans blade to start, you may want a Shield instead but i prefer the blade.

Boots cause she is slow at 310 base speed (i'm writing this right before the patch that will nerf her comes out ( and that will put it down to 305) so early boots are great especially with her passive.

Sheen provides a useless stat with +AP, this doesn't mater because she gets a great proc and extra mana.

I go boots of lucidity for the reduced cooldowns which are awesome but other i recommend are boots of swiftness (+tier3move) berserkers greaves (+tier2move +as) boots of mobility (+tier2 and while out of combat +tier5move) or mercurys treads (+tier2move +mr +Tenacity)

Black cleaver for the big AD and extra AS plus the passive is awesome for Vayne especially against tanks.

Grab Zeal but don't turn it into anything yet.

Infinity Edge for the great damage and crit bonus. (couples really well with the later phantoms and Triforce)

Turn Zeal into Phantom Dancer

Warmoggs gives Vayne much better survivability which is good, you may want to get it earlier in the build if you are being pressured, i put it later as building AD is pretty important whereas this is more situational.

Turn Sheen into Tri Force, this is the most expensive but it has a little of everything which is nice. You may not get up to is as it is really expensive and at the end you need to buy it outright cause there are no free slots.

Get health pots whenever you need them, elixirs wouldn't hurt either.

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Laning and play style

First point- get mid
Do whatever you can to get it make sure you do, Vayne thrives in mid although there is less wall space for the stun on Condemn the solo style suits her really well, plus with the xp bonus masteries you should be able to get ahead really well.

Play Style
When in mid play an early harass game, an easy combo to pull is, attack-tumble-attack, this is for before you have silver bolts, works really well against casters and melee.
Once you have harassed them down go for the kill, the fastest way to unleash silver bolts is attack-tumble-attack-condemn this has the issue of not necessarily getting the stun, which is allot more helpful (condemn stuns people who are knocked into turrets) you don't even need your ult to get a FB in fact going in before the enemy has it often grants you a massive bonus.
Look for gank opportunity's and exploit them as much as possible, don't neglect your lane though.

If you don't get mid
Still play a harass game, stuns are easier top and bot so good team co-ordination can land you fast kills.
You won't lvl as fast and hence won't be able to gank as much without falling behind.
Be wary of ranged DPS as they can do damage to you really well early on.

Mid Game
Gank when you can, watch out for ganks on you, if you see it coming get back or if you are to slow, tumble out of any Aoe and condemn the biggest threat away from you, if you can ult and stealth away.
Farm whenever you can, if you have warmoggs get it up to max as fast as possible as it makes you a less appealing target.

Late Game/Team Fights
Stay out of the hot zones, pick off targets from a range, if possible isolate them from the rest of their team.
If they don't have stealth detection like oracles elixir then you can ult, tumble through the battle to their back lines and take out their casters and other glass cannons.

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Patch/Nerf Awareness

So after the latest patch which is something like (i'm pretty sure that's right) Vayne has received some to be expected nerfing.
After watching the patch preview and playing after the patch i have come up with this summary of changes that anyone, even people not using this build can benefit from;

Move speed decrease from 310 to 305 makes her one of the slowest champions to start, pretty much any boots counter this but by throwing in an item like triforce or phantom dancer you can make her even faster, which with your passive allows good chasing.

Tumble Mana cost bumped up to 40 from 35, while it is a small change her early game mana is tiny so you will need to keep a constant eye on it, you may want to switch in mana regen runes for whatever you think you can do without i would strongly recommend keeping the armor pen marks though.

Condemn damage taken down at all levels, the bonus for hitting a wall has stayed equal with the base damage and the stun and knockback remain unaltered, this mostly means that if you were using it to last hit a champ you will need to be even more wary lest you hit them out of range and lose the kill.

Silver bolts true damage percentage lowered, still goes off a % of targets max health but the numbers are smaller, just watch out in case you're expecting more damage than you put out.

As stated in the patch preview these lower her burst but don't really affect her sustained fire, so if you can play her well none of this is an issue.

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Updates and Changes

I will post any changes to the guide here.

V1.0 Guide Created
V1.01 Lane and play style added
V1.02 Fixed Skill Sequence (Credit RomLun)
V1.03 Added patch/nerf awareness section.....Updated Summary with how to use this guide for the best results

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Vayne is a brilliant champ.

Please do not vote down this guide based on one or two things you don't like, help me make it better, what i am trying to create is an in depth guide that you can benefit from without sticking to a set build, i have put up the build as it is what i have found to work well with my play style of her.

if you don't like all of it only take the elements which help you become a better player, as with almost all of league of legends this guide is about adaptability

Please comment and vote.
If you think I should change something please let me know before down voting.
This is not a set in stone build, every game is different and you may want to switch items around for other ones, i am only trying to help everyone with this guide.

So yeah let me know what you think.

Please up vote.

Cheers, Xaonaught