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Vayne Build Guide by blarghhrrkblah

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blarghhrrkblah

Vayne: Probably the Best Carry Ever!

blarghhrrkblah Last updated on July 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Well...this is my very first guide EVER! So...don't hate on me for any derping that I might do. When Vayne came out, I vowed that I would NEVER play her because she was just so broken. Well, after she was nerfed, I decided to play her. Kinda stupid, I know, but who cares, she's still pretty broken...just not as much as before. So I bought her awhile ago, and I realized that she was actually not as easy as people put her to be. It's not so much a "Master Right-Click" sorta thing, but it could be. Anyway, Vayne is harder than people put her to be.

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-high DPS
-great at chasing because of ult and passive
-can save teammates using knockback/stun

-very squishy
-focused a lot
-requires the player to actually know what he/she is doing

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For marks, it's not much special...just Armor Pen x 9. earlier, i had put attack speed marks and thought it would provide higher DPS...well to my didn't. The Armor Pen marks should really be the only marks you should get on most physical DPS carries. The same thing goes with Quints.

For seals, you can get either Attack Speed or Armor. Since Vayne is so squishy, the extra armor could save you from that last hit that would have killed you otherwise. If you're not a fan of armor, then get the Attack Speed seals. With 9 atkspd seals, you'll have roughly a 7% atkspd bonus at the beginning of the game.

For glyphs, I like CDR. 9 Glyphs of Celerity offer 8.1% CDR at lv18 while 9 Glyphs of Focus offer a bit less than 6% CDR through the entire game. I personally like Celerity because most of Vayne's action would be around mid-late game which is where those Glyphs really begin to shine. When you hit lv13, Celerity > Focus. just keep that in mind.

For Quints, just go with ArPen. As i said earlier, ArPen is really the only thing to go with marks and quints. So...just take it...and go.

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Nothing special here...just 21/0/9. If you get Ghost instead of Flash, stick a point in the Ghost upgrade instead of the HP/MP regen mastery.

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Items the goal here is to end up with 2 Phantom Dancers, 1 Infinity Edge, 1 Trinity Force, 1 Madred's Bloodrazer, and 1 Bloodthirster. (Sorry I don't know how to put those nifty pictures thingamoes so please excuse that).

Generally, I like to get a boots and then Sheen, but if you're doing reasonably well, you can get the B.F. Sword first since the damage boost will definitely help in killing stuff more than Sheen would. A note about Sheen: obviously you will need a reasonably high attack damage to make it worthwhile in the first place. Aside from that, there isn't much order difference.

Obviously, the Infinity Edge is gotten to be synergized with the Phantom Dancer...I mean, why not put that ridiculously high Crit% so that you can face-roll even more people?

I like to get Trinity Force because it gives you a bit of everything...including survivability, but that's not the main point. The main reason for getting this ridiculously expensive item is for its passive, which gives your next attack after a skill 150% bonus damage. Now, I'm not sure if it scales with Crit damage as well, but either way, thats a pretty big chunk of damage. The cooldown on that is 2 seconds...and GUESS WHAT! the cooldown on your Tumble've guessed it...2 SECONDS!!! So basically every 2 seconds, your dealing 210% of your attack damage as BONUS damage, which means that your still dealing your base damage PLUS the 210%!!!

Madred's Bloodrazer. It's just an overall badass item. Attack speed, more damage, some armor. The only thing its missing is life steal, but that's covered by the Bloodthirster. What makes this item so great is it's passive. On hit, it deals 4% of the target's max health as magic damage. That's pretty awesome. Even if you're hitting a Twitch who has like...2k hp at level 18, you'll be hitting for an additional 80 damage!! SO imagine hitting someone with a huge hp pool like Vlad or Cho'Gath or Mundo! The only thing that probably will stop this passive from working so well is magic resist. But remember, your Silver Bolts does TRUE damage which means that it is unaffected by Armor or Magic Resist so the attack speed boost helps significantly.

The Bloodthirster is a great item for any physical DPS character. Basically, buy it, kill 40 creeps/champs and you'll be sitting on +100 AD and 25% lifesteal. As a physical DPS carry, it shouldn't be too hard to rack up those creeps or kills. You can get this earlier if you're getting killed too much, but then remember that the stacks will disappear if you die so maybe that isn't such a great idea.

As for the final are not involved. While 1 triforce, 1 pd and a berserker's greaves will give you fast movement than 1 triforce and 2 pd's, the second pd will greatly increase your dps and you won't be giving up THAT much mvmtspd for it anyways so i think of it as an upgrade.

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Skill Sequence

A lot of this guide...or actually much much based off of several other guides that I read.

Vayne's quite makes Vayne one of the absolute BEST chasers in the game. When she moves towards an enemy champion, Vayne gains 40 move speed. Never again will those pesky other peoples get away with that 4-5 hp left. (It will probably still happen, though).

Tumble should be maxed first because you'll be doing tons of damage with that throughout the entire game. For those who don't know what Tumble does, it basically makes Vayne "tumble" to a location and her next attack will deal 60% more damage at max level...the distance is pretty short (but it could mean the difference between kill or death) and she tumbles towards your cursor on I think it's called "Smart-Cast" or something.

Next thing that should be maxed is Silver Bolts. I don't really care how you look at it, but 8% of someone's life is a pretty good chunk. Granted, despite what most people think, the Silver Bolts isn't exactly THAT huge of a damage dealing skill...what people usually die from is Tumble and Final Hour. Anyway, Silver Bolts procs every third hit dealing 8% of the target's max hp.

Only one point should be put into condemn for the stun/knockback since it stuns (if they hit an obstacle such as a wall or tower) and knocks back for the same time and distance regardless of level anyway, so the skill is used more for its utilities rather than damage. You can also use it to save your teammates or yourself from enemies. (A note on Condemn...there have been plenty of times when I've accidentally used Condemn and knocked an enemy towards one of my teammates who was low on that would be a pretty bad derp and if you do that, you should expect A LOT of rage from your team).

Vayne's Ulti suits her so perfectly. First you get this cool looking star-shaped thing under your sprite...and then when you use Tumble, you stealth for 1.5 seconds. On top of that, you move three times faster with your passive AND you gain, I think, 60 more attack damage. Since Vayne is so squishy, Riot decided to give her juking powers. So basically, activate ult, q, e if there is something behind them that you can hit them into, auto-attack, q again, repeat until they die.

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Summoner Spells

I like Flash and Exhaust...mostly because Flash is so great for getting out of those's also great for chasing...Some people may like Ghost...and if you're one of those people, then instead of putting 1 mastery point in hp/mp regen, stick it in the improved Ghost. Ghost is great but the thing is that just cuz you're faster doesn't mean they can't target you. If you Flash correctly, you'll break vision for JUST long enough for you to escape. It'll also let you gain that little bit of distance need to kill whoever it is that's about to die.

Either way, it's basically just preference. I think someone told me that Riot was gonna remove Flash from the SS list...kinda lame honestly. But Flash vs. Ghost...

I like Exhaust because it helps you get those kills that Vayne oh so desperately needs. I mainly use it for the slow utility, but if you get the upgraded Exhaust, it reduces Armor and Magic Resist by a bit and lasts .5 second longer. Very useful stuff.