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Vayne Build Guide by Ryukred

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryukred


Ryukred Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Vayne. People think that Vayne is weak and can't kill the fed person on the opposing team. You tell them to stfu and you chase down Caitlyn. When playing Vayne make sure too get your tumble first because most of the time you'll hit 100 something on the champ (taking off 1 bar and a half on squishies). I haven't played versus a champion that out damaged me in a level 1 fight. Grab ignite so the offender's annoying heal doesn't bother you or your laning partner. If the person you lane with doesn't have exhaust then there's a way lower you would score first blood.

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You can see the runes up there^.
I chose those runes because, despite your W gives you penetration (what she said), the runes give you the ability to maul down alistar with his ultimate up, rammus with infinite armor and his W, and so on. :D

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The masteries are 21/6/2 because in defense the talents scaling per level, I think they're useless. At level 18 you have 108 hp. I'd rather just kill a minion and buy 108 hp item, therefore I put the points on another talent making it worthwhile.

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At level 1 I grab a Doran's Blade. It gives you a tad bit of lifesteal that can change around the lane to be in your favor. The second time you 'b' grab Boots of Speed and a vampiric scepter if you can,If you can't just buy the vamp scepter. This helps you out a bit in sustain as well, more attack speed more lifesteal. Third 'b' I usually grab a zeal and zerk shoes (berserker greaves). Some hp pots and 1 mana pot because at this point your ult/tumble/condemn combo is gonna be taking a bit of mana off your sleeve. If you don't have enough money too buy berserks just buy a zeal and have level 1 shoes. By this time, you should be done with the laning phase but if you're not buy a blood thirster, if you're done laning buy a Black Cleaver. This'll increase you're damage output a ton. Finish off your Phantom Dancer, because you already had the Zeal from before. Now you should be hitting some damage when you ult tumble and condemn properly :D. If you think that you're hitting many critical strikes then buy a Infinity Edge, usually what I do is buy the B.F sword, then the Cape thing (forgot the name lol). Now your damage has improved GREATLY. In team fights, all you do is click R point and click, maybe tumble for additional damage. Remember that if you use your Condemn badly then it's probably going to cost you a life or one of your team mates a life. Also remember that condemn stuns when you hit the person against the wall. By this time you should be dominating. If not you're still doing a ton of damage. Go ahead and buy a blood thirster if you haven't already. If you have buy another Phantom Dancer. So what you have is

-Doran's Blade
-Vampiric Scepter
-Black Cleaver
-Phantom Dancer
-Infinity Edge

Sell your Doran's Blade and buy a B.F sword and upgrade it into a Bloodthirster.
Make sure your CS (minion kills) is 100 or higher and get as many stacks on your Bloodthirster as you can until you have max or until a team fight gets initiated. Sell your Zerk's and buy another phantom dancer. The reason I say this is because 2 phantom dancers is enough speed you need too chase someone down or run away. And with vayne, chasing down is a breeze.

Your final build is:
-Phantom Dancer
-Phantom Dancer
-Black Cleaver
-Infinity Edge
-any item you think is neccessary (I recommend Banshee's Vaile).

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Vayne's Q; Tumble.

One of the most legendary vayne skills is called Tumble. When you click Q it doesn't ask you where you want too go it automatically goes like auto casting. One CRITICAL thing you need too know about vayne which makes her more powerful is that when you use your Ultimate and THEN tumble it grants you invisibility for a second. This can be used from escaping a 5v1 to ganking from a bush. It gives you a percentage of your attack damage additional so at level 1 you do so much damage with your partner giving you the thumbs up to ignite him for the kill.

Vayne's W; Silver Bolts

Another one of Vaynes' important skills is Silver Bolts. Silver Bolts gives you the ability to kill the enemy tank in a matter of seconds. Many people think that combining this with a Madred's Razor. I think that with your Runes Masteries and Skill you have enough penetration to terminate the enemy tank. If you feel that buying a Madreds is neccessary, then buy it instead of a second phantom.

Vayne's E; Condemn

This is one of the coolest skills Vayne has. What it does is when you shoot somebody with it it knocks them backwards towards where you aim. So they're walking


o (condemn)x----x

Condemn is very good for running away or saving a teammate. It's also why people say that Vayne op. Condemn does only a tiny bit of damage but not enough to outdamage your tumble at level 1. Never depend on using Condemn as a finisher. If you "think" it's going too finish off the enemy and it doesn't you're out of luck. Condemn can punish you if you use it wrong, or help you if you use it epicly.Condemn also scales as damage.

Vayne's Ultimate(R); Final Hour

Final Hour is EPIC if you use it as it is supposed to be used. I can't count how many times I've messed up my ult using my tumble before I activate it. Remember if you Tumble when you have Final Hour activated it makes you invisible, I can't count how many times it has saved me in game. Remember too 'juke' the enemy team with it. You're invisible long enough too do that. I recommend NOT using tumble in team fights (with ult activated or not) because if you tumble towards the team your probably going to be stunned and killed, and if you tumble backwards the enemy team is going to be doing more damage then you resulting in the team fight being lost. Some people tumble side too side but I still think it wastes more time than just auto attack with your ultimate up.

Vayne's Passive

Vayne's Passive is EPICLY AWESOME for chasing down enemy champions. Let's say you're chasing down graves with 2 phantom dancers and you only have one. With your passive, you'll easily catch up too him because your passive grants you extra movement speed when moving towards an enemy champion. For Example let's say your turret is falling on bot right after you b'ed. When you're around the blue buff bush you're going to get the passive. If you're in this situation use your ultimate, tumble for the invisibilty, flash so you get more range closer too him, if he has heal ignite him when he's halfway down then chase him down. Vayne is awesome for this reason, chasing and stunning and damage and invisibilty and ganking and everything else you can think of that you need in an attack damage ranged carry.

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Pros 'n' Cons.


-Movement Speed
-Greatly Wanted in teams
-Can mop up easily.


-Slow (at level 1).
-Killed easy by a stun.

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Farm Vayne is basic. Just spam your q when the minions are a little bit below half hp. Once you get your zeal you don't really need too spam tumble.