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Vayne Build Guide by MasterChrono

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterChrono

Vayne the Grim Reaper

MasterChrono Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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The world is not always as civilized as people might think. There are still those who would follow the blackest paths of magic and become corrupted by the darker powers that flow through Runeterra. Shauna Vayne knows this fact well. As a young privileged girl in the heart of Demacia's elite, her father tried to convince her of the constabulary's ever-vigilant eye. Young and naïve, she truly believed that her world was one of perfect safety... until one night, when a twisted witch took interest in her father. The malevolent woman overcame her father's conciliar guard, then tortured her family before murdering them. The young Shauna escaped only by hiding herself and then fleeing once the hag had departed, plagued by the screams of her loved ones as she ran. A burning hatred was born in her that day, one that could never be denied.

Vayne was able to take care of herself using her father's money, and she began to train as soon as an instructor would have her as a student. By the time she was a fully grown woman, she had become a grim warrior. However, the fields of battle were not to be her home. Demacia needed a protector, one who hunted those lost to the darkness. Shauna used her family's contacts to become the first Night Hunter, and now her prowess is the stuff of legends. It is said that those who practice the black arts quake when they hear that the Night Hunter is on the prowl. Despite her crusade, Shauna has looked at the League of Legends in horror. There are champions who have clearly lost themselves to the blackest of magics, and who have been embraced within the League even though they should be put down for the safety of all. The time has come for the Night Hunter to execute her secret mission – to purge the League of Legends.

"Not all shadows are to be feared. At least, if Vayne has her way."

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Vayne is a hard Ranged Damage Per Second champion to play because she is so easy to kill and you are targeted a lot because of this. But if you are able bring out her best in games, then she can be a really good Ranged Damage Per Second to play.

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Pros / Cons

-Ranged Damage Per Second
-Usually good 1 versus 1
-High damage out put
-Can escape pretty well
-True Damage Skill

-Targeted a lot
-Dies easily
-Build is expensive
-Low attack range for a Ranged Damage Per Second champion

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For vayne you usually want to have Armor Penetration. So the Marks and the Quintessences of Desolation are a MUST!

The Seals you can be Attack Speed runes or Armor runes. The Attack Speed runes are recommended.

Glyphs are the same as the Seals. The runes you can choose from are Magic Resist flats (1.49 in Magic Resist), Magic Resist every level (2.7 Magic Resist at level 18). But for this one you can chose which ever one you want. Either one is recommended.

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Nothing to say. Just the usual Damage Per Second masteries.

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For items, it really depends on how good you are with vayne and how you are doing in the game. The item sequence is for the vaynes that are doing well, meaning well farmed and well fed.

Usually you would want to adjust your item sequence and items depending on what the other team has on their side. But this is a item sequence so that you can survive and do as much damage as possible during game.

For the shoes you can decide to get either Mercery Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.

Vayne builds usually take Blood Thirster for their builds, but for me they usually have better life steal and higher damage output so I don't really see a reason on why to get it.

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Team Work

Wait a little before entering a team fight to avoid the high damage output done during the team fight.

Kill off the people with low health.

Don't go for the tanks.

Attack the one that is the doing the most damage.

Try comming from the back. It works sometimes but most of the time it doesn't so you have to be careful.

And if you are low on health, then get out of there FAST!

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Last hit minions so you don't over extend and get attacked from the back. Careful when chasing enemy champions. Don't tower dive unless you know you will be able to make it out alive.

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Skill Sequence

For the skills sequence it's usually how I gain my skills in order. Again you can ajust it to how the game is. But the MUST is Tumble! That is your skill that you will be using a lot. I max Silver Bolts second so I can destroy their tanks. Then of course you have to max out your ultimate next (Final Hour). I max Condem last because I only need it to run away or to stun an enemy when I knock them against the wall or running away. But I recommend this skill sequence.

Use Tumble a lot when you use your ulitmate (Final Hour) because you stealth for 1 second and you get more damage output when you attack.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells are your chosing between Ghost, Exuast, or Flash.

Ghost and Flash are one of the best Summoner pells put together. They are used for a good quick escape or to chase someone down early game. I recemmend it for almost every champion laning.

I just put Exaust up there because I didn't want the skill point to go to waste.

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So basically, it's your choice if you want to use this build or not. And remember to build according to who they have on their team and what they're build.

If they are building armor, then go armor penetration (Last Whisper Recommended).

If they are have a lot of ability power, then build magic resist (This one is up to you).

So Hopefully this build helped and explained. Good luck and have fun in game.

Didn't notice but the magic resist is kinda low so you might have to take out an item from the build and relace it with an item that has magic resist or armor if you are taking too much damage. (Maybe the Frozen Mallet)