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League of Legends Build Guide Author JonDizzzL

Vayne's PentaKILL Guide

JonDizzzL Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Chapter 1

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Introduction to Vayne

This is a build that i have come up with for Vayne. This is probably not like any build that you have seen or even would imagine, but it works for me. I used a 21-0-9 build before this and yes got alot of kills, but i also got alot of deaths. So i thought to myself i want to stop dying as much and still get the kills. So this is what i have come up with and it actually worked for me. I constantly go positive with this build. Now you may not get as many kills as you would with other builds but trust me it works.

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Pros/ Cons

-Great Chaser.
-Can close any distance to an enemy champ.
-High Damage Output.
-Has a surprise invis with her ult and tumble that will throw off your opponent.
-Can dodge almost any skill shot.

-Very Very Squishy(unless you use this build)
-Easy to get locked down with CC
-You will get focused and chased in a team fight due to her being a new champ.

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I use armor pen reds, flat armor yellows, and flat magic resist blues. I also use 3 flat health quints. I do this because i wanted to stay alive longer in mid with her and not get locked down so easily. I found that she is very squishy without this build but does alot of damage. So this build lets you be a little beefier and still have amazing damage output. You can use flat dodge yellows if you want but i find that you get alot of dodge from the defensive tree.

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I go 0-21-9 so that i can get the magic resist, armor, dodge, health regen, health, and of course the decrease all damage by 4%. Some people may say that going down the defensive tree will not actually help as much, but doing that and using the defensive runes really pays off early game. By late game you will be a wrecking machine with your items.

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I start off the game with basic boots and 3 health pots so that i can move around faster to dodge skill shots and attacks from enemy champions. I then go for the Sword of the Divine as soon as possible because of the passive. I then finish my boots so that i can run faster. Now if you find yourself roaming a bit more, go ahead and go with mobility. I did this in a few games and was able to get to top and bottom for ganks better. When i play mid with Vayne i like going to help bottom and top more often. But it depends on the enemy team and your own. After boots i rush to getting Cloak and Dagger because it is an amazing item for Vayne. It is a new item with tenacity on it so that stuns and snares and what not are shorter. Plus it gives you the attack speed and crit. After that i go with Madreds because it is a great item to pair with Sword of the Divine and Vaynes W passive Silver Bolts. Then i get Black Cleaver and Bloodthirster to finish the build off. Now of course you dont have get Madreds if there aren't alot of tanks. U can use Infinity Edge instead. You can also use Phantom Dancer instead of Cloak and Dagger or Sword of the Divine. I don't do this because i like the tenacity that Cloak and Dagger gives. Without it you will be cc'ed alot easier. I personally dont use Stark's because life steal isn't that important due to the fact that if they want to kill you, you will die. But if you have enough of it then i guess it would work. I might try and change some of the items up soon.

Full Build
Boots of Swiftness
Sword of the Divine
Cloak and Dagger (Phantom Dancer)
Madreds Bloodrazor(Infinity Edge)
Black Cleaver
Bloodthirster (Stark's Fervor)

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Skill Sequence

The main focus early game is to lvl up Vayne's Tumble and Silver Bolts. I like Condemn alot but it is a skill you can put 1 in early and finish later because most of your damage comes from tumble and silver bolts added with her Ult Final Hour. Make sure that when you use Condemn, DO NOT use it when chasing someone. It will only push them further and anger your teammates. Use it only when you can pin them too a wall. When fighting someone in mid u want to let them push u all the way to your tower and then get aggressive with ult and tumble chasing them. You will have alot more room to do this.

When you are assisting a teammate top or bottom you want to run in and use or Ult first. Then u want to tumble towards the enemy so that you go invis for a second. Get in position to stick your enemy to the wall so that they get stunned with Condemn. Your teammate should be helping you and it should be an easy kill. The one thing that makes Vayne not be able to finish kills is Flash. Flash is Vayne's worst nightmare. This is why i use flash also so i can keep the chase going and not lose them in the fog of war.

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Summoner Spells

I personally love using Ghost and Flash. You can also use Exhaust, but i dont think its necessary since living is more important than dying. You will get plenty of kills.



NEVER USE REVIVE OR FORTIFY, because it is not your job. Your job is to kill champions and take down towers.

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Keep in mind this build is how i play Vayne and i know there will be alot of people that say this is not good. But give it a chance the health armor and magic resist will go a long way. Keep in mind that with this build you can be a lot more aggressive when chasing people because you have less of a fear of dying then a regular Vayne. But also be careful because u can still be killed easily if you aren't cautious of your surroundings.
+1 if you like it -1 if you dont. Thank you everyone